1. Mike says

    Obviously that clip should have never been pulled by Google – there is an exemption for material to be used in news shows. I think the problem is that any bozo can file a complaint and that automatically causes the material to be pulled – regardless of the merits.

  2. shaneh says

    can rachel please call it “marriage equality”?! will someone talk to her and see if she sees the merits in that? she reaches a wide audience; it would help if she re-appropriated the terminology to our advantage. stop using the phrase “gay marriage,” start using the phrase “marriage equality.” i know it may not seem like much, but it’s a small battle that can help win a war.

  3. Bill says

    Rachel is doing a great job. Support her because she supports you. WATCH HER SHOW!

    The heterosexual-only marriage brigade wants to cover their tracks. Don’t let them. If you can post the videos if others were taken down. Post comments or blogs entries on their lies.

  4. Jim says

    Mike is right, the problem is that YouTube/Google will pull anything down that any bozo claims the rights to. YouTube has been open to this abuse for a long time now.

  5. mike says

    My sentiments exactly, Shaneh! I luv Rachel, but I think it would be better if she stopped referring to it as “gay marriage”. The ultimate goal of NOM and other like-minded groups is not just to keep gays and lesbians from achieving not just marriage equality, but civil equality. They also in their extremist attitudes want to prevent recognition of “common law” marriages.

  6. satori says

    Same-sex marriage is a fairer term (there are lesbians, bisexuals, etc.), but is loaded with sex being in it. I agree that she should say marriage equality.

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