1. Wes says

    “you know, replenish the earth or whatever”

    Says it all right there.

    Most folks who live by “The Word” have no idea what it actually says or means. They just listen to their pastors because its easier than actually reading the entire piece of fantasy.

    Seriously, many people who say they will fight to the gates of hell for god, would do anything for Jesus, won’t even sit down and read the Bible for themselves. Its that tedious.

  2. CJ says

    Wes, you beat me to it.

    “…, you know, I do believe in the Bible…. And, and, uh, you know, God said to be married and be productive with your children and, and, you know, replenish the earth or whatever.”

    Sums up organized religion for me. I wish someone would come out and prove the bible is simply a work of fiction once and for all. Further, I don’t give a crap what you believe, just don’t put your shit on me.

  3. StatUnitense says

    Did anyone tell Marie Osmond that the topic being addressed here is CIVIL marriage, as the ones done in front of a justice of the peace, at city hall, that gives you rights under the “civil” law and things like that …. you, know?
    No one wants to hear what her religious beliefs are …. and, and, huhh, you know …. The conversation is about civil rights … hmmm, you know …. like …. whatever!

    Separation of church and state, you know?

    We want the right to the same treatment under the law, you know? You can leave your god in your church …. like … you know?

  4. says

    Sounds like she is in favor of ‘separate but equal’ civil unions.

    That’s actually more progressive than I expected her to be. Most Mormons don’t even believe in that.

  5. scar2 says

    Yes, she could have been more clear & I have a feeling her publicist will soon spin what she said. However, for the most part, I only see this as a positive thing. Here is a young woman who was raised in a high-profile Mormon family who’s been told all her life that homosexuality is wrong & yet she’s out. This will further shoot down the bible-thumpers’ belief that being gay is a choice. Also, her mother did not disown or try to change her (not that we know of anyway).

  6. DW says

    I’m in the mood to cut her a break. Here’s a devout Mormon who went ahead and got two divorces anyway. Like my mother, the self-proclaimed “cafeteria Catholic,” I think Marie is a lot cooler than her religious brand might have you believe. We have much more dangerous enemies to fight.

  7. JeMiSi says

    Thanks for feeding the stereotype, JT. What does the fact that her daughter is “thick-thighed” have to do with the topic at hand? Can a gay man take the upper hand and not talk about someone’s weight/looks at least once?

  8. says

    Marie Osmond rocks in this interview. She loves her (lesbian) daughter, which is more than a lot of parents do for their kids. The interviewer, on the other hand, is a dunce.

  9. LD says

    Marie’s comments are supported by the fact that it is illegal for a heterosexual, atheist couple who plan to remain childless to be legally married in the United States. Oh, wait, sorry…I mean it’s legal.

  10. crispy says

    These people just aren’t familiar with the concept of homonyms. I suppose she thinks her mother’s sister is a colony-dwelling insect.

  11. Dusty says

    She’s a devout Mormon making a positive effort here, and that’s just not good enough is it? No. She should just suddenly wake up and be 100% on our side overnight.

    Sometimes the comments here are so disappointing.

  12. Joseph says

    Actually, if you remove all the religious junk at the end of the comment, it’s actually a pretty positive statement. But that’s the thing with organized religion–it twists and turns the mind so much that rational thought gets messed up.

    I’ll admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for Marie Osmond (at least she’s much more tolerable than brother Donny); her 80s country album “There’s No Stopping Your Heart” was one of my favorites; and she’s been outspoken about discussing her depression in years past.

    Having said that, the religion thing may be a wall for her to grow any further in terms of supporting gay issues; my eldest sister is a Mormon, and has said truly hurtful things to me, to the point where I really don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. Very sad.

  13. Leland Frances says

    I think her fake sincere brother is a raving asshole, and I’d bring marshmallows to roast over a burning Mormon temple, but I choose to see a mother trying to work through the brainwashing she’s gotten since Day 1—and a mother who is an international poster child for Mormonism at that.

    No, so far, she’s NOT exactly like Obama because she’s not explicitly denounced marriage equality as he repeatedly as. She said, “When it comes to marriage, … I think that civil rights need to be for all.” He has NEVER said that!

