1. mike says

    Eloquent, eloquent. Thank you Dustin. What I wouldn’t have given to have known or known of someone like Harvey Milk when I was a little boy and then an adolescent and then a young man, through all the phases of those tender years knowing absolutely that I was queer. What sorrow, doubt, self-hatred, despair might I have avoided just knowing that there were others like me who were living their lives openly, happily and unafraid? Even in my mid-20s, when I first heard of Harvey Milk, I was struggling with self-acceptance and the difficult, fearful, and terrifying decision to come out. Reading about him, reading his speeches, and being inspired by his courage, his love for people and the obvious joy he felt for simply being alive made that struggle less onerous, less difficult and, eventually, more exhilarating and liberating. Harvey Milk gave so many people in so many places a positive vision of living one’s life openly gay. He made it real and necessary. I hope that the current governor will not veto this legislation.

  2. John says


    He can’t run for governor again. But he can still run against Barbara Boxer. That’s why he’s toadying upto the religious right. The GOP has been trying to win back that U.S. Senate seat since 1992. They believe she’s vulnerable.

    Both of the state’s seats are currently held by Democratic women from the San Francisco Bay Area. Which is pretty unusual for California, where there’s typically a balance between the interests of the northern and southern parts of the state. The folks in Los Angeles have never been happy about that.

    Boxer is also the more liberal of the two. And her poll numbers have never been great. A well funded moderate Republican could probably knock her off. The problem for the Republicans is they keep on nominating wingnuts instead of someone like Schwarzenegger.

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