New ‘No on 1′ Ad in Maine Calls Out ‘Falsehoods’ From Other Side


A new ad from the "No on 1" side in Maine uses Attorney General Janet Mills' statement regarding the marriage equality law's impact on school curricula to call out the lies from the anti-gay side.

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In related news, Stand for Marriage Maine's most recent ad was pulled from YouTube for infringing the copyright of NPR.

Maine Several national news outlets are weighing in on the marriage situation in Maine.

The Boston Globe today published a big article about the battle in Maine from both sides, indicating that the vote is split:

"Both sides have invoked 'Maine values' in their play for votes, particularly among Catholics, who are believed to be crucial swing votes. Supporters of same-sex marriage have appealed to what they call Mainers’ sense of fairness and equality, arguing that even if they disagree with gay marriage, they should permit others to live the way they want to live. Opponents have argued that gay marriage 'throws to the trash heap Maine’s decades-old interest in traditional marriage.'"

NPR agrees: it looks tight.

The L.A. Times is calling Maine's marriage battle "a low-budget but potent sequel" of Proposition 8. Let's hope it doesn't have the same conclusion:

"In some ways, Maine would seem an unlikely state to break traditional barriers to gay marriage. Over the last two decades, voters repeatedly rejected measures that would have extended antidiscrimination protection based on sexual orientation. But in 2005, voters approved a referendum granting the protections for the first time in housing, employment and other areas. 'A few years ago, this wouldn't be close,' said Jon Hinck, a state representative from Portland who supports the gay marriage law. 'But people's attitudes are changing. Now we've got a real chance.'"

Watch the new ad, AFTER THE JUMP...

And Protect Maine Equality HERE.

Posted October 20, 2009 at 8:16am ETC by Andy Towle
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