1. Keith says

    I wish our community had actually learned something from Prop H8 out in California. Ads don’t work, appealing to one’s better nature doesn’t work, and debunking the lies doesn’t work. In order to win, you need a ground force that can go home to home and talk to people about the real issues, and use the grassroots campaign people to organize walks, car rides, and public transportation groups to go to the polling place and cast an actual vote to keep marriage intact. Otherwise, I guarantee, you will lose just like we did here in CA.

  2. Nathan says

    Keith, while you are mostly right.. did you check out the PME website? They have a myriad of things they are doing other than just ads on television.

    People have even offered their homes for “vacation volunteers” from other states hoping to help in the canvassing efforts,etc.

    I think they are trying to overcome the weaknesses of the CA debacle. I hope they can do it!

  3. says

    Lots of our Vermont Freedom to Marry people are doing phone banks to Maine daily.

    My college roommate in Maine is doing the same, he even by chance ended up calling my former choir director.

    There is a LOT of on the ground work, and they began it quite a while ago, signing people up at polling places on election day last year — tens of thousands of them.

  4. says

    Keith, I wish you’d follow the campaign here more closely before making such a harsh judgement.

    Trust me, we’re not just relying on ads. And also, do you understand the nature of Maine? A public transportation group? Only very tiny fraction of the towns and cities in Maine have public transportation available.

    I really wish commenters here would stop speaking so negatively about our efforts in Maine. It’s made even worse by the fact that most of these commenters have unclear ideas of how this state functions.

  5. says

    Pitch-perfect. There is no such thing as playing the defense too much when defending one’s rights.

    If we had run ads like this is CA this early, we would not have had the problems we did later on.

  6. says

    We have a ground force here in Maine, and have been building it for years – EqualityMaine spent 3 years identifying voters and educating on the ground before the bill was even introduced.

    Yes there are ads, and here in Maine they’re being effective in keeping the debate even so we’re not losing voters. But the real push is the ground game, and we’ve been going full force for a while now.

    Instead of going to DC to wish Cleve a happy birthday, perhaps a bus ride north would have been a better use of our community’s resources.

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