Anti-gay Marriage Bill Introduced in Wyoming House

An anti-gay bill has been introduced in Wyoming’s House. The AP reports:

Wyoming“The gay marriage bill would let Wyoming voters decide whether to amend the state constitution to deny state recognition of same-sex marriages performed elsewhere…A similar gay-marriage bill has stalled in the Senate Education Committee. Rep. Owen Petersen, R-Lyman, is the main sponsor of the House bill. He declined comment on the bill, saying he will not discuss it until the bill hits the floor.”

Colorado’s Focus on the Family group has been lobbying Wyoming residents to support the Senate resolution, but one of its co-sponsors says it hasn’t been brought to a committee vote yet because there isn’t enough support to pass it.

Focus on the Family in Anti-Gay Attack on Wyoming Constitution [tr]


  1. alfredo says

    When I read stories like this, why is it that the bigot that is quoted is never pictured? Why hide in the shadows, we need to make their faces synonymous with the hate and bigotry that they are trying to promote!

  2. occono says

    If this does got through and somebody puts in some effort to campaign against it (Wyoming has not one single Gay Bar from what I know so….), I hope they don’t run a shy campaign. Seriously, have Gay Couples and Families right front in centre of the ads, go out with some dignity.

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