1. patrick nyc says

    “They’re committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven. But you don’t hate the person. You hate the sin that they commit.”

    If you are the type of person that will be in heaven I’d prefer to go else where. I don’t hate a person because he’s stupid, I just hate stupid people who say stupid and hateful things.

  2. says

    As a former Vallejoan (1994-2000), I would like to tell this mayor that he should be on his knees thanking the gay community for bringing Vallejo back from an unsafe, gang-ridden, decimated city – to a vibrant San Francisco suburb with multi-million dollar homes.

    We were the first to cross the bay and put up with the gunfire, drug addicts and felons dumped all over the city – all the while boosting the economy and patronizing local businesses.

    Think about what you’d be mayor of today – Mr. Mayor – if it weren’t for those sinful gays.

  3. John says

    You know, the ” if you were oversensitive, thin-skinned, and offended about my telling you to ‘go to Hell’ ” statement just doesn’t cut it anymore. And politicians really need to stop using this tired, pathetic strategy of pretending to apologize while not doing it.

    If Mayor Davis needs some inspiration, he might want also want to apologize for:

    – Schools that consistently rank among the worse in the San Francisco metropolitan area

    – An already high crime rate that has gotten higher under his “leadership”

    – Becoming the first municipality in the state to declare bankruptcy

    – Having entire streets full of boarded up former businesses and vacant lots

    – Destroying what’s little that’s left of Vallejo reputation

    And while you ponder over how to best present this apology, Mr. Mayor, you really need to think about God. Because I’m sure God would appreciate a little sincerity.

  4. GrabbinNewscum says

    “Controlling for religion, African-Americans are no more homophobic than any other racial or ethnic group.”

    Just repeat it like a mantra over and over, girls.

  5. Matthew says

    GRABBINNEWSCUM, if you think this is an opportunity to dump on African Americans, go fuck yourself.

  6. GrabbinNewscum says

    Just the opposite, Matthew! I am self-flaggelating over my complicity in the white power structure that accounts for the family breakdown of African-American families and thus African-American homophobia.

    It’s the only way I know how to deal with the liberal cognitive dissonance that results when I see polls showing that two-thirds of African-Americans consistently disapprove of homosexuality.

  7. TANK says

    LULZY! This idiotic douche just told a significant portion of his constituency to go to hell. You can’t write this kind of stupid.

  8. pickles says

    Good luck emailing this bigot. I tried, to him, his vice mayor and both have non-functioning emails. Good way to keep in touch with the leaders, eh? What a monster.

  9. niles says

    One can only imagine the kind of discrimination and persecution running rampant in the city offices of this lunatic. He has basically called for an open season on the gays of this town. What to do if the sinner refuses to stop sinning? Well, the answer is violence, obviously.

  10. FunMe says

    I am really getting tired of seeing so-called “religious” people aka CHINOS (Christians In Name Only) use the Bible to justify their homophobia and HATE toward another group of human beings.

    Maybe we should start using the Bible to justify hate toward African Americans. Would it be right? NO Would it Christian? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    This guy needs to be booted sooner rather than later.

    Maybe they can do a vote to kick him out?

  11. John says


    That ship sailed a long time ago.

    For centuries, white Christians were convinced that blacks were the descendants of Ham, the fallen son of Noah. They were, therefore, a cursed race and you could do whatever you want to them. The story of Cain, and less frequently, the Tower of Babel have been used to the same effect.

  12. Bayley says

    TWO VOTES…..2 mother f8*!ing votes seperated a HOMOPHOBE from a homosexual in office. It could have been 100 votes in the direction of the gay candidate had there been less postings of Robert Pattinson, and naked male porn stars on gay blogs and a more valiant effort for every gay and gay ally in that town to organize a meeting, party, get together with friends and reach out to them regarding the importance of voting AGAINST this hateful homophobe.

    I don’t want to hear your lame apology after the comments were made.

    In California? Are you kidding me. I swear it’s become completely okay, if not acceptable for elected officials to make comments like these STRICTLY about us and completely not only get away with it, but be rewarded for it.

    I hope every gay member of that city and near by communities gets their torches and marches right to this bigots door step and SCREAMS loudly. This is enough. Stop trapping yourselves in your bubbles at the gay bars and pretending everything is okay. Just a few weeks to go till 2010 and this sh*t is NOT ok!

  13. patrick nyc says

    Good luck emailing this bigot. I tried, to him, his vice mayor and both have non-functioning emails. Good way to keep in touch with the leaders, eh? What a monster.

    I emailed him, did not get or think I’d get one. I did email his vice mayor and got a response.
    Thank you, sir.

    My personal mission now is to work hard and make Vallejo a better place. I feel that my urgent obligation to our City and all Vallejoans is to move forward positively on so many fronts, including financial solvency.

    Your comments and insight are greatly appreciate.
    Hermie R. Sunga
    pbnyc59 11/27/09 8:19 AM >>>
    Mr. Sunga,

    I hope you plan on running against this bigot. I’m sure you are aware that bigots do not discriminate in one area, they hate all who are not like them.


    New York, NY

  14. FunMe says

    John, I know that was done before. I’m simply saying that it was wrong then when the Bible was used to justify RACISM against African-Americans. It would be wrong to do that again.

    Just like it is wrong to use the Bible to justify BIGOTRY against gays as many religious types do.

  15. says

    Vallejo residents must crucify him! Clearly, Davis public denouncement reinforces inferiority status to the masses and translates into justification for all Vallejo residents to blatantly hate and discriminate against a minority group of residents. Again, residents must hold him accountable. Crucify him!

  16. John says

    I wouldn’t count too much on the residents of Vallejo. Keep in mind that within the San Francisco Bay Area, Solano County – which includes Vallejo – was the only suburban county that went for Proposition 8. Homophobia is rife in this region.

    In terms of holding Davis accountable, the Democratic Committee in the county will have to do that themselves. And they won’t because, well, they are the Democrats and not Republicans. The left does not punish anybody. Ever.

    If they let Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller stay, what are the chances of them acting here?

    These two clowns endorsed the other team’s presidential ticket, actively worked against the interests of the people, and filibustered their party’s own legislative agenda. And the spineless Democratic leadership still gave them prized chairmanships.

  17. SFshawn says

    What a sad and pathetic human being this man is.
    How can grown(and in his case old and tired looking) men who are granted the gift of leadership say such ignorant,stupid and hateful remarks about their fellow human beings and then justifying it with religious dogma and not expect anger in response in 2009/2010? Fuck you Mr. Mayor and all those who believe what you believe and the sooner you remove yourself and your religious bullshit from the political discourse the sooner the city of Vallejo will be worth visiting again. Until then continue to manage your bankrupt city with your bankrupt mind.