Harvey Milk Day Passes Assembly, Faces Potential Veto Again

The California Assembly passed the 'Harvey Milk Day' bill for the second year in a row yesterday:

Harveymilk "The California Assembly today passed legislation that creates Harvey Milk Day in California, honoring the state´s first openly gay elected official. Senate Bill 572, authored by Senator Mark Leno, cleared the Assembly with a 45-27 vote. The bill, which designates May 22 as a day of special significance in California, returns to the Senate for concurrence before going to the governor´s desk."

Said Leno following the vote: "I am pleased my colleagues in the Assembly recognize and honor Harvey Milk´s contributions to our state. He is an inspiration to people worldwide who believe in fairness and equality and he fought for many of the issues we value today, including access to education, public transportation, affordable housing and protecting the environment. Although he vetoed a similar bill last year with the message that Harvey Milk should be recognized only at the local level, I am confident Governor Schwarzenegger now understands the historic and international nature of Harvey´s legacy. Last week the Governor contradicted his 2008 veto message when he and the First Lady announced that Harvey will be inducted into the California Hall of Fame, acknowledging that Harvey and the other inductees touched the 'lives of millions of people – not just in this state, but around the world.'"

However, it's still possible that Schwarzenegger could veto the measure, given the pressure he's receiving from religious conservatives. Equality California has provided numbers you can call to reach the governor and let him know that you want Harvey Milk Day passed in California. Find them HERE.

Also, watch Dustin Lance Black's testimony before the assembly, AFTER THE JUMP...