1. taco says

    If it were for Obama they would just be “dedicated supporters.” It sucks that people are so threatened by Palin that hey have to be so outrageously rude and dismissive of her and people who don’t absolutely despise her or love to hate her. If she’s sooo stupid and awful and nuts, why do you even care?

  2. taco says

    PS-I’m not a Palin supporter. I think her politicsare bad and that she’s not very informed nor is she particularly thoughtful. But all this derisive vitriol against her does seem kind of “nuts.”

  3. says

    “…considering the three that we had running last time along with Sarah Palin”

    Do these people even know how their electoral system works? They sound as if Palin was running for the same office the others were. And she wasn’t. She was there to help McCain win the office. With McCain, Palin wouldn’t have won anything.

    Also, people seem to forget that before McCain, Palin was *nothing*.

    “More qualified than John McCain, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama. All they’ve ever done was hold a seat in the senate for a debate committee.”

    The only thing that makes you qualified to hold office is to be elected to one.

    And last I checked, Senate seats are state-wide affairs… and they’re often more hotly contested than Governorships.

    Especially in states that aren’t as crack-potty as Alaska.

  4. Rodney Wollam says

    My concern is that her supporters don’t even know what she stands for and can’t get a solid idea of today’s issues. It’s almost as if all those people are projecting onto her their own ideas of what is and isn’t and ignoring what she actually believes and supports. This is crazy … those people need professional help.

  5. Zach says

    “If she’s sooo stupid and awful and nuts, why do you even care?”

    Because she represents the worst in American politics and society. She revels in knowing nothing, doing nothing. She castigates people who don’t live in small towns, people who don’t fervently pray to Jesus, people who dare express any modicum of reason. She’s the epitome of the faith over facts crowd, and she’s dangerous because she holds absolute sway over a significant percentage of the American population. Not the majority by far, but I suspect the 25% of the population who still think George Bush did a hell of a job, or that Jesus is going to return sometime in their lifetime. Her vision of America does not exist, cannot exist. But in her ability to sway the ignorant and the fearful, she can do a lot of damage trying to make it happen.

  6. AdamN says

    “If she’s sooo stupid and awful and nuts, why do you even care?”
    We care Taco because Palin was running to be our vice president and may be running to be our president. That’s kinda sorta a big deal.

  7. Derek says

    Am I the only one that’s annoyed by the not-so-subtle imagery of the book cover? Her red sweater, the white clouds and font, the blue sky? Red, white, and blue…get it?

    And the subtitle, “An American Life?”

    This reminds me of Palin’s recent Vanity Fair photo shoot where she had an American flag draped across a bar stool in her kitchen…for no apparent reason. I don’t understand why conservatives have to shout their supposed patriotism in every image of themselves they present.

  8. john says

    Plain is a mile wide and an inch deep. That’s the difference between a beauty contestant and a real politician.

    There’s not a thing she says or writes that has a ring of truth to it. Her chief asset is her good looks and winks that make conservative men’s legs tingle, and red-meat speeches make her base very happy.

    If she were unattractive everyone would instantly see the nastiness behind the perky smile.

  9. ricky says

    If it were for Obama they would just be “dedicated supporters.”

    President Obama is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES – not some wig-wearing unaccomplished, ignorant, bitter, petty, lying, sniveling, bag of bile from a state with less than 700,000 WHO HAS GOTTEN BY ON NOTHING MORE THAN THE ATTENTION OF OLDER REPUBLICAN EPICALLY SEXUALLY-DYSFUNCTIONAL “MEN.” They are not the same — I hope you can see the difference.

    And yes, her supports are stupid, lazy, unloved, unwashed, unwanted Americans – and for the rest of America – THE REAL AMERICA – they are our great shame and even greater burden. Stupid is not a protected class in the United States.

    And since it was Palins “supporters” who shouted out more than once at her pig-farm rallies in the waning days of the election “kill him” about Obama – the opposing candidate of a major political party – I think nuts is the kindest thing they can be called.

    As far as why anyone would care – Palin’s coded message has always been the same from day one – us real Americans against them – real Americans being white, stupid, fat, poorly-dressed, and lazy — since she knows in America – the they will always applauded – or at least try to put their hands together – and approximate something that sounds like a cheer for the hate.

    It is only her contempt for the truth and her love of deceit that keeps her from donning a white hooded robe when she speaks to her dwindling crowds.

  10. TANK says

    Ugh. The blue collar comedy tour strikes again!

    This despicable clown is in the same league as ray comfort and the evolution denialist crowd.

    However, I think it’d behoove all to try and appreciate her rallying influence in the modern republican party. Let’s embrace Sarah Palin as the unifying force behind the republican party, and see if we can’t get her on the ballot in 2012. It’s undeniable how popular she is amongst republicans, so let’s encourage that, and see where it goes. I for one, would love to see the republicans anoint her the presidential hopeful in 2012. It’d make my day.

  11. taco says

    Hey Ricky–just fyi, you resemble the close-minded, judgmental, hateful type of person you seem to despise so much. Just let people live and let them have a person they like sign their book. This isn’t the lord of the rings or anything, and Sarah Palin, I’m sorry to disappoint you, is not the living incarnation of pure evil–try not to get so worked up and polemic about it. I swear, people would get along a lot better if they would just not get so worked up and melodramatic about this stuff.

  12. patrick nyc says

    To all who are wondering, ANDY posted the wrong clip under ‘Going Rouge has shot Rachel Maddow’. This is the correct one.

    As for Palin’s zombies, they will just repeat all the Fox talking points, without backing them up with any logic. As the two brain dead did with O’Donnell. I thought her head was going to explode.

