1. qjersey says

    They can scream for a constitutional amendment all they want, it will be UN constitutional if the state has an equal protection clause because it results in a constitutional conflict.

    This is well known in the LGBT advocacy circles, however there is reluctance to go to court over these amendments.

  2. RB says

    The times are changing and we cannot go back now! We will see civil marriage in my lifetime and that was something I was afraid would never happen.

  3. David in Houston says

    I noticed how Steve King didn’t respond to the statement about how judges have made civil rights decisions in the past, even when the public wasn’t ready for them. I would love for him to talk about Canada having gay marriage for the past four years. I can only wonder what clever comment he would spew out of his homophobic mouth.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Why do they keep using the term “same-sex marriage” That’s not the issue!

  5. mattk says

    Based on the congressman’s stance, the US supreme court ruling on interracial marriages should be repealed because it was the courts making laws and not the legislature. I wonder how people would feel if there were amendments in every state to change each states’ constitution to ban interracial marriages and roll back the clock on civil rights to 1960.

  6. says

    I like how King says “We’re the victims here”. Victims of what exactly? I really want to know what is lost by opponents of same sex marriage. No one has ever been able to answer that question.
    And I have never seen so much question dodging in my life. Clearly King is just looking to put himself in a unique political position to run for a neo conservative Governor.

  7. Mary from Iowa says

    Steve King is an embrassment to Iowa. Now Rants of Iowa might run for governor too. Neither are ready for prime time.

    If my future wife and I were ready for this important social step, I would get married on the 27th. But we take marriage more seriously then say Brittney or Newt.

  8. brian says

    aiden: its central to the whole political being of the right to portray themselves as “victims”. even though the right-wing has every advantage and privilege already ensconced in law and policy to protect and defend their interests, any attempt to open up that privilege to others is viewed as an affront. it all stems back to their ultimate victim – Jesus on the cross. misunderstood, singled out, and victimized by the powerless and downtrodden – yep, a message that the original evangelical Christian wouldn’t be able to fathom.

    it’s about time for the right to appreciate real victimhood.

  9. Grego says

    As important as it is to see the greasy faces of the Iowa opposition, I really would like to see even one photo of a happy gay or lesbian couple preparing for the big marriage day.