1. says

    omg, gurl wears more makeup for a marathon than jackie stallone. nice body, but couln’t he let at least one manly hair grow somewhere on it? i know, don’t even say it. yes i am a bitter old queen. : )

  2. J.Lowrot says

    Did Mario really do the running portion shirtless? That is a shameless act of self-promotion. Note, none of the other runners photographed behind him felt the need to run shirtless. How can he get is picture in People if he’s not shirtless?

  3. Disgusted American says

    Im sorry I cant GUSH all over him….yea,yea,he’s eye candy..but — anyone who CHEATS on thier WIFE (ON THIER HONEYMOON)is a DOG…I don’t care who it is…and besides the fact – his Xwife (they divorced not long after she found out) is a Major babe…..this guys Ego needs to be checked,and checked good!

  4. says

    D.A., I had no idea ML had cheated on his wife. I haven’t really followed his life and career, with the exception of that Greg Louganis biopic. But knowing that, I have lost all interest.

    Still, nice pictures. And he does have a trace of a treasure trail.

  5. Davey says

    Mario Lopez is in the same category as Eddie Ciprian. When a guy is that good looking you pretty much should expect him to stray, especially if he’s young. I mean, do you really think one person is gonna satisfy him? That said, I would do him in a second……

  6. TL says

    Jack –

    Re the “was it Mario or Eddie” question, about four or five years ago, the rumor was that ML cheated on Ali Landry at his bachelor party and then shortly after their wedding. She had the marriage annulled less than a month after they were married.

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