1. JACKNASTY says

    Hmmmm. On the one hand, she’s a homophobic “Christian” bigot.

    On the other hand, she’s clearly in violation of the terms of the contract she signed.

    The conservatards’ heads must be on the verge of exploding. Which is more sacred to the political smegma of American society – bigotry or contracts?

    Tough call for the Talibaptists.

  2. Bob R says

    Such photo’s taken at age 17 constitute child pornography don’t they? If this was a 17 year old male, nude, with say a cutoff tank top and his hands covering his genitals, wouldn’t there be some sort of charges sought?

    In any event, posing in sexually provocative photos does not indicate a high moral standard by Ms. Prejean. I would suggest, like so many evangelical “Christian” loons, her morality is highly selective.

  3. says

    She brought all this attention on herself. She could have turned down all the interviews, etc. by saying her words at the pageant spoke her beliefs, however, she has been on every morning news show, the “700 Club”, working with NOM, and has been praised and paraded around churches (at least in the San Diego area) as almost the second coming of the virgin Mary, a pure Christian girl who was in a beauty pageant. These pictures show almost the hypocricy of it all. To top all that, as far as I know, California pageant officials haven’t been able to get ahold of her since the Miss USA pageant. She put herself in this position, milking it just like any other so-called 15 minute ‘celeb’. It will eventually go away, but her reputation has been tarnished. She is not pure as snow as the theocrats wanted us to believe. Right or wrong, she planted the seed, now she’ll have to take it’s growth.

    She has stated that “We have to be strong and true to our faith and our beliefs”, so my question is, why is she cherry-picking the Bible? Why do they all cherry-pick the Bible? In a theocracy, women would have no rights, they couldn’t hold office, they would be completely covered from head to toe with a single type of material, if adultery was committed, it would be a death sentence for both the male and female, they wouldn’t eat shellfish – this is all in the Bible. It is hypocritical for these so-called religious zealots (male and female) to state that the Bible says that being gay is a sin, or that gay marriage is wrong because it states it in the Bible, when everyday they are not following the Bible as written. In some ways I feel sorry for Carrie Prejean, especially her ignorance, but as I stated above, I feel she brought this on herself. Yes, Perez Hilton spouted off on his blog, but it would have died out, instead, she paraded herself around, literally, as a devote, pure Christian woman who follows the Bible. Those who use the Bible for bigotry and hate are all hypocrits.

    If she loses her crown it will end up being everyone elses fault, not hers, and you know the far right and NOM will be all over that!

  4. RB says

    Well she doesn’t have the star quality of Vanessa Williams so her 15 minutes should come and go quickly. She breached her contract she should go!

  5. says

    Bob R stated: Such photo’s taken at age 17 constitute child pornography don’t they? If this was a 17 year old male, nude, with say a cutoff tank top and his hands covering his genitals, wouldn’t there be some sort of charges sought?


    Not necessarily…I don’t understand all the legalities, but these would be considered artistic, like the Miley Cyrus photo where she was basically the same way. You have mainstream movies where you might see a young tush…that too is not considered child pornography. Pornography for the most part deals with a sexual act. Again I am not certain, but that is what I understand.

    Also, many people are led to believe that 18 is the age of consent for sex, but that depends on the state. California is one of the FEW states that 18 is the law.

    Most sites/TV stations won’t post the full pic of her, because she stated she was 17 at the time and they fear retribution. If they can prove that she was older than 17 then the gloves will be off, because she will then be a liar as well (although she did lie on her Miss California contract).

    Everyone has become fearful (heck, look at the Coppertone girl now compared to the past…pitiful).

  6. Mary from Iowa says

    First she says models have to pose for pictures; now she says the pictures were not meant for disclosure to the general public.

    Dig yourself in a little deeper and thankfully you will be out of the general public viewing. WHO CARES ABOUT PAGENTS!

  7. says

    Remember when Andy said he would stop talking about her a couple days after this story broke?


  8. another matt says

    What kind of professional model takes her own pictures in the bathroom? (Note the skin care products strewn about in the bottom left-hand corner.)

  9. Larry Scott says

    I regret standing by my word, even as a teen. Seems that was never required and I could have done/said whatever I want. If caught later, I could have tossed it off as a “youthful indiscretion.” Maybe someone would have paid for cosmetic surgery for me.

  10. Ted says

    I am tired of hearing of her as well but I think the tie in to NOM makes it relevant here.

    Last week was the first time I heard someone refer to these pageants as reality shows, but that’s what they are, nothing more. Treating these contestants, and the winners, as being special, should be offensive to the religious right but that would not serve their purpose. I find no value in watching these events, and find the Westminster dog show so much more interesting.

