1. CK says

    Activism is on the rise… we will win this battle, it’s just a matter of time. The obstructionists may as well just give in now, they will never break our will! Harvey would be proud!

  2. Dale Fecker says

    As one of the 7 arrestees and a daily TOWLEROAD reader, I thank you for posting this. Since our sit-in and recent rallies and marches have been largely ignored by the mainstream media in Chicago, it becomes clear that blogs and LBGT media are our means of gaining visibility and starting the conversations necessary to advancing the fight for full marriage equality.

    The activist base in Illinois has grown explosively since the passage of Prop. 8 and will continue to demand equal protection of the laws for LGBT individuals here and nationally.

    The following organizations were represented at the sit-in:
    The Gay Liberation Network (
    Join The Impact Chicago (

    Legal assistance for the arrestees will be provided by Lambda Legal.

  3. says

    Hale Dale!!!!! What an inspirational MAN! We so love you! The fight is for all, however, now is the time to hear that might voice of yours my love……. I know you have it in you, as I have heard it in the past- I adore you Dale, your my friend, brother and love for life!

  4. J.M.E says

    Civilised minds and people of good will should never allow a group of selfish, narrow-minded, godless, and morally bankrupt poeple to derail a nation in the name of human rights. Lisbianism and homosexaulity are ethically, morally and spiritauly wrong. Wake up America!

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