Hate Group and Extremists to Hold Anti-Gay Presser in Maine Today


Brian Camenker of MassResistance (left), Peter "Porno Pete" LaBarbera of Americans for Truth (middle), and Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition (right), are holding a press conference in the Hall of Flags at the State House in Augusta at 11:00 today "to alert the public to the dangers of the radical homosexual agenda."

Maine How ironic that MassResistance, whose extreme actions in the past have placed it on a list of Active U.S. Hate Groups at the Southern Poverty Law Center, is warning people about radicals. Good As You has more on the other two extremist right-wing clowns.

From their press release: "Paul Madore warns that clever advertising by pro-homosexual groups is trying to portray the Yes on 1 campaign as dominated by out-of-state money, when in fact, the pro-homosexual marriage campaign has raised three times more money than our side. Madore also warns that pro-homosexual marriage groups are recruiting same-sex marriage activists from around the country – including San Francisco – to take 'Maine Volunteer Vacations' and campaign against our Peoples Veto.

Speakers at the press conference will expose the hidden aspects of the radical homosexual agenda, and will reveal how Maine is being manipulated into voting No on 1."

Congrats to Stand for Marriage Maine and the Catholic Church for aligning themselves with some truly savory folks.


Here's an update on the Maine marriage battle from the NYT: "Stand for Marriage hired the same consulting firm that ran the
California campaign against same-sex marriage, Schubert Flint Public
Affairs, based in Sacramento, to produce its advertisements. And more
than half of its financial support has come from the National Organization for Marriage, a conservative Christian group based in New Jersey that has fought same-sex marriage in other states. But
the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland has played the most tangible
role in the repeal movement, even urging its parishes to collect
donations by passing a second collection plate during Mass. The
Maine Ethics Commission is investigating whether the National
Organization for Marriage has violated the state’s campaign finance
laws by keeping its donors anonymous. The group has responded with a
lawsuit challenging Maine’s financial reporting requirements."

Also, Maine Governor John Baldacci has called on Mainers to vote "no" on Question 1, urging them from the home of a campaign volunteer in Bangor to uphold the marriage equality bill he signed into law last Spring.

Said Baldacci: “I think Maine people have recognized … that we are all unique people,
we are all different. But we are all under the same
Constitution and we all want to make sure there is equal protection for
all citizens.”

And here's how you can help – as I said earlier, Maine needs to make 500,000 phone calls in the next week, and you can help them.