1. facts are facts says

    ENTIRELY AWESOME and obviously unrelateable to the likes of Barry in Key West (LOL) or JT in Chicago (Boys Town one would assume) – as it is not kissing the ass of resort loving, Atlantic Cruise attending, vapid shallow, narcissistic gays.

    Most gay “culture” is so lame that these two first reader can not even see the humor, politics, and Awesome F-U to the Gay Fascists mixed in with the amazing wet hotness.

  2. Wes says

    Yea, the message definately got lost.

    I think its interesting that the filmmaker takes offense to supportive police and firefighter presence at pride due to a strained history between law enforcement and the queer community. Yet the video seems to embrace football players, which have also been known to be less than gay-friendly. Now I don’t have a problem with either, its just seems odd to generalize and single out one group (cops) in particular. I sense he just hates cops, and anything related to ‘the state’, in general.

    I see support from law enforcement as something that can only be good for gays in society at large. Would we rather they still be kicking us out of bars and beating us up en masse? Or would we rather they show up at pride to declare their support? Its progress. Part of assimilating into society involves becoming a little normalized. I recognize and embrace the aspect of gay culture that is rebellious in nature and proud of its unique status, but really I think both sides can co-exist and even overlap sometimes. We shouldn’t get mad about gay-friendly cops any more than we should about family-friendly gays, i.e. the ones out there raising kids and struggling to be treated just like every other family.

    So ‘the state’ is beginning to support us, and we’re upset about it? Sounds like petty lingering bitterness in the face of a glaring victory to me.

    I agree that pride is often over corporatized, but I wouldn’t single out ‘the state’ as the main offender. Honestly this just comes across as hippy, anti-government, anti-authority bitching to me. Which, thankfully, many gays realize is immature and counterproductive at this point. At one point it was certainly justified, but now (especially in canada) it just seems petty.

  3. facts are facts says

    anti-government, anti-authority bitching is always appropriate

    Wes Canada is a nanny-state that still suckles the tit of a Queen and not the fun kind.

  4. says

    Its a shame that Noam is such a sycophant of Bruce la Bruce. He had some interesting ideas (and beautiful cinematography) in “Hey, Happy!”, but all this short shows regression as an artist with a message more muddled than “Raspberry Reich”.
    He’s lamenting “gay culture” but is obviously someone who has been steamrolled and k-holed by it.

  5. facts are facts says

    In a reality where there are selfish greedy elitist Gays who vote Republican – no wonder so many comments are from clueless gays who do not realize the state is an enemy of freedom still (even in America’s north coast (Canda) … these gays (including very upscale connected to big cash Andy) miss the OBVIOUS message.

  6. David in Houston says

    His supposed message was lost on me. What’s more, I found him using the phrase Fudge Packers to be very offensive. (I don’t know if it was planned to be offensive or funny) As others have pointed out, using football players (who are known to be notoriously homophobic) makes his argument even weaker.

  7. secretagentman says

    I’ve known Gonick for years. He’s a pretentious asshole who has been supported by his rich parents his entire career. He’s also a total sleazebag druggie.

  8. Wes says

    The state will always be an ‘enemy of freedom’ in that they create and enforce laws. Laws, by definition, limit freedom. But they are also necessary and good as often as they are unnecessary and bad.

    I have my own issues with the government, including the canadian government, but I’m not going to stomp my feet and take it out on people who are there to support us. I’m not going to take out my frustration on anyone who works for law enforcement, which still does a lot of good by the way, despite the bad. Perhaps at one point I would have, but we’ve come a long way. The way to instill change is not to be so exclusive and righteous towards people.

    I don’t see a solution to the ‘enemy of freedom’ unless you desire to live in a radical anarchy where there are no laws, no one to enforce them, and the country is basically a human jungle.

    Oh, and I don’t vote Republican.

  9. facts are facts says

    Wes you are a tool.

    It is not the individuals being picked on in this artistic statement – it is the concept of THE MILITARY and THE COPS infiltrating what still is (even up in Canadaland) a far left movement) – right wing gays were in the closet until it was safe for their careers to come out).

