1. David D. says

    Isn’t all adoption against nature? Same with in-vitrio fertilization, zygote implantation, babies kept alive by technological means after premature birth.

    One would think the only “natural” way for a couple to have children would be through unassisted conventional procreation from conception through to birth.

    Rules out a lot of heterosexual families along with the homos.

  2. alguien says

    one assumes adoption in general goes against nature since it’s not a naturally made process. if it were a natural process then we’d all be born adopted.

    so let’s just ban adoption altogether since it goes against nature.

  3. Liam says

    Seriously? Someone might want to inform all those species of animals which have been witnessed as using homosexual pairings to raise unwanted offspring that they are doing it wrong. Honestly, the more these morons speak the more tenuous their grasp on realty proves to be.

  4. patrick nyc says

    Donohue is such a fucking tool. It’s so fitting that in today’s NY Times, one of the lead stories is ‘A Mother, a Sick Son and His Father, the Priest’. It tells of a woman who had an affair for years with a Catholic Priest in Quincy, IL, with his superiors not only aware, they paid for the child’s support, until his health care with treating his cancer ran too high.

    It tells of how high the figures were for Priest who chose women over little boys. A support group that the woman contacted for those who had such affairs had over 2,000 members, and like this woman, most had to sign confidentiality agreements. The group says that 20% of Priest have long term affairs with up to 10% more having quickies.

    It was not a surprise to read that this Priest had other affairs, he was even sent away for ‘treatment’ just like they do to ‘cure’ the priest who dabble with the boys. The best line though is when these man whore priests are called ‘playboys’.

    I’m sure Donohue will blame this all on us fags. An extra link to South Park’s view of Donohue. Enjoy.

  5. MrRoboto says

    What is unnatural is expecting human beings (who are sexual BY NATURE) to quash their natural sexuality and take a vow of celibacy. I don’t deny one bit that there are human beings who are “naturally” inclined towards celibacy, but I doubt many Catholic priests are among them.

    Required vows of celibacy are unnatural. Not loving, committed adults who want to share the joys and burdens of raising a child within that loving atmosphere.

  6. anon says

    Given all the doctrinal disputes between Baptists and Catholics, including a lot of rancor that Catholics are not true Christians by evangelicals, I have serious doubts this is a match made in Heaven. Their only area of agreement is that they can’t stand gays, Muslims, or Jews.

  7. Bart says

    As the father of two sons (both adopted by myself and my partner) I can say Donohoe is a retard. Question one: how many children lost in the foster system has he adopted? How has he stepped up? Answer: that fat turd hasn’t.

    Second, his data is bogus. He cites right wing, ridiculously biased organizations from whom he’s collected his “facts.” Seriously? The great thing about collecting any kind of data from where this turd has gotten his…it’s utterly wrong. Period. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. It’s wrong.

    It’s not a pedophilia problem? REALLY? REALLY? Does he know the percentage of young girls raped and diddled by pervert priests? And to say that these priests are by-and-large going after teen-age boys is also erronous. But worse, even if that were true, it’s STILL A PEDOPHILIA PROBLEM.

    This guy is a total ridiculous douche bag. He couldn’t get on a legitimate news program so he appears on Pat Robertson’s puppet show. Who cares? You know who watches that? People who already believe it and are too stupid to know that all Pat is interested in is their money so he can live well. That’s modern day Christianity for you. And as a man who believes in Jesus Christ, to see my religion torn to shreds by these perverts of truth is disgusting. Their day of recoking is coming and it’s gonna be ugly for both those saggy turds.

  8. John in Boston says

    I attended an all-boys Catholic H.S. in Boston roughly 20 years ago. I am ‘str8′ acting and was not ‘out’. Our headmaster was a flamer. It was common knowledge other brothers and a priest liked boys. We all knew this, openly talked and joked about it. Some of the guys would actually tease the brothers during gym class when one would find some reason for strolling through the locker-room while we were in our underwear or taking showers naked.

    This pig should worry himself with ferreting out any remaining chester the molesters that remain in the organization he represents, not harass decent, loving, honorable gays who want to offer a decent chance at life to abandoned and un-wanted children.

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