    Since these pageants are so focused on beauty, it’s amazing how irrelevant natural beauty is. Her tits are fake, her hair is bleached, no doubt the teeth are capped. I propose she [and all other contestants] be muzzled.

  11. paul c says

    The truth is that if this girl had been treated with basic human respect (you know — that stuff we all want), she wasn’t so far gone that she couldn’t have been won over and served as an example of enlightened thinking for our side of the issue.

    But it’s not really about winning hearts and minds over, is it?

    It’s about a sick game of “war” where certain misogynistic gay men get an excuse to bash a beautiful young woman that they’re probably jealous of.

    Oh, if only she were a Mormon, what fun could be had trying to destroy this girl!

    Good Karma for all of you.

  12. jimmyboyo says


    I totally agree. This hypocrit doesn’t have one ounce of actual talent like Vanessa Williams to fall back on. Her time is soon up for good.

  13. troschne says

    Paul C said: “It’s about a sick game of “war” where certain misogynistic gay men get an excuse to bash a beautiful young woman that they’re probably jealous of.”

    Did you honestly type that with a straight face? Does stupid come naturally to you, or do you take pills for it??????

  14. Ernesto says

    I usually don’t waste my time commenting on this media garbage gone wild but this one has me bewildered. In this day and age where everyone pushes you to be true to yourself and others here is a prime example where someone did but not to the acceptance of the individual asking the question. Now it’s like an all out man hunt of negativity towards miss California. Why must her right to freely choose her answer be replaced by angry cohersive strong arming. Now as if no one would have expected racy photos show up out of the blue. Can you seriously make a compareative difference between that 17 year olds photo and the near naked swimsuits these woman are made to wear in these pagents.. P.S we re all just making her famous.

  15. paul c says

    @Troschne – actually, no, I typed that with my fingers, not my gay face.

    So you don’t think this Prejean bashing is like lions playing with their prey? This is a young, not particularly bright girl, who is being eviscerated by a million bitchy gay men.

    Do you think this helps our cause? It sets it back.

    Would you care to assign a legitimate motivation to the reaction this girl gets as opposed to oh, I don’t know….a man who says the same thing and then gets elected president courtesy of millions of gay people’s votes?

  16. patrick nyc says

    That was a great interview. Can we get Melissa Harris-Lacewell to be our spoke person?

    As for Joe the plumber, I say let him keep on speaking, the more he does, the more middle America sees what a douche he is.

    As for Miss CA. LOL Karma is a bitch.

    I recall when Vanessa Williams lost her crown, I thought it was bull shit, as did many of my gay and straight friends. The ones who were calling for her head were these right wing religious freaks.

    I can’t wait to see what the spin is when it’s one of their own. Do you think posing like that is a good role model for their little girls? Oh yea, it’s only bad when it’s Madonna or Britney.

  17. paul c says

    @Tralfaz – yes, I have a stick up my ass about hypocrisy, bullying and misogyny. Sorry I suck as a human being. Go back to spreading your hate now.

  18. woodroad34 says

    As far as Andy posting things about this bimbo–I was sort of under the impression that after her initial pageant statement and guest shots he would stop posting about her, because it was all redundant and she didn’t need any more publicity. HOWEVER, this is news and not publicity for her. This new information is about the dark side (which we all suspected) and legal actions and hypocrisy. She’s a bought-for, failed beauty queen whose beauty is all on the outside and nothing on the inside. She’s a better packaged fish wife — kinda like Sarah Palin: Shrill and obnoxious, not graceful and intelligent.

    Oh, and Miss Saggy Maggie Gallagher. A skunk smells it own hole first. Get your head out of your ass. You started the character assassination–you don’t want a fight then stay out of it, cow.

  19. ZnSD says

    you know what Paul? You go right ahead and defend the poor defenseless twit. But just remember: she chose to dive right into the melee and extend the news cycle spouting her bigotry and lies about “preserving marriage”. The fact remains that her religious-based bigotry is a choice while my homosexuality is not; and since I’m to be deprived of civil rights I have more than enough cause to speak out against her hypocrisy, ignorance and hate-mongering any chance I can get. If insults get hurled along the way don’t be surprised: many in our community have had ENOUGH.

  20. Mr. E says

    Yes, Paul C. Everyone else is a horrible misogynistic, bitchy queen and you are perfect and infallible. You like looking down your nose? This woman (she is NOT a girl) is not beautiful. SHE chose to continue with her ‘platform’ after the pageant and violate her contract. Honestly I don’t think these photos are worth her loosing her crown. The fact that she has abandoned the Special Olympics for ‘Opposite marriage,’ and has been doing a media tour without the consent of Miss California org (as stipulated in her contract) is exactly why she should loose her crown.
    And I think it is only doing us good that this is staying in the national conversation. The more this is heard and talked about the more ‘normalized’ this whole issue becomes and the more likely marriage equality will happen in our lifetime.

