Equality California Delivers 40K ‘Harvey Milk Day’ Petitions to Guv


Eauality California's Geoff Kors (above) and State Senator Mark Leno (below) delivered 40,000 petitions bearing the signatures of Californians to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, urging him to sign into law the 'Harvey Milk Day' bill.

It's a bill Schwarzenegger vetoed last year. Since that time, Milk has been awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom and is on the list to be inducted (by Schwarzenegger) into the California Hall of Fame.

Also on hand (above) was Equality California's Government Affairs Director Alice Kessler and NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell (not pictured).



  1. Brian says

    How long does the governator have to deliberate before he announces his decision? Can the bill become law, after a period of time, if he doesn’t veto it, but doesn’t sign it?

    If Schwarzenegger doesn’t approve this, he should never visit Ted Kennedy’s gravesite.

  2. John says


    Schwarzenegger never announces his intentions. Ever. He’ll just sign or veto it in private. As he has done with all gay rights legislation thus far.

    Arnold doesn’t want to enrage California’s powerful – very powerful as we’ve seen with Prop. 8 – religious right by drawing attention to the fact that he’s not a social conservative. Although he’s termed out of the governorship in Jan. 2011, Boxer and Fienstein aren’t going to stay in the Senate forever. If either becomes politically vulnerable, retires, or passes away in office, you can bet we haven’t heard the last of the Terminator.