    When O’Donnell points out Palin’s backing the bailout during the debate, they still stammer and deny the facts.

    Once again, Jon Stewart points out what is wrong with this woman, who by the way TACO, I do not think she is evil, I think what she and the right wing are doing to the country is.

  13. AdamN says

    “I swear, people would get along a lot better if they would just not get so worked up and melodramatic about this stuff.”
    Maybe if more people had gotten worked up “about this stuff” we could have avoided 8 years of the Bush presidency , our current economic crisis, and two wars. Sorry but this is EXACTLY the stuff one should be getting worked up about. Politics effect us all and when Americans are this misinformed and uneducated and rally behind a figure as backward as Palin its not something to be taken lightly. Remember these people vote.

  14. ricky says

    Hey Taco – FYI – while I appreciate your advice – and the fact that you did not deal with a single specific complaint I have with Palin and her increasingly sad supporters – but Taco – gosh, how to put this – see – I live in America Taco – America — where a patriot is not someone who stands there quietly – as you are doing – pretending in a country that has made the creation of the “other” – the legitimate group to hate – a national pastime – that Palin’s coded message of hate is somehow harmless and that her supporters with hearts as big as the great outdoors of Alaska – when not shouting kill him about the black man — are just sweet loving Americans – no, Taco, a patriot is someone who wrestles – no – WHO FIGHTS – for the very soul of his or her country as I and millions of others are doing now.

    Stand there if you must Taco – you have been standing there throughout history – watching from the rafters in the coliseums of Rome – or quietly tending your land during the Inquisition — or blithely running your errands as citizens were marched down the streets of Nazi Germany to their certain death – yes Taco – you and those like you have made so very much possible – that maybe should have never been – throughout history — but the rest of us have work to do.

    Uh, Taco, FYI – you have every right to be a sniveling coward – but you have no right to tell me how I should feel about Palin and her supporters.

  15. Beef and Fur says

    What and no one commented on the obviously gay guy with the eyebrows, tight white Palin t-shirt and white web belt? What, are you all asleep at the switch? When they scan the crowd of the other Palindrones, he does stand out a bit, doncha think?


    It’s Sara’s gay friend!

  16. Kyle Sullivan says

    “Shooting Rachel Maddow” — NOT the LEAST f*****g bit funny after what happened to Dr. Tillin and those three cops in Pittsburgh. Jesus Christ, has everyone gone out of their f*****g minds?!

  17. GOProud says

    Andy, you are really starting to get annoying. Just because some people have a different view point than you, you call them nuts? Your dems aren’t doin shit for you. Gays can be conservatives and republicans…..gays always complain that there is more to them than their sexuality, but gays seem to be so hell bent on votin for a party that doesn’t support them either. When are you guys gonna wake the fuck up? I’m beginning to think you are the nut case.

  18. TANK says

    You keep siinging that song, goProud. be proud of palin! Make sure that all gay republicans are proud of her, too. Make all republicans support her candidacy for president in 2012 the best you can! LIVE FREE! be PROUD! Support Palin for the REPUBLICAN PARTY Prez CANDIDATE in 2012! It’s the american thing to do, after all.

  19. robert says

    Hey Taco! Are you retarded? This women is an idiot! She’s completely ill informed,knows nothing of how government works, and couldn’t even explain the duties of the vice president to a third grader. She is a menace to a society of laws, because she is largely ignorant of the law.What’s really frightening is that people are being taken in by this moron-with her message of I’m just plain folks. It was plain folks who stood by while the Jews were marched to the Death camps along with thousands of gays. It was just plain folks who participated in segregation. And it was just plain folks who voted our civil rights away in California and Maine. You have every right to identify with just plain folks-but I have every right to call you out about it.

  20. PUNCH says

    Tank, Miss GOProud can go to hell! Sarah Palin don’t give a fuck about GOProud and The Log Cabinettes.She’ll take your fucking money and pray the gay away.

    So Miss Goproud go fuck yourself you dumb ass bitch!

  21. Zach says

    “gays always complain that there is more to them than their sexuality, but gays seem to be so hell bent on votin for a party that doesn’t support them either.”

    Better indifference than outright hostility. And while the current progression of rights might at times seem glacial, more has been done in eleven months than in the previous eight years.

    Frankly, there is no logical basis for any homosexual to support the Republicans. The Democratic base is diversified enough to support fiscal conservatism, and even moderate social conservatism (unsurprisingly, this often comes from the same gays who cruise bathrooms, own and operate hookup sites, and would never, ever, commit to a serious relationship with another man, but what can you do?). The current base of the Republican Party is intolerance personified. You have adherents spouting racist nonsense that would have had them kicked out fifteen years ago. Politics in general have become more extreme, but the hyper-partisan Republican awakening that followed from last November has been alternately amusing and frightening.

    What is especially clear though is that there is no room for non-white, non-heterosexuals in the GOP. None. I feel pity for gay conservatives, at least to a certain extent, despite sharing almost none of their views. But it is simply not acceptable for any self-respecting homosexual to voluntarily associate with the Republican party. There is no room, no accommodation, no way forward. The majority of the party faithful would gladly criminalize homosexuality. They would strip all existing rights and put up as many constitutional roadblocks as possible.

    In short, gay Republicans are at best useful idiots. You will never gain one federal concession from a Republican administration, or a Republican lawmaker. There is nothing there for gay people. Be a gay conservative, be a gay libertarian. Feel free not to give a shit about anyone other than yourself and your money. But don’t be a gay Republican.

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