    The state will try crush freedom whenever it can – and the fact that we would want cops in our Gay Protest parades is something to be discussed and thought about – which is the goal of art.

    You Wes are A Fudgepacker

  10. facts are facts says

    Wes – is a afraid of the Anarchy expressed in an ART FILM.

    Here in America those who fight funding for the national endowement of the arts using the same fear of ANARCHY.

    What side do you think he would have been on during the culture war and sexual revolution?

    Control Freak.


  11. Wes says

    As long as they are gay friendly, why not have cops come show their support?

    Its not me who sounds prejudiced and irrational here.

    Putting THE MILITARY and COPS in all caps doesn’t make them any scarier, by the way.

    And insulting me only confirms your naive, juvenile nature. Go thump your chest and burn a trashcan if you’re so outraged, everyone will be impressed at your righteous stand against oppression.

  12. Mike says

    I get the point. However, the concept seems very dated. In Canada at least, the cops and military come to Pride celebrations to recruit, not to “oppress”. The men and women who make up our police forces and military are not some monolithic entity. Rather, they are (or at least are becoming) fairly representative of society as a whole.

    Anyway, the football players are hot.

  13. Wes says

    Its shit ‘art’, Facts. Pretentious and lousy, and not even coherent enough to convey its message.

    Just because some fellow queer made a film with hot jocks getting wet doesn’t mean I have to snap my fingers with appreciation, hippy.

  14. Eric says

    I don’t see what’s wrong with police and military participation during Pride, it hasn’t caused any problems in Canada recently. We’re not Russia; where a member of the police is likely to put a baton in your face. We’re not the U.S.; where Obama seems to be completely ignoring the plight of gays in the military.
    Canadian politics isn’t interesting. It’s like PBS, it’s boring and it’ll always be there. If you want to watch something interesting try the sinking ship of a soap opera that is American politics.

  15. facts are facts says

    Wes — I actually have short hair, and work for a corporation. (Yes I must be a hippy because it is a non-profit providing health insurance).

    Snap away — you have exposed yourself for what you are.

    And Canadaland – you are not the world.

  16. Wes says

    Well now maybe you see why you shouldn’t generalize so broadly.

    I smoke weed daily and have never voted Republican in my life.

    And not every cop or soldier is a goose stepping nazi. Or republican, for that matter.

  17. Andalusian Dog says

    The story misrepresents what the film is about: the filmmaker was only concerned with military and police presence at pride parades AFTER he showed it publicly at a pride event and the police, fire squad, and army recruiters showed up. He’s now going to reedit the film to include footage of the law enforcement people at the event. The point of this short film was to call attention to the fact that military torture in large part circles around (homo)sexual degradation of prisoners. By including football players, he was condemning a whole swath of “straight” society for their hypocritical abuse and coopting of queer sexuality. He was also trying to make the direct link between fascism and repressed sexuality.

    Of course, I only understood all this from Xtra’s story linked in the news item. The film itself is nearly incomprehensible.

  18. Willie T Boned says

    Wes – the self-admitted druggie – I did not realize the Republican party was on the ballots in Canada. How easy not to be one.

    I do wonder who you support up there ???

    Your conformist rants have become boring.

  19. Facts are Facts says

    There are no good Republicans. Period.


    Especially the GAY VERSION.

    If you are still supporting or defending members of that party in 2009 you are not to be trusted or taken seriously.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    FACTS, your words thrill me. Do most gay people today find meaning in what you say? I don’t think so.

    So many gay folks want to be “normal” members of society…and they have “standards” of behavior(Good grief). They are conservative–whether they’re white, black, Democrat, Republican, Southern, Yankee, West Coast, whatever…they are conservative. Black gays from the “hood” call it being “un-clockable”–indistinguishable from your heterosexual brother (you know, fireman, soldiers & po’licemens). That’s nice.

    So, yeah, FACTS, your words thrill me(almost to a dry orgasm). Do I have the guts to live with “1978” boldness and defiance? No, I’m too tired now.

    Gay Diversity is our only hope…and to stay the hell away from each other.

  21. Facts are Facts says

    Police Brutality in Canada


    Police officers are legally permitted to use force, and their superiors—and the public supporters —expect them to do so when appropriate.

