SD Mayor Jerry Sanders Speaks Out About Prop 8 Trial

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has a great piece in the Huffington Post about his testimony in the federal trial challenging Proposition 8, and about his decision to support marriage equality. Here's a bit of it:

Sanders Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I came so close to making
the wrong decision, and to endorsing government-sanctioned
discrimination. As it turns out, I was reelected to a second term the
next year. My position on marriage equality definitely made it more
difficult. But I know I would have regretted vetoing that resolution a
lot more than losing that election.

Now, more than two years later, I have testified in federal court
about my decision and the rationale behind it. I told the court that, as
someone who has spent most of his lifetime in public service, I
understand that when government tolerates discrimination against any
class of people, it makes it easier for citizens to do the same thing.

I was proud that Lisa was in court with me, along with her wife,
Meaghan, whom she married in Vermont last month. Meaghan is like another
daughter to me, and she has brought great happiness into our family.

The defendants in this case — those who would deny equal rights to
others — would like us to believe that they are the true victims of
discrimination. They argue that their opposition to marriage equality
has made them targets of violence. They've made this argument as their
excuse for withholding documents from the public, and it is as
self-serving as it is inaccurate.

From my own experience as a police officer and mayor, I can say that
the overwhelming evidence is that violence is directed against gays and
lesbians, not those who would deny them equality.

Proud to Testify for Marriage Equality [huffington post]


  1. Thisguy says

    Best pro-gay testimony since NY State Sen. Diane Sevino. But remind me again why this guy’s a Republican? Oh wait–San Diego, nevermind. :)

  2. Chris says

    Please thank Mayor Sanders. His courage ought to be appreciated and encouraged, esp given the wingnut bent of a lot of the GOP in California.

    I’d like to see him in congress.

  3. John says

    Don’t worry, the other Republicans in San Diego will primary him:

    While our fair city confronts the evils of Obama health care, radical Islamist terrorists, and socialism – where was Mayor Sanders?

    In San Francisco, destroying traditional families and aligning him with radical homosexualists trying to overturn the will of the people.

    This November, tell the mayor what San Diegans think of his liberal policies.

    Vote for Loony R. Nutjob.

    My name is Council Member Loony R. Nutjob and I approved this message.

  4. Tralfaz says

    John – In California we don’t have party primaries for city offices. So I think Mayor Sander is pretty safe.

    I adore this man. He has a big heart and lots of guts.

  5. nick says

    He’s one hot daddy too!!! Bravo Mayor and thank you so much for your support!!! Gays and lesbians all over America appreciate it a great deal!!! He’s got my vote!!!

  6. Shane says

    Don’t worry John the girls won’t have Obama healthcare. So as they get sick and the employer and the HMO finds out they’re Gay. They’ll be cut off and maybe the girls can spend all this fierce money they say the gays have so they can spend it to take care of themselves.

    As for the Mayor It’s good he is for marriage equality. I really like it in SD but it’s so DAMN CONSERVATIVE!!
    Isn’t that where Miss Amighty D Issa is from?