Schwarzenegger Sends Coded ‘F*ck You’ Message in Veto Letter


You may remember an early October Democratic fundraiser in San Francisco that I posted about, at which Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up unannounced.

Ammiano Schwarzenegger wasn't received very well at the event, held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. He was heckled. One of the attendees, rumored to be Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, even yelled "Kiss my gay ass."

Well, Schwarzenegger vetoed an Ammiano-sponsored bill recently. "The bill, which passed unanimously in the Assembly and Senate, would
have granted the Port of San Francisco expanded financing power to
redevelop a former shipyard into a new neighborhood known as Pier 70," according to the AP.

Ammiano received the veto letter, and with it came an acrostic-like coded message in the left hand column: "Fuck you".

Here it is: 


Said Ammiano's spokesperson Quintin Mecke: "Kudos to the governor for his creative use of coincidence. You certainly have to have a sense
of humor in politics. Unfortunately, this humor came at the cost of the
Port of San Francisco."


  1. says

    Hmm… I wonder what the statistical odds are that this could accidentally happen? I’m no math expert, but it seems like 26 to the 7th power? Nonetheless, it’s clearly not an accident.

    It is totally inappropriate. Kinda made me laugh, though. So, I can’t complain.

  2. David in Houston says

    That’s very clever and kinda funny. But at what cost? He screwed over the city of San Fransisco because he has a grudge against Mr. Ammiano. That’s not funny in the least, and is highly unprofessional. If he can’t do his job properly, then he should just resign.

  3. Jaded says

    He didn’t screw over San Fransisco in anyway. The bill was passed in both houses unanimously, which means it’s pretty much veto proof as they say. I’m pretty sure Schwarzenegger knew this when he sent it back with a big fuck you.

    Assemblyman Tom Ammiano yelled “Kiss my gay ass” to Schwarzenegger at the dinner which could also be called inappropriate. Honestly the pay payback was deserved, not to mention funny and clever as hell. I personally don’t care all that much for Schwarzenegger but come on, People need to get a sense of humor.

  4. patrick says

    Yeah, hey, it’s really funny when our overpaid over preened elected officials yuck it up over legislation that may not permanently fuck things up but will cause a delay and require more time spent in their fucking chambers where they get to jerk and stroke and giggle with each other while the state burns.

    Oh hilarity! That steroided, botoxed, pig really can tell a joke! Ain’t it???

    Ammiano can tell anyone he wants to kiss his gay ass when the person he is addressing makes an unannounced appearance at an event that is designed to exclude his presence, even if he is dragged in by a senile, crooked, fellow pig like Willie Brown(eye).

    Ammiano shouted out at a dinner – Schwance gets his little media revenge at the cost of the taxpayers he supposedly is serving…as he called them: “da peepole!”

  5. Paul R says

    Is returning a bill without signature the same as a veto in CA? That’s certainly not how it works at the federal level; if Obama doesn’t sign or veto a bill, it ultimately becomes law. This bill was unanimously approved by both houses of legislature, so I can’t see why it would revert to the legislature for another vote. So I don’t see anyone (SF, Ammiano, the port) getting screwed here (correct me if I’m wrong).

  6. BC says

    Oh God – a Republican called someone out and that was wrong and disrespectful. But the democrat says something and it’s awesome and righteous and fair. Can we PLEASE get past the double standards here. If it is wrong for R’s then it is wrong for D’s. It’s kinda like everyone thought it was funny when Obama called Kanye a jackass but when Chaney and/or Bush called someone an ass, they were “unprofessional” for their language.

    Yeah, we’re not going to change these people’s behaviors. They are politicians – they don’t care about us. But at least what we can do is support some sort of equality and stop supporting double standards.

    Personally, I think the governor’s response was funny and a fair retribution for “Kiss My Ass.”

  7. Tralfaz says

    @BC – You said, honey! LaToya Ammiano is just as much a jerk as Arnie. This bill will go into law w/o Arnie paw print on it.

    They both are a couple of dick heads.

  8. matt says

    As someone who recently lived in California. What Arnold did was completely right.. he has vetoed countless bills in the last two years that do no address the real problems of Californians. (i.e. pier 70 redevelopment) Not when the state is broke and issued IOU for tax refunds, not when Southern California is in such a massive drought that people are about to be told they cant shower, not when the referendum system sets up a lame duck government with each election. California has much bigger problems the pier 70 and I applaud Arnold for actually making the legislature stop with their pork barrel spending and concentrate on the real issues. Even if he is a republican.

  9. Joe in SF says

    karma is a bitch, tom. your bad manners cost the citizens of san francisco. stop being the not-so-funny comedian and learn to be a statesman. no one is laughing anymore.

  10. Kyle Sullivan says

    Considering the Katrina-like disaster Schwarzenegger and his GOP scum have lead the state to, this is nothing. All it does is reveal how childish and petty the bastard is, something that should come as no surprise to anyone.

    As for Ammiano’s bitch slap against Ah-nold, it was way beyond being deserved. If I’d been at the luncheon, I’d have thrown things at the Son-of-a-bitchin’-Governator. It’d be worth the jail time.

  11. John says

    There hasn’t been a “government” in California since Willie Brown left office.

    What we have are high school students fighting over who gets to be Prom Queen.

    They don’t care because the absurd system of term limits and referendums mean they’re going in the legislature as lame ducks. You have freshman legislators going straight from the city council of some little suburb to Chairman of the Financial Services Committee for a trillion dollar economy. And aside from being totally clueless, they don’t even have any real power.

    Take a good look, America.

    California is the perfect example of why the Founders didn’t endorse direct democracy in any way, shape, or form.

  12. Ted says

    John’s got it right, direct democracy doesnt work. CA has proven that. Can you inagine it in some midwest state? Direct democracy brought us the end of gay marriage a la Prop 8.

    I personally think Arnold was right for all the reasons espoused above.

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