Gay Rodeo Dance Party Catches Eye, Angers Sacramento-Area Man

A party held by the Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association in Wilton, California, is making headlines in Sacramento after a man who lives nearby the rented lot where it was held videotaped it and said he was upset that his children could possibly see what was going on.

CBS13 reports: Gaydancing "The home video shows a group called 'The Capitol Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association' at play. Dance contestants' names were called out as men's bare buns and frontal regions are exposed.

Monty Stanley shot the video. He says he could see all the nudity from his home across the street. 'They were dancing under the stars,' said Stanley. 'You can't have man on man, woman on woman, men on women, you can't subject these children to looking at that kind of stuff.'

Stanley says the night of the dance his kids had neighborhood friends over for the night. 'I was sickened by seeing men on public display there…In clear view of children,' explained Stanley."

A video report on the party, which was held with a legal permit, is here.


  1. Rextrek says

    well looks like dad was using his telephoto lens…..hmmm, im sure he’d be REAL upset if it was men and women ..NOT! ..and FUCK YOU anyway California!

  2. RJP3 says

    If they acted like adults and kept their pants on – or put up a privacy fence – this would be a non-issue.

    They set themself up for this complaint by behaving like children by exposing their butts and cocks (if that actually happened).

    Other than that – they guy is a bigot.
    Nothing more than that. But he is right to complain if they were exposing themself in public.

  3. Jon B says

    The guy sounds like an ass, but if this rodeo party had dudes stipping naked in sight of his children, he’s right… he still said it like an asshole, but he’s right.

  4. Dickster says

    Well, Ah wuz sooo upset by that thar frolickin’ ah had to get me tele-photo lens so I could watch the entire e-vent!

    After watchin’ fer an hour or so, I come to know ah was disgusted by the carryin’ ons.

  5. David T says

    Sorry, ladies, if it were happening in front of my house in sight of my niece and nephew, I”d have marched over there and told the cowboy queens to get dressed and threaten calling the police myself. Amazing that you people think this is OK, if indeed it happened. I’m not a prude, but I know when to play.

  6. pussyfoot says

    calling this guy red neck, or making fun of how he speaks, or questioning when he had “amazing sex” is not the point, and pretty moot.

    they were in view from his front yard. they should of put up a fence, or rented a lot that was blocked from public(street) view. it doesnt matter if it was a gay or straight dance. the guy is right.

  7. DR says

    Folks who organize these things need to putup fences. As this man said, it didn’t matter what the sexual orientation was, public nudity is public nudity, and these guys were getting naked in public i a residential area where they could be seen, they were in the wrong and mocking the gentleman for reporting it to the authorities is sad.

  8. Jersey says

    I don’t know enough about the situation to form an opinion yet. If this had to be photographed with a telephoto lens or seen with binoculars then the guy’s a prick but if this indeed could be seen easily by any neighbor then he has a point and I’m sure the community has a law that deals with the incedent. People do get naked sometimes (Virginia) and sometimes they do fool around with each other so stop clutching your pearls and stand up straight.

  9. JJ Sullivan says

    Agree with the posters above. The guy was probably right.

    Being a gay cowboy does not mean you dance around with your ass and penis out. It means that you happen to be gay and like country Western/ rodeo stuff.

    Keep your pants on in public or have your party on an approved nude beach.

    This just falls right into the “gay people can’t control themselves and make everything about sex” trap.

  10. says

    I’m a little suspicious here. Why was this guy videotaping this with a zoom lens anyway?

    Looking at that video, even with the zoomlens everything was a little blurry . . . and how do we know where he was standing when he shot that? Most consumer video cameras do not have such amazing zoom for him to zoom in that far from his home.

    This all smells very fishy to me and I bet he knew it was a gay party, walked over there with his cameras and (unfortunately) saw some silliness going on.

  11. says

    The quote from him mentioned in the news story and on this page is misquoted from what he really said in the video. His beef was not with the gayness, it was with the naked dancers.

    You might want to argue that he went out of the way to see them, but he had a house full of kids, and kids aren’t exactly known for their lack of curiosity.

    It’s a crucial time for gay rights and recklessness like this is not going to go unchecked, and its going to work against us now more than ever.

  12. says

    “Why oh why must you take off your pants at a party?? ”

    The party doesn’t begin until the pants come off.

    “I’m a little suspicious here. Why was this guy videotaping this with a zoom lens anyway?”

    Well DUH!!!!!

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “Why oh why must you take off your pants at a party?? Have some class people, it is foolish acts like these that cost us some votes all the time….”

    Wasn’t that part of John McCain’s speech to Republican members of the Congress last year?

