California ‘Meet in the Middle 4 Equality Rally’ – Watch Live


People across California packed up and headed to Fresno in the central part of the state for Meet in the Middle 4 Equality, a demonstration sponsored by the Courage Campaign intended to rally support for marriage equality in the state and as a reaction to the recent Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8.

Here's the live stream of the rally.


  1. says

    This is an important 1st step. However, we need to realize that we DON’T have a friend in the White House. Many of are somewhat complacent, thinking that Obama is the ‘fierce advocate’ for LGBT right that he claimed to be during the campaign.

    Sadly, he hasn’t had the decency to even offer meaningless, symbolic platitudes to comfort us after the Prop 8 ruling while he was here in California the day after the ruling.

    Ditto for saying nothing about the discharge of Lieutenants Chio and Fehrenbach from the military under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    No, we are on our own and we can get our rights. I am worried that some of us will rely upon Obama and that will only slow down our progress.

    My advice is that we not donate any money at all to Obama and the Democrats and funnel our money and efforts into campaigns to educate the public.

  2. Darrien says

    Yep, Gary. Spot on. Obama and anyone else won’t do a damn thing unless they think there’s a grassroots campaign that’ll force them into action.

  3. says

    Not all Republicans are good, but if there is an anti-gay democratic party member like senator diaz in new york, or some of the token southern/south eastern democratic party congress members, nominate pro-gay republicans to challenge them.

    We need to gradually have a farm team so the Democratic Party would have to be competitive for our votes and not take us forgranted.

  4. says

    Uh…I guess I have to state the obvious:

    Asking people to NOT give money to the Democrats and Obama does not equate to asking people TO give money to the Republicans.

    I don’t think we can ‘motivate’ those who are anti-gay with money. However, the Democrats have become accustomed to using LGBTs as ATMs and it is time for us to demand that they actually do something for us.

    I wrote something a little more provocative on my blog regarding Obama and gay bashing.

  5. The RNC says

    Actually I completely agree with you. Florida 2000 was a fabulous example of what happen when support for Democrats is withheld. The results (I think we can all agree) were amazing not only for gay rights, but also the environment, the economy, and of course, peace. I’m sure the fallen in Iraq would thank the Gore-is-the-same-as-Bush crowd if they could.

    I think myopic impatience is by far the best recipe for political success.

  6. says

    Exactly. So Democrats should now understand that if we withhold support that they are going to get creamed in the election.

    Time for them to grovel for my money and vote. Or maybe they just can work to keep Obama’s campaign promises to the LGBT community.

    As long as they assume that they have our votes, they don’t have to do anything for us.

    From a LGBT-rights perspective, other than a few symbolic-but-meaningless gestures, nothing has changed for the LGBT community under Obama.

    Oh, and instead of being snarky, maybe you could learn to engage in thoughtful debate.

  7. The RNC says

    I agree nothing has changed for LGBT people under Obama. Now that his five month term is nearly over, let’s see how we can get Huckabee in there. Or Romney. Or how about Palin?

  8. cookie says

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  9. peterparker says

    I stopped giving money to Democrats even before the last election. I will (likely) vote for them and continue to encourage friends and family to vote for them. But no money or volunteerism for any candidate that does not endorse our FULL equality. (Needless to say, I’m volunteering for Gavin quite happily.)

  10. Salome says

    It’s been five fucking months! The man is not even through with ten percent of his term and you’re surprised that he hasn’t said anything. Its a little our fault for getting our hopes up way too soon. Were you not paying attention to his acceptance speech that he needs everyone to calm the fuck down and be more realistic?

    Shit like this is ground up, make connections and let those who don’t understand us to get to know us!

    Yes keep his feet to the fire, but get your head out of the clouds! Be angry but be reasonable, and learn how to communicate with those who disagree without reverting to a five year old brat who just lost his lolli! Keep protesting, but do outreach as well. This shit is not hard to do! If you have enough time to sit and wine at your keyboard, you also have to the time to meet someone new and say “Hey, I’d like to talk to you about equal rights…” We need to create bridges not burn the ones that we already have, as weak as they might be.

  11. Jack says

    Dear Everyone:

    Protest Prop 8, not the CA Supreme Court’s decision. The Supreme Court was CORRECT, and nearly everyone predicted that they would reach the result that they did. Prop 8 is the problem, not the court. If you will remember, that is the court which declared that the equal protection clause mandated gay marriage in the first place. Again, protesting the court’s decision is dumb to the nth degree.

