1. Mike says

    Love Dave. I’m interested more to hear the Donald’s opinion. He’s made gay friendly and inclusive comments in the past, I presume he’s supportive of gay marriage

  2. Mike says

    The LGBT community is only a punchline for Letterman, just like Thomas Beatie was when Letterman called him an “androgynous freak show”, and he and Jim Carrey traded frat boy homophobic jokes last December (when some commenters said that Letterman has a lesbian producer and openly gay cue card guy, and that that was some kind of proof that he supported the gay community).

    The overall track record of late-night television talk shows has been horrible when it comes to showing any sensitivity to the LGBT community, as most recently evidenced by this week’s O’Brien interview with Dimitri Martin, and this is like a brick in the Grand Canyon when it comes to offering any support. Hell, at this point I would just take neutrality.

  3. says

    Dave is a good guy – He always gives back to the places he came from. I’m from Indianapolis and went to Ball State University (both were Dave’s stomping grounds) and he continually mentions us and gives scholarship money to his high school and college.

    Dave has used the LGBT community as a punch line in the past, but its good he’s out there for marriage. Plus he invites Richard Simmons on the show all the time … theres some sort of out-reach to the community there! *sarcasim*

  4. clint says

    Well face it, the LGBT community is kinda funny sometimes, we wouldn’t be any fun if that were the case. I laugh at myself and my fellow homos all the time. Just because you’re laughing at someone doesn’t mean you hate them or think of them as something less than you are. But Dave’s comment about marriage was not made as a joke, and the “punchline” thereafter is too tired and threadbare to be entirely useful purely for the sake of comedy alone. I believe him when he says he is supportive of marriage equality.

  5. Rick says

    great to hear the audience response. also to hear only 1 asshole start (and stop) to applaud for man-woman marriage.

    wouldn’t have been the case just a few years ago.

  6. says

    One of his producers, Barbara Gaines, is an out lesbian — with a girlfriend and a baby. He has been supportive of her for years, and celebrated the birth of their child on the show.

  7. says

    It wasn’t a controversy because Carrie Prejean is pretty. It was a controversy because she is a fucking moron, and because she works for the biggest publicity whore in the business (that would be you, Donald). Trump is a repulsive human being who adds nothing to the world but hot air and bad hair.

  8. bierce says

    People forget Dave showed real distaste when making those endless “Brokeback Mountain” jokes a few years ago. I remember he even went back to the desk after the monologue once and had a serious discussion with Paul about how nobody wants to see two guys kissing on the big screen. Then he would make a face and shiver with revulsion. So he’s one of those guys who feel being gay is okay as long as you don’t show it in any way.

  9. Ted says

    Dont forget Carrie Prejean ain’t pretty. It’s all fake. Kinda surprised Trump didn’t repossess her tits when she quit. He should at least give her a 1099.

  10. says

    Letterman flip flops alot, Trump famous for being rich is a pompous a–, Conan showed his true colors last week by agreeing with Dimitri Martin. Jimmy Fallon seems to sit on the side of the fence that is strongest at the time, not sure about Kimmell. Currently, the only one that comes across as a completely supportive late night figure (at least I think he is) is Craig Ferguson.

  11. Bryan says

    Trump’s surgery is really interesting. Puffy, yet grimly stretched. Rather than look his age, he’s elected to appear to as a terribly ill younger man.

    His opinions are similar. Rather than appearing to be an old fart who just can’t get past the ingrained prejudices of his youth, he’s masquerading as a middle-aged bigot.

  12. Shlootie says

    DAVID LETTERMAN SUPPORTS GLBT ISSUES. He has SEVERAL gay people on his staff, including, but not limited to his Producer. Barbara Gaines has been with the show since it was NBC and rose to the top job after starting as a secretary. He announced it on the air when she and her partner had a baby. Dave is the least homophobic talk show host on the air next to Ellen! GET OVER IT AND GET A SENSE OF HUMOR PEOPLE.