    If she comes back with a disclaimer, I’ll lead the pack to flame her. Until then, grow up. And I don’t mean her.

  14. B says

    I applaud Marie. The way I interpret her answer is that she personally believes in the man/woman model, but believes that others should have the freedom to decide for themselves. Isn’t that all we’re asking for? Her response is not at all what I would expect from a prolific Utah Mormon.
    I grew up Mormon and my family is still a very devout Utah Mormon family. It takes a lot of courage for her to say what she did, and she’s going to be attacked by other Mormons for saying what she did.

  15. woodroad34woo says

    I remember when she had a talk show and she had the gay rodeo dancers on it. They all talked about how gay friendly she was. From the stumbling of her speech, I think she is, but she has to moderate her talking points to not get in trouble with “the church”…how scary is that? A Mormon Inquisition. Apparently, though, Donnie has no problem coming out and saying how horrible we are:

  16. Andy says

    She came out in support of gay marriage yet there are commenters on here still calling her obscene words and getting on her for her background…

    Uh yeah – she was raised in a religious household for years and years. Duh. That does not change over night. Still, she is coming around, which is commendable.

    If gay guys would stop calling women the c word incessantly, we would win over a lot more hearts and minds.

    I like Marie. She is corny but cool. She is who she is.

  17. cmh says

    Because I had a girl crush on marie when I was a kid and because I’m feeling gracious today what with the Maine decision and all I’m going to cut her some slack.

    Give her time. when I was in my 20’s my parents were still trying to get their heads around it. The lady is no poster child for the idyllic LDS life. She’s had her share of struggles as well hopefully that help her wrap her head around what it means to be human.

  18. Gordon says

    I think what she is trying to say, once you get past the “uhs” and the “ums” is what that she believes same-sex couples should be allowed a civil ceremony- which is pretty awesome, coming from a Mormom.

  19. JerseyJersey says

    It really is hard to tell from that statement where she stands. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say I see alot of love and acceptance for her daughter in it (yaaa) but she could do a better job clearing things up. It would be wonderful if she could just allow herself to go all the way and give and feel honest support. She seems unsure of how she feels, or at least she’s hedging on admitting it.

  20. Christine says

    Please, before criticizing, remember two things: (1) this statement printed above is PART of an over two minute discussion of the topic. Listen and you’ll get the point – she rejects right from the start that this is a “sensitive topic” and talks about how proud she is of her daughter and what a “great woman” she is. (2) Despite her suggestion that it’s not difficult to talk about, it must be. Many in her own faith (though clearly not all) don’t agree, and she’s risking a lot of fans with these statements. Let’s give her the credit she deserves – this was really brave, I think.

  21. Henriette says

    What’s more important, Marie? The civil rights and full citizenship of your child, or not pissing off your middle-aged cornball
    fans who’ll pay to see you in Reno, NV or Branson, MO? I think we know the answer.

  22. Jamie says

    RE: Henriette – Are you suggesting that Marie followed the views of “middle-aged cornball” fans? Last I checked, older Americans generally haven’t shown themselves to be in favor of civil unions and it doesn’t seem that the majority would openly discuss their lesbian daughter. Marie probably alienated a lot of her Mormon base with those comments. And, btw, Donny & Marie have a two year contract in Las Vegas; they’re one of the top acts there, judging by attendance and ticket revenue. I’m pretty sure everyone there isn’t elderly. I don’t understand your hostility to a woman who is obviously accepting her daughter and trying to be fair, even in the face of a lifetime of opposite teachings.

  23. JT says

    Don’t jump all over Marie. She’s trying her best with a subject she’s uncomfortable with. Don’t forget how she was raised. Let’s wish her and her daughter all the best.

  24. Hello says

    There is a recent interview on public radio (Fresh Air? All Things considered?) where the interviewer spent maybe 5 minutes with Marie—I was completely won over in that time. She is obviously speaking between the lines, and has a liberal viewpoint (I think she indicated the same). The best is that she just couldn’t stop laughing—this gave the impression that she simply considered life as being just absurd, and too short to not accept with open arms everything it has to offer. Or she was high. But I liked her and thought that this would be a fun person to spend an evening with. So there.

