1. elg says

    Timothy Kincaid challenges the NGLTF’s recent report that concluded exit polls regarding Prop. 8 were exaggerated.

    Timothy concludes that “the fact is – regardless of how much NGLTF would wish otherwise – that the gay community does not truly have a strategic alliance with black voters. We do not have African American support. We can fully expect that unless something drastically changes, future votes on gay equality will have large percentages of African Americans voting against our rights.”

    So who’s right, the original exit poll, NGLTF’s recent report or Timothy Kincaid? It looks like the matter of “black homophobia” and Prop. 8 is NOT going away anytime soon.

  2. Maverick69 says

    So Yes for Prop 8 don’t want to be known?

    Let’s pull the white hoods off these motherf@*%kers cause that’s how they are acting. They are the KKK of the Gay Community.

  3. Luke says

    Out them for the bigots they are, its public record, and, should remain so.

    As for Kincaid, he needs to put a sock in it, the condescending, bigoted way some of these people talk down to people of color is the reason none of them want to hear about the struggle for fairness or support it.

  4. nic says


    “people of color”? i assume that you mean blacks. don’t lump me in with with fundamentalists. kincaid is providing a service. a problem will not go away if one ignores it. i am sick of overly defensive people shooting the messengers. face it, solve it.

  5. Mike says

    I find it completely ridiculous and hypocritical that the Pro-8 folks want their names removed from the public record. I am proud that my name has been recorded as being against Prop-8. As the story implies, what are they trying to hide?

  6. John says

    You mean people like Steven Spiker, VP of Entertainment Partners/Central Casting who donated via his wife? Funny how people who would have us hide are now doing it themselves. Turnabout’s fair play. If you supported it, defend your morals that compelled you to do so. I’ll defend mine.

  7. Glenn says

    I certainly hope that some persons with greater computer savvy than I are as we speak downloading all of the information from the SOS website so that it will remain available regardless of this stupid lawsuit.

  8. James says

    If any of you complain about repression after this you are the hypocrites. Or is it okay when you are doing it?

  9. Sebastian says

    They were pround to write the checks for Prop 8, they should have no issue with thier names out in public to stand up for their faith and hate.

    Kincaid? I read the article, and, still see no one offering any ideas of bridge building, just more negative words and sterotypes and that isn’t doing anyone any good.

  10. NoCaDrummer says

    I clicked around San Francisco and noticed that a truly disproportionate number of contributors were in the financial sector. Accountants, investment brokers, etc. Hmmm… aren’t these the same kind of folks that got us into the financial mess that we’re in now?

    I also had to laugh at some of the others… a “student” in Utah giving $8,000? Another in SF giving $500? Man, where do I sign up to be a student with enough spare change to contribute like that?

    Finally, I loved the monochrome picture above of the guy in suit & tie with a woman. He sure looks like Donny Osmond. Shore godda purdy mouth.

  11. KJ says

    Hilarious…is the guy in the toolshed meant to evoke Matt Drudge or purpose, or is it just a happy accident?

  12. Paul R says

    The clusters of contributions in the East Bay and Silicon Valley are really disappointing. Gays don’t live and work solely in San Francisco.

  13. FunMe says

    If you are in Los Angeles THIS SATURDAY!
    January 10, 2009
    2:00 PM – Action Fair
    6:00 PM – Live Performance of “Prop. 8: The Musical”

    As part of a national ‘Day of Protest’ against the 1996 Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) – which prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages performed in any of the nation’s 50 states – thousands of LGBT Angelenos and their allies will gather at THE RESOLUTION, an action fair focusing on the fights for marriage equality and against DOMA. Members of the community will be given an opportunity to go booth to booth and perform direct actions such as signing a postcard to Obama, writing a letter to a congressperson, signing a petition, and much more. There will also be a museum setup at the fair featuring artifacts from LGBT history ranging from legal documents to the personal items of Harvey Milk.

  14. Aiden Raccoon says

    Why is it that whenever gays boycott something it is wrong and evil, but whenever American Family Association boycotts Pepsi, they are doing Gods work.

  15. GR says

    Put your money where your big-unfair-mouth is! Idiots. Why not just sneak up behind us and hit us on the back of the head next time. And if you plan on doing that, you better understand that “god” does not stand for anything you are doing – I do not believe in god – I am only quoting your “religulous” beliefs!

    Remember, you’re a sinner! And always will be – how’s that for your god!

  16. AdamBlast says

    Dobson & the Mormons decided early on that “Yes On 8″ was their last chance in the culture wars. If they lost now, it was over. So they had their people throw every bit of cash they could at it.

    It seems to me now that the “No On 8″ folks were either asleep at the wheel or ceded the election from the start. Where was Hollywood? Where was the national leadership? It wasn’t an election we *had* to lose, but they seemed content to let it go.

    Funny thing is–the vote on 8 seems to have backfired. By declaring war on our rights so openly and brazenly, they’ve made us finally declare war back.

    I understand their fear–we’re angry as hell at the people who funded our change to 2nd class citizenry. But they can’t hide from what they’ve done.

  17. Robert Nelson says

    Proposition 8 was passed by the majority of the people. Let the gays have a civil union, not marriage as we traditionally know it. Intimidation by the gays will not work.

  18. paul says

    so is there a place where i can obtain a list of these donors? i want to know if there are any companies i should boycott

  19. BrokenForever says

    YES, Steve Spiker, a Mormon and a VP at Central Casting/GEP called me names like “fruit”, “fairy”, “homo”, “princess” and “queer” dally for over 3 years while I was doing “time” at central casting as a casting director!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Spiker still remains in office there. Some enforceable policies are just for the poor under guy. NOT MR. VP MORON, oops I mean MORMON. Hippocrates! I’m sure when he dies he’ll talk to his “make believe” maker about the good he did with his lies and back stabbing in ruining a mans life forever. MAY HE AND HIS FAMILY ROT IN HELL FOREVER!!! Oh, yeah, he claims to have been a Rev to the church at one time. Good role model!