Lady GaGa: ‘I Do Have a Really Big Donkey Dick’


Lady GaGa appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in the UK and discussed her name, her outrageous fashion, her parents, her inspirations, and the phrase "you're bluffin' with your muffin" from the song Poker Face.

Ross also asked her if rumors are true that she's really a very well-endowed young man. Said GaGa: "Well, I do have a really big donkey dick."

Inspiring this reaction from Hugh Jackman, who was also on the show:


Added GaGa: "'Bluffin' with your muffin,' it's about Poker Face-ing with your sexuality. When I was making love to my old boyfriend I used to think about making love to women sometimes. I never told him but I'm sure he's watching now."

Watch the interview, and her performance of Poker Face, AFTER THE JUMP...

Poker Face: