1. Wayne says

    This was hysterical! First, Bradly Cooper was a co-star (Woof!) and then they all gathered around said Prick to take phone pictures to show their friends… of course the patient was knocked out when they did this. And of course Cristian couldn’t help but proclaim that he wished he had this same problem.

  2. Eric says

    This show is very grody. My boyfriend watches it, and I unfortunately and accidentally caught a glimpse of one of the characters going Amazonian on her tit with what looked like an electric turkey carver. I nearly vomited. Remember when people thought CSI was shockingly graphic?

  3. Derek says

    The summer I was 15 I discovered I could get a nice 3 inches or so of my cock in my mouth and I soon found myself in a similar situation…sucking it just way too much. What was a young horny guy to do?

    Well a nasty spill waterskiing later that summer thankfully put an end to my autofellatiop phase…

    Just thought I would share 😉

  4. Kristoffer says

    Thanks for the comment Glenn… I kept wondering where I had seen the guy in the clip. Can’t believe I didn’t figure out he was Castiel from Supernatural.

    At any rate…. I hate to admit if I could do that I would be in trouble. :)

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