  13. Scott says

    Well, I love me some Dave. Anybody who can take down Bill O’Reilly (and Sarah Palin and George W. Bush0 with such derision and scorn is a champ in my book. Craig Ferguson is a stitch. Love. And Jimmy Kimmel seems quite the enlightened fella too, you know, that whole Ben Affleck thing. He was always just about having goofy fun with it; I never saw any gags or shivers (plus, Sarah Silverman is a former girlfriend, and she features a gay couple on her program).

  14. Mike says


    It doesn’t matter if he employs a couple of two or three LGBT people— especially over the course of a 27 year career, and especially in New York City. What matters is the attitude that he perpetuates via broadcast. I started watching Letterman from the first night he went on the air in February 1982 and loved him, but he’s wrong about this, and has been for his entire career.

    I’m fed up with the apologists that say we should lighten up and get a sense of humor. I challenge you to look over any of the incidences where David Letterman has been accused of being homophobic and/or outdated in his attitudes and ask yourself if he would be given a pass if the same jokes were about women, blacks, or Jews instead:

    Instead of giving James Franco a hard time for kissing Sean Penn in Milk, imagine him asking Franco what it what an interracial kiss was like and making jokes about it. Instead of saying “They’re so gay,” about Carrey’s “Tub Time” gag with Larry King, imagine him saying “They’re so black!” if Carrey and King had been in black face eating chicken and watermelon. Instead of calling Thomas Beatie an “androgynous freak show”, imagine him using the same slur against a woman that wanted to work in a factory alongside men. If you think all of those examples are outlandish, they are by today’s standards when applied against those groups, but that kind of insensitivity was unfortunately very common throughout much of the history of broadcasting in the United States in the last century, and still is common regarding the LGBT community.

    Apologists within the LGTB community are a huge part of the problem, just as there have always been apologists in every minority that wanted to just laugh at the jokes and get along.
    As we’re out still out here getting beaten and killed, and still without our civil rights, I say it’s time to move onward and upward and stop putting up with this bullshit.

  15. Shlootie says

    To Mike:

    I’ve been watching Dave since his morning show debuted in June of 1980 and I can count far more many positive messages about gays and lesbians than I can negative over the years. Dave doesn’t attack anyone that doesn’t deserve it.

    You’re putting behavior on Dave that he does not deserve. I don’t have room to address each example, but your not telling the whole story. This website reported a very slanted view of the recent events you’re citing.

    I’m not apologizing for him, but he has never said anything that offended me or made me feel less of a human because of my sexuality. I’m also assuming that none of the numerous gay (he even has a trans-gender employee) people he works with mind either. There is a fine-line, but I don’t think he’s ever crossed it.

    Worldwide Pants extends all benefits to domestic partners and their children BTW. Does the company that pays you offer that too? If not, you better give your notice tomorrow.

    We will have equal rights in all states soon enough. It can’t be stopped. Oh, and none of your “race/gender is the same as sexuality” agruments hold up if you’ll do a little more critical thinking. I’m so sick of hearing that one.

  16. Mike says

    I think you are all forgetting something very important… David Letterman is a comedian, not a politician, not a news anchor, not a teacher… a comedian. Have you ever seen a comedian give a routine and not offend one person in the room? No would be the correct answer. Even Ellen has made gay jokes in her act. The problem with our society is that we take everything to seriously and feel the need to complain about anything that is less than perfect. I say to you all lighten up. Choose your battles wisely. Getting angry about a comedian making a joke, makes you look bad, not the comedian. When George Bush or Barack Obama make the same joke, then you can freak out.

  17. nic says

    dave is the classy, self-depreciating gentleman of late night TV. he has a conscience. and, he is not a homophobe.

  18. ES165 says

    I don’t know how much credibility Trump has left but I do know that Letterman is a heatless, ruthless misogynistic, SOB. I use to be a devoted fan of the tonight show until I finally realized how ruthless and personal his attacks are. No more tonight show for me. needless to say, I haven’t watched the above clip.