  21. troschne says

    @ Paul C–the young, not particularly bright girl is certainly entitled to her opinion, but she didn’t just stop there–she did the whole media blitz, and gosh–when it comes to light that her tits aren’t real (exposed by a STRAIGHT woman, not any bitchy queen), and then that she had shown her naughty bits, in clear violation of her contract with the pageant, she’s not fair game? Is THAT not hypocrisy??? Screw you.

    Patrick NYC–Vanessa Williams is a whole different story, as far as I’m concerned–she wasn’t holding herself up as the moral compass for all that is good and “holy”, so yeah–she screwed up, but I’m totally willing to give her a pass on that one, and I am happy that she has been able to be successful.

  22. eric says

    The beauty pageant is out to destroy Carrie Prejean in any way possible. They don’t like her views about homosexuality and they don’t like her new affiliations with the traditional marriage organizations. They will use these so called, “topless” photos as an excuse to disqualify her from her crown. If that happens, I hope she sues them. I won’t be surprised if she’s already in legal consultation preparing for that contingency.

    It’s a sad day in America when someone publicly states they are a Christian and hold a traditional view of marriage as being exclusive to one man and one woman and the liberals start a witch hunt against you.

  23. ZnSD says

    Eric if you think you’re going to get any play with that “Christian Victim” meme HERE you are SADLY MISTAKEN. Begone before someone drops a house on you!

  24. Tralfaz says

    Oh goody Eric the right wing slag has showed up. Eric hon, do you ever throw up after you stop spinning for this bigoted bitch?

    It’s so fun watching the wingnut try and justify her actions. Topless photos at 17?? Yeah that’s a pilar of fine “Christian Values”.

  25. 1♥ says

    Okay Eric, if she is such a great Christian why isn’t she following the Bible.
    Like this verse: 1 Timothy 2
    9: I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10: but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God. 11: A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12: I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. 13: For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14: And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 15: But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.
    There are a lot more passages in the Bible like the one above. I know many conservative Christian women who would never pose for a photo like that and they would not want her to represent them. So don’t start with you’re “liberal witch hunt” crap. If she would have been for marriage equality, and then those photos came out, people like you would have been saying and doing much worse to her than we are.

  26. Tralfaz says

    Oh Eric – Where were Carrie’s fine moral parents when she was showing off her 17 year old knockers in front of an adult with a camera?

  27. Tralfaz says

    @ Paul – How is the air up on your high horse? I love how you throw the misogynist card around.

    So, my mom called Carrie Prejean a stupid bitch .. so in your book my mom is a misogynist?

    Good god. I’ve haven’t ran into such spewing of bullshit “politcal correctness” since my last Queer Nation meeting.

    When you grow up, you might stop having your knee jerk so fast and start to understand people’s anger towards the likes of Carrie Prejean. Until then dear, you keep living in your perfect world of santized stereotypical “PC-ness”.

    YOU my dear put the right wing to shame with your own brand of narrow minded lables.

    I’m not a misogynist. I was raise pretty much by my mom w/o much assistance from my father. Fuck, I was even a member of NOW when I was in high school.

    So before you throw your little shit fit you might want to pull you head out of your ass and open you eyes a bit.

    Not everyone can or want to fit to your standards of “perfection”.

  28. Mr. E says

    Paul C, if you’re so pissed off at people bitching and complaining why are you doing just that? If you think TRALFAZ is being vitriolic that you haven’t read much on this blog…

  29. Keanon says

    Like CB posted, she brought this on herself. CB summed it up perfectly. Also Paul C this is a “war”. A war being waged against us. Yet they the holier than thou keep labeling themselves the “victims”. Day in and day out we are being harassed and killed around the world. Groups like NOM are going to attack us in the media if we play nice or not. They don’t agree with us and they dont want us to have equal rights! Wow I can not get over how well Melissa Harris Lacewell summed it up (around the 2:12 mark).

  30. Mikeyweho says

    Many of us just want this woman and many of you on this blog to admit that you are bigots.

    That is all – keep your opinion – but accept yourselves for who you are….BIGOTS.

  31. leatherneck54 says

    I know that Carrie Prejean’s views on marriage are right on! God himself instituted marriage between A MAN AND A WOMAN!! You jerks had better wise up!

  32. kj says

    @Paul: if you jump into the polar bear enclosure, the bears don’t care wether or not you’re a tard or Einstein. They’re very likely to bite you on your ass. Or your artifically enlarged fake titties. They may pull those nude photos out of your backpack and air them publicly. Boo hoo hoo.

  33. paul c says

    KJ made the brilliant statement: “if you jump into the polar bear enclosure, the bears don’t care wether or not you’re a tard or Einstein.”