  25. steve says

    i’m not gonna be too quick to rush & judge her here

    parents of glbt’s have their own journey to go on

    i’m glad she can at least talk about it (take note Dick Cheney)

  26. Hello says

    Oh, and as for her daughter, for those who can’t control their aesthetic whims, what do YOU look like?
    I hope her daughter has a really nice girlfriend who treats her well. This maybe more than you have.

  27. GregV says

    Her answer was excellent coming from a Mormon. I don`t understand some of these negative comments on here.
    She says that everyone, including her gay daughter, deserve to have civil rights no matter what religious ways Marie chooses for herself.
    She sounds like she gets the fact that her own religion should never be made the law for anyone else. She even makes her comment in an open enough way that it does not in any way suggest that her daughter`s marriage would fulfill God`s plan less than a heterosexual`s marriage.
    She was about as gay friendly as a Mormon can be without being excommunicated.
    Bravo, Marie!

  28. Jay says

    This is incredibly progressive, when you consider where she’s coming from. And it indicates that she’s evolved to this point, meaning she may evolve further. Good for her and good for her daughter. Not all of us have PFLAG parents, but loving ones are a good start.

  29. Henriette says

    What a bunch of pinheads here, giving Marie a pass because of “where she comes from.” I recall John Edwards when he was running for president saying he’s “not there yet” about real, civil, 100% legal marriage for same-sex couples, because of his upbringing, church, and Southern roots. Just look at him now, kids. I am always very wary of people who hide behind the skirt of their upbringing, church, you name it. The very notion of someone being denied full citizenship being in line with Marie Osmond’s concept of God is nothing less than laughable in 2009. There are some people on this thread who understood that Marie was talking between the lines and engaging in double-talk so that fair-minded people could have one take, but the intolerant and hateful could parse out what they wanted to hear also. If the Osmond family weren’t such a non-entity, I would care, but now this fake-tittied California drag queen- I mean beauty queen- she’s the hot ticket now, making a career out of religion and ignorance. Think she’ll never get anywhere? Reminder: That’s how Sarah Palin got started.

  30. GregV says

    Henriette, she did NOT say, like John Edwatds did on marriage equality, that sh`s “not there yet.” In fact she said that she is already “there,” as it were. She did NOT say that anyone should be “denied full citizenship,” because of her religion, in fact she said exactly the opposite.
    She brushed aside any suggestion that this was a difficult issue to discuss and when asked about mareriage said that gay people deserve full civil rights.
    What more could you want?

  31. says

    Folks, Marie rocks. She was not very articulate, and yeah, she is watching what she says, but she came out AGAINST Prop 8 before the election.

    Folks, we’re fighting for civil marriage rights. Marie supports that. Isn’t that what we want? Aren’t we making a distinction bet. civil and religious marriage?

    And Donny is a tool.

    And boys, the C word must go. Makes YOU look bad.

  32. Henriette says

    Greg, I am but one of several commenters who think Marie is hedging/vascillating. My take, especially when she speaks of “medical decisions and finances,” this is almost always the talking points of advocates of civil unions/domestic partnerships. Marie drops some sound bytes, but in such a disjointed manner that you (or more importantly, her fans) cannot actually quote her as saying, “I support my daughter’s right to marry a woman,” or “Marriage for everyone is a civil right.”
    She also says things that give me, and likely others, the impression that we all have the right to choose to be intolerant. No, we don’t, not if it deprives others of their civil rights, or violates our constitution.

  33. rayy says

    I think she is generally being supportive, so we should cut her a break. I think it’s pretty enlightened to say “my daughter understands my beliefs” and maybe doesn’t agree.

  34. Andrew K says

    It’s clear from the quote that where Marie flounders isn’t in articulating support for her lesbian daughter, but in giving the “but the Bible says” argument.

    Telling. Really the problem is that religious people do not have leaders who understand, articulate, or support the separation of church and state. It’s not a difficult concept. But because these religious leaders refuse to accept that their religious beliefs should only apply to THEM, most people who sit in their churches are deprived of language that states what is reasonable.

    And what is reasonable? Simply this: The law should treat everyone equally on marriage. Religion doesn’t have to.

