Left, Right, Left: Espada Back to the Democrats

Espada PreviewScreenSnapz001 New York State Senator Pedro Espada—who helped engineer a coup to flip control of the Senate from Democratic to Republican hands—is apparently ready to switch back to the Democrats now that he has a "handshake deal" to be Majority Leader.

The double-double-cross comes after New York Governor David Paterson's bold move to appoint Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor, a power that Senate Republicans (and a judge) don't believe Paterson has in the first place.

The fate of a host of issues hangs in the balance, including a bill to bring marriage equality to New York.

P.S. It may (or may not) help the marriage-equality cause, but…who would trust a handshake deal with this shady character?

UPDATE: A deal has been reached in the New York Senate. Should be a wild ride.