1. Alex Parrish says


    This is a collection of dysfunctional people who thrive on the attention they get from saying outrageous and unpopular things. Every time they get noticed (like here on Towelroad) they win. They get their satisfaction from the attention. Why can’t we just ignore them? I guarantee you that if they got no press, they’d be gone in a year — they’ll just disappear because their sick need for the attention will no longer be met.

    (sigh) I doubt that will happen though — we seem to need to give them attention as much as they need to receive it. Why is that?

  2. Scott says

    Classic… Santa Claus will take you to hell – not that it’s any suprise, but those idiots are fucking scary! Really nice teaching the children to spread the vile…

  3. Mara says

    I maintain that if the WBC’s incestmobile suddenly blew up, taking out the whole family, I would not even give it an “..Aw.”

    And to have such little kids indoctrinated at such a young age is just sick.

  4. Paul says

    But it’s the more mainstream Alliance Defense fund that scares me – the world knows the Fred Phelps clan is nutty, but this other bunch is more dangerous to the fight for equality for the LGBT community.

  5. Rick in Ohio says

    At least Phelps and his family come out and say they hate us.

    The ADF cloaks they’re hate in a nice V-neck sweater and wing-back chair. Makes it all seem so quaint. Kinda like the, oh, you know who did it like that..

  6. John M says

    The Alliance Defense Fund: Fighting for freedom, liberty and free speech to stomp on the gays. The gays don’t get the freedom, liberty and free speech.

  7. GM says

    Feeding the hungry? Nah. Caring for the sick? Nah. Affording some hope to the hopeless? Housing the homeless? Tending to those most vulnerable in society? Nah. Jesus wants me to point a finger at you and call you sinner. These pious fucks, pharisees. They wouldn’t know Jesus if he walked in their goddamned front door.

  8. rudy says

    It is precisely because the ADF bigots cloak their hate and prejudice in the mantle of respectability that it is important that their tapes and those of the Phelps fools be widely disseminated, together. The more people that view these videos the more they will realize that both are preaching the same bigotry. Keep talking and singing you ignorant bigots. You are effectively arguing the case for basic human rights for gay.

  9. says

    Let’s be up front about this: Alan Sears (and ADF) is a homophobic piece of shit. I won’t even go to the parochial bigoted religious bullshit of these scum.

  10. says

    Hey, GM above is so right…..Fuck the poor, they don’t care about anyone , they are emotionally devoted to their self righteousness…..what unspeakable arrogance. Grhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. says

    Clarification: “they” above are the ADF (whoever the fuck they are-we don’t have them in Europe, I think/hope…they are a native American species). Please don’t export them !

  12. Joe Smith says

    I just want to inform you that the is a gay man doing something pretty messed up. His name is Dale and he works at Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems in Fort Collins, Colorado. He supervises urinalysis tests for juveniles and adults. This company has contracts with the state. I think people would be horrified to find out a gay man is staring at thier kids penis, if you know what I mean. Just please don’t reveal that I gave you this info.

  13. LeeBo says

    The worst part is when these groups use their platitudes, such as “God loves you too.” In other words, God loves Gays “in spite of …” and “in addition to …” There’s always a condition attached to God’s love for Gay people. Just another way of telling Gays they are not equal.