Morrissey Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing on Stage in UK



Morrissey collapsed on stage during a gig this evening at the Oasis in Swindon, UK:

Morrissey2 "Morrissey, wearing a dark open-necked shirt, had appeared on stage at around 9pm looking drawn. He said to the 1,000-strong audience: 'Good evening… probably,'
before launching into The Smiths' 1983 hit This Charming Man. He appeared to be straining to perform the song, wincing as he did so. Just as he came to the end of the song his knees buckled and he
slumped to the stage. Two band members rushed to his side and dragged
him off stage, he was immediately followed by his backing band and
singers. The stage lights went up, to cat calls and whistles from the
audience. After ten minutes of silence a stage hand came to the microphone at
the centre of the stage. 'We will keep you informed what's happening,'
he said. It was another 25 minutes before a second black-clad stage hand
came to the same microphone. 'Morrissey has left the building,' he

The former Smiths frontman was rushed to Great Western Hospital and is said to be in stable condition. More details as they come in…

Additional photos here.

UPDATE: "A spokesman for the Great Western Ambulance Service said: 'Just after 9pm we
got a call to a 50-year-old man who was reported to be reported to be
suffering from respiratory problems and was unconscious. We sent a paramedic in a doubled-crewed ambulance. When they arrived they found a conscious patient who was not feeling well at
all. They made an initial assessment and took him to the Great Western
Hospital for further assessment.' A spokesman for the hospital said: 'Morrissey has been admitted to the
Great Western Hospital. He is being reviewed by the medical staff and his
condition is stable.'"

UPDATE II: Morrissey discharged from hospital.