  14. Sean says

    IF THIS IS TRUE…it’s the people’s fault. They shouldn’t have been naked unless there was a privacy fence. It’s just not classy and not respectful.

  15. Justin says

    I couldn’t agree more with the complaint. If my kids were able to see stuff like that I will immediately call the police. I don’t care if they were straight, gay or wherever. Keep your pants on in public or have your party on an approved nude beach but know if front of the whole world to see!!

  16. Lexxvs says

    Obviously the man who complain is a bigot BUT, why -seriously guys- why is is that there are so many gays that want to make every event a kind of exhibitionist festival? I mean, it’s all right folks, but isn’t there any other place to do or watch that kind of stuff? And if it’s part of the show -assume that it is- knowing how prudish americans are, can’t at least take the measures to avoid problems?

  17. RaulSez says

    So if I’m naked in my house and someone uses a telescope or camcorder for a telephoto lens to spy on me, I could be charged with indecent exposure? Seems like this guy was looking to pick a fight. It is a valid question to ask whether this guy or his kids could even see whats going on with the NAKED eye!


  18. Freddy says

    I’m glad to see we all aren’t gay zealots giving crass behavior like this a pass. Public indecency is discouraged and fined for a reason… keep it private and away from people who don’t want to see it, ‘kay?

  19. Qjersey says

    watch the clip on the link. His house is several hundred yards away. This jerk only saw buns and “frontal regions” because he walked up close enough to see.

    Bet he doesn’t use the parental controls on his TV or cable box, cause these decency morons are too inept.

  20. seattle mike says

    A quick Google Earth search shows this barn/tree farm at 8384 Dillard, Wilton CA 95693. If the dance was held behind the barn (which it looks like it was) then there are no houses that would have a view of it. The guy would have had to cross the street where he lived, and then walk far onto someone else’s field (no houses) and then shoot the video from there. (FWIW, the Google Earth aerial shot is too old (2002) to show the barn. The Street View pics, however, are from 2008 and clearly show the barn and the absence of houses with a view of the back of the barn.

  21. anon says

    This is like the story of the nude coffee drinker the other day. The same rules apply. A reasonable expectation of privacy basically means in practice that there would be little to no chance of being seen naked by children, even if they trespassed into your property. This includes being inside. It’s a very strict standard that might seem unfair. However, legal precedent includes convictions for indecent exposure to people who have broken-in to homes (like robbers) and planes flying overhead. Conversely, one hardly hears about peeping-tom convictions these days.

  22. Harris of Hollywood says

    Not defending guys being exposed anywhere people who are not into can see, but there is a HUGE difference between naked Go-Go dancers in an area where children may be able to see them, and EXPOSING YOURSELF KNOWINGLY TO CHILDREN. The guy who took the video is going a little overboard.

    Use some common sense and put some barriers up so your private event will actually be private.

    In other news, how do they get away with all the shennanigans that go on at Folsom in San Francisco???

  23. Jersey says

    Seattlemike, I suspected as much. I found it highly unlikely a bunch of rodeo-going gay guys were going to be parading thier junk around for children to see. Too many people on here are so full of self-hatred they would believe this idiot videographer though.

  24. Evan says

    Thou doth protest too much…

    I know a gay guy that looks JUST like this guy.

    Does anybody else think that this looks like it was shot out in the middle of nowhere???

  25. Unbelievable says

    Want a sure-fire method to keep your kids from seeing dick? Send them into the house and turn on Touched by an Angel. But sure, calling the cops to bust up other people’s fun is so much more … “moral” or whatever other retarded buzz word self-righteous busybodies get off on.

    Only in America is a little exposed wiener a federal case. Jesus.

  26. El-Brucio says

    Hmmm. After watching the news link, I do find his camera angle highly suspicious. The report shows the view from across the road, but the video of the event allegedly taken from his yard doesn’t quite seem to match – it doesn’t show the fence or the road.

    I’d guess he’s either using a telephoto lens from a higher point or crossed the street to the fence to get closer.

    Still, it doesn’t really speak well of the organizers of the event to hold naughty dance competitions that are visible from road by any means – how difficult would it be to rig up a tarp or something?

  27. phillip says

    Sorry…telephoto lens or not…why do “we” need to infuse sexual exhibition in these events?

    Although…like my friends said when I first moved to Atlanta…get more than 2 queens together and SOMEONE is taking off their shirt.

  28. DearJohn says

    Had any of you seen the location and the way things were set up. You would understand that: He was using a Zoom Lens! You could not have a clear view without! The angle he shot from had to have been ON THE PROPERTY and he would not have been allowed to bring said camera in! Like most news casts .. they are going on 1st impression and one sided viewing. The man should have come in, confronted the group and threatened to call if things didnt simmer down. To just film it and report it was childish!

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