1. John in CA says


    Our long national nightmare is over.

    The speech itself was fairly anti-climatic though. Compared to some of Obama’s better addresses (the “A More Perfect Union” speech for example), this inaugural speech was surprisingly cautious. Obviously, nobody expects specifics at an event of this nature. But even in terms of the vision, it wasn’t that bold.

    The foreign policy section, in particular, was very much an affirmation of the Bush and Clinton approaches. True, there’s probably more Clinton than Bush in the more conciliatory bits. But still, it wasn’t very innovative.

    He didn’t shy away from the whole “we will defeat terror” rethoric. He didn’t mention Israel and the Palestinians. And although he didn’t mention them by name either, the comments on the “nuclear threat” were clearly aimed at Iran. It has been less than an hour. And the talking heads on Al Jazeera are already saying: “Obama’s no Martin Luther King for Muslims.”

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