1. RONTEX says

    I fought it for a long time but GaGa is the real deal, she killed it last night. I hope Lambert took notes.

  2. Rooney says

    To bad Beyonce wasn’t there they could have song video phone her singing was amazing i also liked whitney and Jlo falling on her ass RiRi and Lambert didnt give me what i wanted

  3. Pender says

    Same here, Rontex — I’m naturally predisposed to hate all these dramatic, over-the-top performers, but Gaga is a consummate artist.

  4. ruby says

    I wasn’t familiar with the songs she performed (I know, bad gay) but at least it wasn’t boring.
    We skipped through most of the other performances with a yawn. Gaga always demands attention. I had no idea why she doing what she was doing but at least it was something different. And the older guy with the broom and bucket finally got some airtime!
    Why didn’t Alicia’s piano ignite as well? That would have been great – the night of the flaming pianos.
    Lambert was better singing other people’s songs. All that wailing was ridiculous. Was that a guy he kissed after grabbing that woman’s crotch? Whatever. How risque…for 2002. But, I’ll give him credit, at least he’s trying. It’s a bit tired but at least he’s trying.

  5. dbearhug says

    So, did anybody notice what Gaga was packing under her leotard? I thought it was a riot that she would do a gender-bender smack in the face on ABC. Loved it!!!