1. Rick says

    The show has jumped the shark? WTF? We’re talking about “American Idol,” for chrissake, not “Masterpiece Theater.” “American Idol” CAN’T jump the shark because it has no standard of quality to risk.

    And besides, can’t we all agree that as far as brains and wit, Ellen is a quantum improvement over Paula?

  2. Davie199 says

    This is awesome. The show will definitely be more entertaining. Just think a show in prime time with 2 gays… Now Ryan Seacrest has someone to bond with.. LOL!

  3. Marc says

    I think she shoul have addressed the Paula issue, by saying that she won’t *replace* her but that she’ll bring her own vibe.

  4. Billy says

    I can’t believe people are like “What does Ellen know about music?” implying that Paula ACTUALLY knew something about music. She never said anything coherent, let alone constructive!

  5. josepe says

    at least Paula had a few cd’s even if they were lip-sinch, but Ellen come on she is just a big clown

  6. Akbar says

    The good news about this is that the dismissal of Paula did not result in the three judges being Simon, Randy and Kara. By maintaining four judges, they keep the process in motion and will be able to dismiss Kara after the upcoming season with little drama.

  7. says

    Ellen is simply amazing and warm and sociable, and having her on a show will lead to greater visibility. And hopefully, less homophobia from the producers in their handling of LGBT contestants.

    This is win-win.

  8. adamblast says

    It’s a great move for the show, and a great move for Ellen. Not that anything could ever get me to stomach watching AI.

  9. Bayley says

    ok NOW I’m happy about Paula’s deperature.
    This news put a HUGE smile on my face.

    It almost feels like redemption for LGBT community for what happened with the robbery toward Lambert.

  10. johnosahon says

    STILL would NOT be watching this show ever again, after they treated Paula like trash.

    this show is dead to me.

  11. hank says

    wasn’t going to watch since Paula was gone…now, yeah, think i’m going to watch the new Ellen show on FOX

  12. Bayley says

    “ANN”….how can you call the mainstream exposure,on the #1 show in America, of a fellow (I take it you’re gay, or an ally? but conservative trolls with not much else going on in their lives LOVE visiting our sites too) gay? LAME? Lame? No. Lame is a talented performer/singer like Adam Lambert loosing to a one trick county fair talent show reject pony, all due to his sexual orientation (but Lambert’s far better of as we all know). Ellen Degeneres…one of the funniest, most innovative, and entertianing people on T.V being more visible on T.V is not lame.

    Actually a monumental moment for LGBT community when you really step back and take it in.

    Paula, you were nutty, you were cute, we miss you, but her fans are making her out to be far more a contributor on Idol than she really was. She once told a perform “I liked your first performance much better than this one”………..the performer hadn’t performed before that evening. So please save us the “SHOWS OVER WITHOUT PAULA!” rants. A bit much.

  13. J.Leo says

    Weather she knows anything about music is not even relevant because when she was a guest judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” all she did was hold everything up with inane chatter that seemed to go on forever.

  14. Larry says

    Ellen is wonderful, but let’s not fool ourselves that her presence signifies any additional tolerance toward GLBT issues. She judged So You Think You Can Dance this past season and every time she spoke she cracked about 50 jokes. Even the dancers were like, “so, can I get some real feedback, please?” This is a silly decision, like when ABC added Dennis Miller to the Monday Night Football booth.

  15. soulbrotha says

    Larry hit it right on the head! Her appearance on SYTYCD was annoying as hell. If all she is going to do is crack jokes all night, it will make the show lamer than it already is. Is that even possible?

  16. RJ says

    Great news! I had hoped that both NPH and Ellen would be judges on AI and now both scenarios have come true.

    On SYTYCD, she was brought on as a guest judge clearly in the role as comic relief and she probably tried too hard to bring the funny.

    Anyone who has watched Ellen over the years talk about AI on her show and her interviews with booted competitors knows her love for Idol. She’ll to do fine in her role as the “new Paula”, i.e. the judge who loves all the competitors, but with more lucidity, I think. Paula may have had a music recording background but you certainly wouldn’t have known it from her commentary.

  17. Rocky says

    Who the FUCK cares? Unlike the bitter fags on this blog,I have absoultely NO problem with Ellen.But American Idol and SYTYCD are over-rated shows,just like ALL reality TV.This may not be the regular reality TV show but it IS another LAME “reality contest show”…TV sure aint what it use to be.

  18. Troy says

    Not sure why Ellen thinks it is OK to steal Paula’s job. She obviously is not as sweet as she wants us to think. If she were a fan of the show she would have supported Paula not stabbed her in the back. The show lost my interest when they tossed Paula and now I have just lost respect for Ellen. Shame.