Sportrait: Sidney Crosby Sleeping with the Stanley Cup


No doubt some of you wouldn't mind being the Stanley Cup, particularly after recalling this juicy spread of the Pittsburgh captain.

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(image via deadspin


  1. MackMike says

    I hate to disillusion anyone, but I spent a night with Stanley…Stanley Cup. He was incredibly cold and frigid; really, it was nothing to brag about!

  2. paul c says

    Jeff in VA, you’re the asshole. Sidney Crosby is a total fucking dreamboat and a sweetheart of a guy.

    “Let’s go Redwings” indeed. Little late for that.

  3. CrosbyKat says

    Forget the Stanley cup for a moment not that I wouldn’t love to be near the cup and all but I have never wanted to be a blanket more in my life. If only….Well a girl can dream can’t she.

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