First Look: Adam Lambert Album Cover Shoot


Some set photos allegedly from the cover shoot for Adam Lambert's album have leaked, including this one in which Lambert appears to be wearing a glittery Hefty bag and sporting a hair-do that takes its cues from Bob's Big Boy.

The cover is reportedly being shot by Warwick Saint and other elements of the shoot included Swarovski crystal eye pieces, lots of leather and spikes.

Lambert2   Lambert3


  1. Dback says

    Ye gods. Actually, I think it would’ve been adorable if he HAD been like Bob’s Big Boy–it could’ve been a take-off on Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” cover (one of the greats). Can’t you see him in the red checkered overalls, a sly smile, and maybe an album title like “Big Boy, Bigger Man”? And he’s holding up a turntable.

  2. miaedu says

    why hasn’t the official video for antony and the johnson’s cover of beyawnsay’s “crazy in love” been posted on towleroad?

    it would show this wanna be and his “fans” how it’s truly done.

  3. Jamesss says

    Odd outfit. Pretty face.

    No way is Lambert going to use that for his album. The makeup guy woudn’t have actually sent one they actually PLAN on using.

  4. Jessica says

    I hope that is NOT the cover of his New CD… he looks like a Zummo Wrestler, it’s kinda odd that they will make a CD cover in between Astronaut and a Zumo wrestler….mmmmmmm.
    Then the hairdo is looks like a girl.
    They can do a better cover than this, this is YUCKY!!!! get rid of it. Get Adam a Norm cover that show his masculine than more on a flambouyant due.

  5. delia brooks says

    just wait and see, taken out of context many things appear odd/I am sure that whatever Adam is doing will be amazing and adamazing at all you haters try holding your breath for a wee while..longer if necessary(now that would be a blessing) and you will see how amazingly talented Adam is. and if you cant see then I know a good site where you can all go and buy some white sticks and hearing aids.

  6. chrislobe88 says

    Adam does not look too psyched. It is a hilarious picture to get leaked. There is no way this is even close to what the finished pic will look. Adam knows what he’s doing. This outer space, glam rock god is in touch with his inner funky freak. It will be a freaky pic but it won’t be ugly and dough boy puffy. But damn that is hilarious. He’s going to be pissed this one got leaked.

  7. john b says

    That looks absolutely horrible. It looks like something out of the ’80’s. He should realize that “glambert” looks cool at 23 yo, but not so cool when you are reaching near 30.
    I love his music and think he is a great talent. I just hope that a bizarre album cover does not turn away buyers……

  8. Helen - New Zealand says

    Say what you like…nothing will ever detract from the fact that he has the greatest voice, the greatest talent of our era. What he wears is irrelevant…although we all know is usual rocker style is pure cool. He is a winner in a sea of losers…a diamond. Long may he shine. With a voice like that, there’s no doubt he will forever be a rock superstar. Thank you Adam for the incredible talent you are giving us to enjoy and be in awe of. I wish I could see you perform live…I come to L.A. enough…must make that happen.

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