1. Terry says

    What the FUCK is Scarborough bitching about? His state passed one of the WORST anti-gay marriage amendments, Amendment 2, last November. His governor, a closeted Republican, strongly opposed marriage equality, as does the legislature. Marriage equality in Florida, very sadly, isn’t going to happen for many years.

  2. Disgusted American says

    Mongoloid Joe…can go Fuck himself..he annoys the crap outa me – I barely can watch his show…usually only when CNN has a commerical break. These Homophobes like him…never stop and think they might have a gay/lesbian family member?? Hemakes me sick…and I’d tellm so – if I ever met him.

  3. rex says

    and what Terry said…is the reason I will NOT go to Fla. – they will NOT get my tax/tourism dollars.

  4. says

    Sometimes I wish Jean Gray would just use her telekinesis and remove Florida from the United States. Florida is the reason why this country is the way it is.

  5. Ray says

    I watch Morning Joe every morning before I as I get ready for work. Sometimes I see his point and agree, sometimes I see it and disagree and sometimes I shake my head in disbelief. I do that with Progressive commentators as well. I didn’t see the whole Hardball interview and the clip doesn’t show whether Chris Matthews got a clearer answer on his Florida question. Matthews likes to keep pressing people until they give a clear answer, so who knows. The thing that confuses me is that Joe said this week he and the his family live in Washington, he has an apartment in NYC but everyone references Florida. Which state does he vote in? A better question might regarding the Dc City Council’s decision to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

  6. says

    The GOP is trying to divide the country into two regions (red and blue), based on social issues of equality and/or equal protection.

    We must STOP allowing states to decide issues that the 14th amendment already clearly protects.

    If we continue to let states decide gay marriage or abortion, we will be left with a nation divided in the same way it had been divided over slavery.

    This is dangerous.

    And I believe this is the sinister motive for the GOP calling for states’ rights… divide and conquer.

    This has the potential to lead to Civil War II.

  7. mike says

    Have Gone, you are a prophet and I can only second your comments. I don’t see this country being able to overcome the toxicity of the last 8 years under Bush and the Republicons, or even the nearly 30 years since Reagan. The Republicons thrive on “divide and conquer”. That’s all they’ve got. They’ve never had “ideas” or “vision” or anything that remotely resembles leadership. They use smoke and mirrors and they know which buttons to push to rile up their “base”, a bunch of pathetic fools all. All I can say is: Keep those passports handy, folks. You may still need them yet.

  8. Have Gone says

    Thanks, Mike.

    I think the potential for a tangible division of the United States along social/regional lines is a MUCH bigger problem than people realize right now.

    I live in Virginia – a state that doesn’t even allow civil unions. But even if I lived in New Hampshire, for example, I wouldn’t be living in much of a country if I feel I need to avoid anti-gay marriage states like Florida, Arizona, California.

    That is most certainly NOT the spirit of 1776.

    I think we have no choice but to focus our work (for equality, abortion, what have you) on a very FEDERAL level to counteract these recent GOP calls for “states’ rights”… or prepare for things to get even worse.

  9. RB says

    I am ok with stopping everything from being a federal issue. Simply REMOVE the 1300+ rights that heterosexual married couples get and we will level the playing field. If I cannot have the rights “federally” then straight couples shouldn’t have them.

    THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE IN THE BUSINESS OF ISSUING MARRIAGE LICENSES! If you want religeous marriage head to a church, synagogue or mosque. If you want civil marriage go to a public building.

  10. David B. 2 says

    Have gone and Mike are right —

    state by state sucks when it comes to separate but equal and cause the Civil War. We need tougher federal stances on protecting abortion clinics too — not just our rights.

    And yes, the culture war can become a real war very soon. Leaders — please let’s get some leadership from Obama and Cleve Jones and others to show the way!

  11. David B. 2 says

    Let tell Joe and his buds they have two options–

    Gays in the military and same-sex weddings or we go back to haunting the bushes in their backyards waiting for their 13 year old sons to come out and play!

    Maybe they will understand that!

  12. says

    You know… and COLIN POWELL comes to mind as someone who should step up right now – especially after this sick shooting at the Holocaust Museum in DC – and begin to gain the confidence to take the GOP back from the fundamentalists.

    It’s not a political game anymore when people start getting killed.

    Towleroad… thank you, I’ve linked this article onto my latest post about this very topic.

  13. TikiHead says

    We gays and lesbians need to gather, overwhelm a sparsely populated state, and outlaw straight marriage.

    Gayth Dakota? Rhode Gayland? Let’s us choose a likely state, and do this very thing, forthwith.

  14. el polacko says

    slight over-reaction here i think. his ‘that’s different’ comment was said with humor… he stated that he gets that someone else’s marriage does not affect his.. can’t ask for much more than that.
    marriage is and has been a state issue until clinton signed the federal ‘defense of marriage’ act. repeal that hideous mistake and let the states continue to work it out .. we’ve been doing pretty well with that strategy lately.

  15. charley says

    Rex has it right – the only thing that will change the equation is economics. choose to spend ones disposable income in Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut.

  16. Travis Colten Yocom says

    Who the fuck has this control to remove something by “violating terms of whatever”? Since when is a publicly-aired show, like anything on CNBC or MSNBC, so copyrighjted that the cyber masters remove it? I have already, dimwits, paid TWICE for that Hardball clip via my internet & cable bills. Other topic: Tikihead is right: we all should move to a sparely-populated state and outlaw str8 marriage. See how the bigots like that cross stuck up THEIR asses!