News: The Arctic, Washington D.C., Smurfs, Rwanda, Ochocinco


D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics to hear arguments today regarding Bishop Harry Jackson's referendum against recognition of same-sex marriage and whether or not it can go forward. Hundreds watch hearing



The Arctic?


3,000 students dress up as Smurfs to break world record.


A gay soldier's husband speaks from the shadows.


NYT advice on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': "President Obama should see if there is indeed any action
he could take on his own while awaiting the military’s assessment. In
the end, it will be up to Congress to root out 'don’t ask, don’t tell'
by overturning the law that brought it about."


Some upset over Obama shoe photo.



Barbara Bush finds a hot piece.


Pregnant man Thomas Beatie gives birth again.


Charlie Rose talks about the federal challenge to Proposition 8 with David Boies.


Is your phone spying on you? "This new generation of -user-friendly spy-phone software has become
widely available in the last year—and it confers stunning powers. The
latest programs can silently turn on handset microphones even when no
call is being made, allowing a spy to listen to voices in a room
halfway around the world. Targets are none the wiser: neither call logs
nor phone bills show records of the secretly transmitted data."



Oraine Barrett is the first Black model to appear on the cover of Brazil's DOM magazine.


Adam Lambert to appear on 20/20 this Friday.


Catholic group compares San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Nazis for "denouncing a Vatican order to Catholic Charities not to place adoptive children with same-sex couples."


Cyndi Lauper holds summer auction for True Colors Fund.


Mormon fringe ponders 'chemical castration' for gays: "[I]s chemical castration an option for LDS gays? I mean, if you're
faithful LDS & accept that for whatever reason the Lord has put you
on Earth as a "eunuch" (best case, if you can stay strong), why should
you have to struggle with incessant thoughts that are not just
inappropriate now, but will be inappropriate in the next life, too,
only serve to pervert any desires to have children in a celestial
relationship in the next life."


Stars show up for True Blood premiere.



Not coming back: Satellite images show decimation of 99 percent of rainforest in Rwanda.


Israel to hold first public same-sex wedding ceremony.


Limited hunting of humpback whales considered.


Fabien Baron returning to Interview magazine as Glenn O'Brien exits.


NFL players Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer have "Brokeback Mountain" relationship.


  1. Leto says

    With respect to the “fringe Mormon” post: Can we please get a drug that will alleviate all religious delusions? Preferably mixed into a cooler of kool-aid!

  2. SFshawn says

    The real reason the members of the Catholic Church in San Francisco are calling the Board of Sups Nazi’s has little to do with Same sex adoptive parents as it does with the reality that the City Assessor Phil Ting is Taxing them for all the “nonprofit” properties they owe taxes on in the city which is $$$$Millions. Fuck the Catholic Church and their gang of “we want to play politics but don’t want to pay taxes” bullshit! Time to pay up Morons(opps..Mormons) and other religious freaks. Nobody gives a fuck what the Vatican or the Pope have to say in San Francisco. So pay up or get the fuck out!

  3. Bill says

    Model Justin Clynes is with Barbara Bush. He’s gay.

    Anti-gay bigotry is pervasive. Remember that. These mormons are dangerous. Boycott anything mormon.

  4. says

    RAD: Beattie can decide who he is. He doesn’t need your ignorant assistance.

    Re: the religulous, I saw a great bumper sticker the other day: “The more you believe, the less you know”

  5. jimmyboyo says

    “Catholic group compares San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Nazis for “denouncing a Vatican order to Catholic Charities not to place adoptive children with same-sex couples.”

    Uhm, there are freaking pictures of catholic priests and bishops daily blessing the SS

    Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! pope nazi was a member of the Hitler youth

    WTF, did somebody give me an extra dose of crazy pills today? How can catholics seriously consider SF board of supervisors nazis?? for wanting to end discrimination and also help children to end up in a home. by and large gay couples adopt the “unwanted” kids that go without families like the drugie born babies, non white babies, and older children who don’t look like cute babies anymore


  6. Brandon says

    Oh mister idiot “ochocinco”

    “I said no homo, i gues they dont say that out there, showing love to another person but you say no homo at the end.”

    You look like a horse.

    Yes homo.

  7. says

    I love Cyndi Lauper with all my heart, and I am honored that she puts such massive amounts of work into the struggle for equality. I just wish someone would set her straight on the pointlessness that is the HRC.

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