  12. Julius says

    Isn’t it sweet that our president kept a CAMPAIGN PROMISE to his wife this weekend to take her to a Broadway show (shutting down streets in NYC, spending taxpayers’ money to fly there and to organize extra security) … meanwhile … other promises that would be beneficial to millions more people hangs on the balance, competent people in the military lose their jobs and families are left in limbo. Suh-weet!

  13. Leland Frances says

    Salome, your nom de Net is fitting for reasons you might not have intended…for you’ve obviously cut your own head off, that repository for one’s brain.

    One whiff of protest of your Great Leader and apparatchiks like you stampede out, screeching like a herd of spider monkeys, Little Red Books held high in one hand, a fresh pitcher of Kool Aid in the other.

    The proof of your putrid pudding is that while others are defending his not having DONE anything to keep his repeated, explicit promises to gays, YOU’re even defending his SILENCE!

    Those “heads in the clouds” were put there by Obama himself. What’s your excuse for still having yours up his ass?

  14. Julius says

    @Kugel: Thanks for supplying me with the GOP talking points, because I really cannot be bothered to keep up with them. And whether I am GOP or not isn’t the point (I’m not)

    But as you seem to have, evidently, missed the point … and there is nothing ridiculous about it if you stopped swimming in the kool-aid for a second … let me explain:

    Obama is keeping promises left, right and center to lots of other people, but those who actually voted for him (like me) … those who shifted their support to him (yes, I supported Hillary so bite me) and contributed hard-earned money (yes I did) to his campaign because he made a couple of fundamental campaign promises as the only candidate left standing in my party!

  15. Kugel says

    @Julius. There is no point to miss in your original post. You take a completely unrelated event… Obama goes to NYC with wife… and connect it with Obama’s “broken promises”. It’s the kind of silly and, no matter how hard you try, it’s unrelated. One’s for the society column, the other is actual policy discussion. You can do better than a Limbaugh-style cheap shot.

  16. Automotive Enthusiast says

    If you fags keep burning bridges we will never get anywhere.With all the log cabin ignorance of you people its no wonder we lost the prop 8 battle and that we keep getting pushed around by bigots.Yall are no better than they are.

    What goes around comes around.

    Yeah go ahead vote republican but you will regret it almost instantly.

    I dont want you ignorant bitter log cabin fuckers fighting for me nor my generation.You will just fuck it up and make those of us born in the 80s and later have to put in extra labor to fight,that wouldnt be necessary if we actually had organized intelligent people on our side.

    Ah go ahead and insult me.What I stated is the truth.Most of you are over 40 over privileged white (some even racist) gay men who could give a rats ass about anyone except yourselves.

  17. says

    Car Lover:

    Yes, you hate gay people and desperately wish you were not one of them.. We can all tell from how often you call the gay people who disagree with “fags.” And you have the GALL to call others bigoted and hateful. Dude, read your own hate-filled words.

  18. Anon says

    As a registerd Independent I vote for whom ever I believe will best work for equality for all. If you vote for a party and don’t look at the individuals voting record, then you just end up getting Democrats like Diaz.

  19. Salome says

    Actually Leland, it’d be more appropriate if it was your head I was decapitating.

    I’m not defending his silence, if you actually read my comment (which you probably didn’t because, like I had stated earlier, you were acting like a 5 year old brat who lost his lolli) I said keep his feet to the fire but I also said we need to be realistic.

    I do believe that he needs to keep his promise.But you can’t honestly act like there isn’t other
    (and whether you like it or not, more urgent) shit going on with this country right now. Plus you act as if Obama is the only reason why shit isn’t happening right now.

    What could you have done in the time it took you to type out your post trying to slam me?

    You could’ve written your senator asking for his/her support for marriage equality. Sitting at your keyboard and trying (and i do mean “trying” cause your pathetic little post doesn’t mean shit) to insult me isn’t going to get us any closer to marriage equality.

  20. says

    We had a victory today in Nevada because of a few Republicans. I’m a hardcore Democrat. I will support these Republicans no matter what Dem runs against them which may just get me in a lot of trouble, however, they earned my support, unlike a lot of Dems who just take us for granted.

    I hope Obama proves the naysayers wrong, but, if not, he won’t get to take me granted.

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