    Is that you Barack?

    @Mr. E – you apparently don’t have a clue about what’s being said in these comments, but thanks for participating.

    @Tralfaz – I’m hardly “politically correct”. I just recognize a group who have spent their lives dealing with hatred and aggression inordinately directed at them, who then choose, as often as they can, to turn around and direct the same hatred and aggression at others in a wildly overreactive and totally unproductive manner.

    But as I said, carry on spewing your bile. It’s what you do so well.

  34. Taliban Obama says

    Why do you anonymous infidels get so angry on the internet? If you are a true believer in your opinions then do it like a man! If you disagree with another man’s opinion, then you should behead him, make a video of it, and put it on the internet.

    This is the real way to silence those different than you. Always remember the truth–war always wins over love.

  35. Rachel says

    Homosexuality IS a choice you ignorant human being! You have been programmed by the self-indulgent media and crybaby faggot next door who craves attention. You better do some deep research of God’s Word because when you stand before Him and He says, “Depart from me, I NEVER knew you…” Well, let’s just say that your ignorance and your ‘rights’ won’t be an excuse. Enjoy the next few decades, if you can, because that is ALL that you will get.

  36. says

    Carrie who? Is that the new cheerleader/porn model? I bet the citrus industry is sure glad they quit using these stage trollops as “spokespersons”.. Oh, me bad…That was Miss Florida, Anita Bryant, Miss USA runnerup 1958… Since divorced, bankrupt and unfortunately no longer missed. Tread lightly Carrie…. It’s obvious you’ll never be chosen to birth the next Messiah…

  37. David Nowlin says

    Just a quick response to the questions about whether or not this photo might constitute child pornography:

    Under federal law (18 U.S.C. §2256), child pornography1 is defined as any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where

    * the production of the visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

    * the visual depiction is a digital image, computer image, or computer-generated image that is, or is indistinguishable from, that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

    * the visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

    As you can see, the crux of the issue is whether or not the subject of the photograph is engaged in sexual conduct. As a rule, that does not include standing there smiling, whether naked or not. And there’s a reason the line has been drawn shy of that. Think of all the parents out there who have those cute little naked baby pictures of their kids, or the first bath picture, or whatever. All those things they’re planning to drag out and show their kids’ best friends when they’re in high school. It’s important not to criminalize too much.

    So no, this is not child pornography. At least not under the federal standard. I don’t know what individual states have done in this area.

  38. Matt from Florida says

    You know, this all is the dumbest issue ever. I think people from “protest marriage” and all those other groups are bigots and are using different ways to get the same result – discrimination. This girl should have made her comment and been done with it. She made herself this icon for these groups….of course she is going to be a target…and she knew that.

    Tell me this….Why do people care if gays marry?????????? What will it affect you?????? Maybe you don’t agree….it doesn’t matter what you believe. Live and let live! It will not affect your lives. I promise.

    Bottom line….this is all moot. This is the same as the resistance to intergrating the schools. It will happen eventually. I guarantee it.

  39. Craig Wilson says

    When Mr Perez Hilton asked his question, all I could picture is Mr Hilton Butt F###king a man. This is not the visual I want when I watch a Miss USA Pageant. Gays, please do not tell the world what you do in bed. This is not a visual most Americans want to see. I love Carrie Prejean! What man would be repulsed by Carrie and prefer to Butt F### a man. I will never understand this!

  40. Kenneth says

    I find everything you’ve said to be completely ridiculous. I don’t see how you have the right to call her a bigot. I especially do not see how you have the right to call her a “Christian” Bigot.

    Her comment back to the gay community wasn’t bad or said in a negative manner. She was very kind, courteous, and had the utmost respect for the gay community. She simply did not agree with the mans question. Just as you do not agree with her answer. That does not make her a bigot.. That makes you the bigot. But you’ve probably got your head so far up your own ass, you can’t see that.

    Wrong or Not. I’m glad she had the balls to stand up on stage, in front of MILLIONS and stick to her true feelings. That is a true person. Not some fake jackass looking to score brownie points. That question is RIDICULOUS.

    So now they’ve found pictures of her… Pictures of her that most American women at her age has taken. To which I say.. SO WHAT. That is not out of the norm anymore. I would guess more then half of the contestants had some sort of “naughty” photos. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t for that question. But now its all blown out of proportion.

    I say bravo to her for sticking to what she believes and not taking it back once.

  41. Belinda says

    It is a shame she is getting so much publicity! She must be eating it up….
    I can’t stand the fact that she is claiming to be a christian and continues lying about the pics as if she is a victim. She was looking right at the camera, she knew what she was doing….She is stupid for thinking someone would actually believe that a strong breeze caused her to expose her breasts. She should have just apologized for using poor judgement then we would have more respect for her.

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