    What the religious leaders really fear is that when the law starts treating gay people equally, their teaching about homosexuality will be shown as fraudelent and poorly thought out; a result of ancient prejudice. This is an understandable fear. But hey, if what religion teaches is not true, then why are they teaching it?

  35. Henriette says

    You raised good points, Andrew, especially about “ancient prejudice.” But here’s the glitch: if you believe men wrote the Bible, you can understand that point. If you believe God wrote the bible, and a lot of rubes do, then there’s no point even having an adult discussion with them, much less a debate.

  36. glamorousvivica says

    I know I am jumping in REALLY LATE on this discussion, but wow…if you aren’t just the biggest bunch of bitches I have ever seen. Seriously…what does Marie Osmond owe YOU? Oh yeah, NOTTA!! So she comes out and supports gay marriage on your behalf and you still have the audacity to nail her to the stake and crucify her. Shame on you! I think it’s quite obvious which side of the fence the hypocrits are sitting on. YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF CUNTS!!

  37. josie says

    She is so phoney She won’t give a straight ansewer.I myselfe beleve you are born gay not turn into a gay person.And if you know your child is you will know the the person. My daughter never had to come out to me to tell me she is gay I always knew.I love her with all my heart.I support her always have.I beleve if parent show love and support.We won;t have so many suicides.Listen up people love them

  38. Esbee says

    The gays have fought long and hard to get their rights and marriage. They pleaded tearfully and emotionally…
    ” I cannot help it— I was born this way and I cannot help who I feel attracted to love. ” And…”what if you found that it is against the law to love the one you love.” And they got their rights, using lawyers and parades and all sorts of media to convince the populace that they were normal, just another life style choice……
    well, there are two other groups already using those same emotional pleas for their rights to be openly accepted….those who want to have sex with children (not rape but gentle and lovingly —their words not mine) and those who want to have sex with animals. Read their stories-they are out there on the web…remember it was barely just barely 20 years ago the social norm was to think of gays as sinful, abnormal, mentally and emotionally troubled-which is NOW how we think of those who want to have sex with children and animals.

  39. Paula Byler says

    Do any of you remember that she had a gay son who jumped out a high up window and died ? He comitted suicide because he knew how the MOrmons feel on being gay. She doesnt want to lose her daughter also so she is supporting her, even though she is supposed to be against it according to her faith.

  40. Jeff says

    I think Marie said it pretty clearly, that she understands the difference between religious marriage, and civil marriage, and that everyone deserves the rights civilly.

    She is far more advanced in her understanding of the issue than most in her position.

    She’s cool with me.

  41. rachel says

    now it’s ok to be gay.. just because her daughter is a lesbian.. such a two faced hypocrite.. what happened to her mormon belief??? i cant stand people that only decide it’s ok becuase it benefits them.. shut up Marie Osmond and all your loser marriages… you are not the example of a good mormom….

  42. Sheri says

    The Bible is not a work of fiction it is the word of God Jehovah who inspired the writings that is in the scriptures, 2Timothy 3:16, 17. Jehovah does not hate people, He loves us all 1John 4:8 where it says, “Whoever does not love has not come to know God, because God is love”. What He does condemn is the things people do. In the Bible at Romans 1:24-27 where it says, “Therefore, God, in keeping with the desires of their hearts, gave them up to uncleanness, so that their bodies might be dishonored among them. 25 They exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerated and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the Creator, who is praised forever. Amen. 26 That is why God gave them over to uncontrolled sexual passion, for their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature; 27 likewise also the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males, working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full penalty, which was due for their error.” Also, Leviticus 18:22 says, “You must not lie down with a male in the same way that you lie down with a woman. It is a detestable act”. We as Jehovah’s witnesses should not treat gay people or anyone with disrespect. While the Bible disapproves of homosexual acts, it does not condone hatred of homosexuals or homophobia. Instead, Christians are directed to “respect everyone.”—1 Peter 2:17, Good News Translation. This of course is true for heterosexuals who live together without the benefit of marriage. We go to people’s home and let them know about the wonderful hope and promise that Jehovah has set out in the Bible for the earth as well as people on the earth, Psalms 37:9-11, 29 and many other scriptures that points to our wonderful future.

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