1. MT says

    I hope this isolates Barry completely. It’s nice to see the bigots in the undisputed minority for a change.

    How did a crackhead get elected to City Council anyway?

  2. Steve says

    “Local ministers”? I’d suggest one check their voter registration before calling them “local”. Most of them (and the congregations they lead) live in MD, they’re not local, which is why the DC council doesn’t care what they think.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “But Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) apparently did not realize what he was voting on.”

    Poor fool. I guess he was having a relaspe. And when I look at him I can’t help but wonder just how many “down low” sexual encounters he had during the 60s into the turn of this century. What a fool.

    Anyway, this is wonderful news! Even with the negative racial stereotypes represented by the protesters, the Mayor and the council prove those racial stereotypes are not valid–among the educated, and those who truly beleive in human rights.

  4. Bill says

    Wow, this just keeps better for the right wingnuts – first they get Carrie Prejean as a spokeswhore and now Marion Barry is on their platform, but apparently too crack adled to remember his lines.

    Woo hoo!

  5. K says

    Yikes. So I guess I didn’t understand the FAQ you posted earlier. Can you post it again? So congress can vote down the bill, but they haven’t exercised that right in all the years that the possibility has existed? Is that correct?

  6. brian says

    can this day get any better?!?! carrie & marion are workin’ harder for us than HRC!

  7. Joel says

    You know your cause is in trouble when Marion Barry is the only supporter you’ve got.

  8. MikeMick says

    Wow, Marion looks good. I didn’t recognize him without a glass pipe in his mouth.

  9. Greg says

    Perhaps Barry should realize that many local “ministers” were against inter-racial marriage in the 50s and 60s, too.

  10. Chuck says

    Shouldn’t he put the crack pipe down before a vote so he at least knows what the hell’s being voted on???

  11. Wes says

    Fucking idiot should be on the street waving a cup for crack money. Had to do a revote just because the fool didn’t realize what the hell was going on, they should not have obliged him.

  12. Uflyguy says

    Barry (pictured), a 4x married, ex-con, tax-evading, crack addict, declared himself a moral leader at a rally against the same-sex union measure at a rally last week

    Maybe we should get all these “moral leaders” together and show just how “moral” they are. You have the nerve to judge me? Funny how they all seem to forget all thats happened as long as he’s “cured” and “pure and righteous” now. Hypocrites.

  13. James C says

    I hang my head in shame every time I’m reminded that man and I are from the same hometown. He is a total disgrace and the ward of the city (8), sadly the area where I grew up, that keeps electing him is just as bad. Horrible man.

    The irony here is that more than of few of those ministers who are supposed moral leaders are even bigger closet cases than the politicians here. Sometimes I think think DC is the capital if the entire down low culture. If Outrage is a big hit on the documentary circuit, maybe Kirby Dick can do a follow up on these slimeballs.

  14. Tony says

    If you want to know how much we in DC love Marion Barry, just go to the 😉

  15. Giovanni says

    Three cheers for chocolate city! So much for the all back people are homophobes theory. Now if they could only stop electing Barry and his ilk to public office…