1. jimmyboyo says

    “….seriously misguided instincts on how to launch a presidential bid—should consider pulling some of their money from the first scenario and betting it on the second.”

    That is what I have been saying.

    There is no scandal. I’m sure there are other unethical things out there, but nothing to cause this.

    Ocam’s razor

    She has always been stupid and crazy. She has never been coherent / non-erratic

    She and her small time incompetent staff (alaska politicos…a state whose population is smaller than any average US city in the lower 48) thought this would be brilliant and mavericky.

    She and they are so stupid as to not have even known about friday news dumps. She and they thought it would look patriotic to resign on the July 4th weekend

    Breathy incoherent speach. WHEN? has she ever given a coherent speach. If she ever had then Tina Fey wouldn’t have been able to do the skits she did of Palin.

  2. Freddy says

    Why are gay men so put out of joint by Sarah Palin? Clearly she’s unqualified for national office, or any office really, but people like Andrew Sullivan positively LOSE THEIR SHIT over her, spewing insults, attacking her kids, you name it.

    If she were a man, no one would pay her any attention. If she were Steven Palin, she’d have receded into ignominy.

  3. Jack L. Crain says

    Palin has a skeleton in her closet that stems from the time she was running for Vice President. This was nothing illegal but extremely unethical and committed against the Republican Party. Palin’s problem is that she has lost the support of the Party and now only has the most extreme social conservatives at her back. Republicans in the know will never support her but they also don’t want her activities to become public knowledge.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Freddy why are conservatives so put out by Hillary Clinton

    positively lose their shit over her, spewing insults, attacking her kid , you name it

    Freddy pot meet kettle

  5. says

    “Why are gay men so put out of joint by Sarah Palin?”

    I’m guessing her family values (exemption: her family) anti-gay stances might have something to do with it? But I don’t think gay men are any more out of joint (or hopelessly infatuated with, the other side of the Palin response coin) than the rest of the population. The media will keep talking about her, alas, because unhinged-seeming, egomaniacal, scandal-trailing female politicians with some Babe-appeal don’t grow on trees (thank God). So the charade that she might one day run for President and win will continue as long as she sells copy, the one thing she’s skilled at. The mix of horrible policies and camp lunacy (she could star in the Alaska version of Sordid Lives) gives her some gay star power, but Andy Sullivan does not = gay men.

  6. woodroad34 says

    Some wonder why so many gays don’t like this Joan Crawfordesque, drag queen wannabe; perhaps because she opposes hate crimes legislation, she opposes gay marriage, she opposes health benefits for state employee couples who are gay, and she supported a state constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage. Not to mention her thinking is whacked, she’s a shrew, she’s holier than thou, she’s corrupt, she’s manipulative and she’s mean-spirited. This current warning from her lawyer is blatant consideration of her political and emotional immaturity. Also, if she were a truly good Christian she would have told that fool at one of her rallies to shut up after he said “Kill Obama”. I hope that’s good enough evidence for villifying this outrageous buffoon. Ostracization is what one does to keep the baser elements out of proper society–and, baby, she’s plain base.

  7. woodroad34 says

    “Sarah Palin said she didn’t think her resignation would be “such a darn big deal.”

    Yeah, as Keith says, quitting halfway through your first term as Governor after labeling yourself “not a quitter” and a “figher”. Yeah, the bitter twitter quitter.

  8. says

    Oh, Rick, your earnest 4th grade level term paper post was the funniest thing I’ve read all day. You think we don’t understand Ms. Palin, while believing she’s putting those she serves above herself. Honey, do you really think she’s putting anyone besides herself first? Really? I think it’s time to get back to your “prayers for Jon & Kate.” Their marriage is as solid as Palin’s presidential aspirations.

  9. Godfrey says

    Only a stupid fool will vote Sarah Palin; but step out of your front door guys and gals and you would find out very quickly that most Americans are STUPID-FOOLS!

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