Protect Maine Equality Leads in Marriage Battle Fundraising


Jeremy Hooper at Good As You has a great series of posts breaking down "Yes on 1"'s largest donor, the National Organization for Marriage…

Friday was a deadline to report contributions in the Maine marriage battle and groups on both sides turned in numbers. Protect Maine Equality, the group fighting to keep Maine's marriage equality law, raised $1.5 million more than the other side, and had many more donors — more than 20,000, in fact.

The AP reports: Maine "NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality said in its campaign finance report
to the state that it has raised $4 million in its campaign to keep
Maine's same-sex marriage law on the books. That compares to the $2.5
million raised by Stand for Marriage Maine, which forced the people's
veto vote through a petition drive. Despite the fundraising advantage, NO on 1 was taking nothing for granted, said campaign manager Jesse Connolly. 'We know this is going to be a razor-thin election,' Connolly said. NO
on 1's report to the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election
Practices showed multiple pages of donations in the $50-$1,000 range,
with exceptions from some individuals, including Donald Sussman of
Portland at $300,000."

The bulk of donations on the anti-gay side came from New Jersey-based NOM and the Catholic Church:

"On the other side, the National
Organization for Marriage was by far the biggest contributor to Stand
for Marriage Maine's political action committee, with $1.1 million
during the latest reporting period. The Roman Catholic Diocese of
Portland gave another $152,600. Throughout the campaign, the
Princeton, N.J.-based NOM has donated a total of $1.5 million while the
diocese has kicked in $550,000, which includes money from out-of-state
dioceses and individual donors."

Some further breakdown of the anti-gay side here.

Protect Maine Equality still anticipates a very tight race. You can help them out HERE.


  1. Nick says

    I think there is a typo above: I suspect “$1.5 million from the other side” should be “$1.5 million more than other side.”

    We need to prevent this from becoming Prop 8 II.

    Note that if Yes on 1 wins, they will gloat, “We won even with a major fundraising disadvantage.”

    If Yes on 1 wins — and, per polls, and the Bradley Effect, that could easily happen — it will be a disaster.

  2. New Jersey Girl says

    The Catholic Church gave $150,000.00 to the campaign, directly????

    Wait a goddamn fucking minute. THAT is illegal for a Non-profit, tax-exempt religious organization to do!


  3. says

    I had the great good luck to go to college in Maine. What I learned from four years in that state is that Mainers are fiercely independent and see people for who they are, not what they are. They also have a deep sense of fairness. My fingers are crossed that the rest of the country will see these admirable qualities when the state upholds the right for gay men and women to marry who they love on November 3.

  4. Bill says

    Voting stations are open NOW! VOTE NO! Get your NO on 1 friends and family to vote with you too. Once you do that go out and find other NO on 1 voters and bring them to the polls or give them a ballot.