1. Strepsi says

    The U.S. is a still such a failure for supposed Freedom and Equality, never mind Separation of Church and State.

    Read this excerpt from 2005 from former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, and see if any Democrat in the U.S. would have the balls to espouse equality so clearly. Hey President Obama, you’re eloquent — paraphrase THIS:

    “One final observation on this aspect of the issue: Religious leaders have strong views both for and against this legislation. They should express them.

    Certainly, many of us in this House, myself included, have a strong faith, and we value that faith and its influence on the decisions we make. But all of us have been elected to serve here as Parliamentarians. And as public legislators, we are responsible for serving all Canadians and protecting the rights of all Canadians.

    We will be influenced by our faith but we also have an obligation to take the widest perspective — to recognize that one of the great strengths of Canada is its respect for the rights of each and every individual, to understand that we must not shrink from the need to reaffirm the rights and responsibilities of Canadians in an evolving society.

    The second argument ventured by opponents of the bill is that government ought to hold a national referendum on this issue. I reject this – not out of a disregard for the view of the people, but because it offends the very purpose of the Charter.”

  2. says

    So NOM insists that a marriage equality bill would be a waste of the legislators’ valuable time and isn’t an urgent priority yet opposing marriage equality is their only priority and the only thing they spend their time and money on. Opposing marriage equality is urgent. Supporting equality is trivial. The personal beliefs of those who stand in the way of equality–something that won’t affect them in the slightest–matter. The civil rights of those who are directly affected by equality are insignificant. Oh, the logic. And the same tired excuses–now is not the time, the economy, blah blah blah–tried by the it-doesn’t-matter-but-it-really-does-matter opposition in VT.

    Bravo to those in NJ keeping the pressure on. The opposition’s persistence is guaranteed. Ours needs to be, too.

  3. Disgusted American says

    NJ is in severe debt….Marriage Equality would BRING NEEDED REVENUE in the way of TAX dollars ie: weddings and all its ammenities,along with more tourism for those wishing to marry.

  4. Steve says

    The next Garden State Equality lobby day in Trenton, NJ is scheduled for Thursday, December 3. If you live in, or anywhere near, New Jersey, do your best to be present and visible, and to force the law makers to take notice and take action. Meet at GSE headquarters, 110 State Street, across from the State House, at 8:30 AM.

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