    According to Skolnick, in dealing largely with disorderly elements (anarchy!) of the society, some people working in law enforcement may gradually develop an attitude or sense of authority over society, particularly under traditional reaction-based policing models; in some cases the police believe that they are above the law.

    However, this “bad apple paradigm” is considered by some to be an “easy way out”.

    A broad report commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the causes of misconduct in policing calls it “a simplistic explanation that permits the organization and senior management to blame corruption on individuals and individual faults – behavioural, psychological, background factors, and so on, rather than addressing systemic factors.”

    The report goes on to discuss the systemic factors, which include

    * pressures to conform to certain aspects of “police culture”, such as the Blue Code of Silence which can “sustain an oppositional criminal subculture protecting the interests of police who violate the law” and a “‘we-they’ perspective in which outsiders are viewed with suspicion or distrust”

    * command and control structures with a rigid hierarchical foundation (“results indicate that the more rigid the hierarchy, the lower the scores on a measure of ethical decision-making” concludes one study reviewed in the report); and
    deficiencies in internal accountability mechanisms (including internal investigation processes).

    * some members of the public may in fact perceive the use of force by police as excessive even when the force used is “appropriate”.

    Seems Canadaland is not so pure and golden as the border leaching Canadians would like us to believe.

  22. Wes says

    I don’t live in Canada, Willie. And why do you have a problem with my drug use? Don’t get all ‘fascist’ on me now, lol.

    Your impotent outrage and faux righteousness is tired and silly. Like a bunch of gay clowns doing their greatest hits.

  23. Wes says

    Yes, police do bad things sometimes. Yes, the government is wrong sometimes. Yes, some laws are bad.

    So lets generalize every cop and firefighter, gay friendly or not, and treat them with hatred and vitriol. That seems rational and productive.

    Throw some more Wall Street Journals on that trashcan fire!

  24. Jimmyboyo says

    It makes the point

    – the sado masochist sexual aspect of torture (remember some of those pics???)

    – the gay community’s conformist mind set trying to fit into the anglo hetero dictatorial image of life as vs being free to be who and what we are

    Is it art? No ,but it definitely is political and it gets its point across if you think about it

  25. Facts are Facts says

    Jimmyboyo …

    Is it art ? I would say of course it is … look at the discussion it provoke here.

    Not all art is meant to be pretty or even understood on the first pass.

    I wonder if Andy labled it strange as a compliment, to express his confusion, or to deride the work.

    I am sure he only posted it to a world audience because it included hot wet young muscle 😉

    Kudos to the artist for knowing his audience!

    Jimmyboyo — not all art looks like the Mona Lisa or Thomas Kinkade (joke).

  26. jimmyboyo says


    Maybe I mispoke

    Is it high art? No. Is it artistic? yes. is there a term for art that isn’t high art (i.e. the mona lisa….I prefer Leonardo’s “vitruvian man” by the way)

  27. ZnSD says

    wow. I find it interesting that such “artistic” mental masturbation should rouse such debate. Think of what some well-done art might do. Let me know when you find some! LOL

  28. jimmyboyo says


    Such “artistic” mental masturbation sure did rouse you enough to read all of the comments and comment yourself

    Wilted Manors

    Posting a comment makes U yourself part of the pathetic crowd. If one was better than such a pathetic crowd as we are then one would not comment about it at all

  29. Blake says

    ^well he certainly seems, self-obsessed, pretentious, phony and deluded enough to be the person who made this pile of navel-gazing old wank, yeah.

  30. dick says

    canada is right. vancouver was just named the world’s most livable city. and statistics never lie.

    get the french over it fellas. keep buying and singing and bidding and clinging and one day the whole wide world will stop to pay a bit of special attention to some homo bulls with kids’ panties on their forgettable faces. geez. aint it s.o.s sad when a stereotype stings. plain.

  31. says

    What a bizarre video. It seems the filmmaker just wanted to film his own kinky fantasies and then had to come up with a flawed artistic statement to justify it.

    Even stranger to read the Canada-bashing in the comments. You’re all welcome to come to Canada to join our military and get gay-married any time!

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