1. Q says

    I met him in person once and judging by the company he keeps, I would bet my paycheck that he is a closeted, submissive leather queen. Oh, and a certified wackadoo.

  2. David says

    Sounds like he should join Celebrity Rehab instead!! How typical of the enormously insecure – that we should all be like them – solves everything, doesn’t it !!

  3. says

    He is a nobody, a nothing. His opinions are like farts. He kinda looks like a washed up ex-hustler meth head. It must be awful living in the shadow of his brother. There’s always a runt in the gene pool. I grew up with the Baldwins. They are trash, like the Kennedys of the acting world.

  4. Ravewulf says

    Bitch, you’re going down! (well, actually, can he go any further down in relevance these days?)

  5. Bobby says

    Someone should tell Stephen that God hates tattoos too.

    Leviticus 19:28 “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

  6. walter says

    Another has been or actually a never was with too much to say who actually think that matter. and as to hitting a child abuse must run in the family remember alec the lames attack on his daughter a family of self important people

  7. Mike says

    Yawn… I only half read the post. Guess he doesn’t think much of the jews or shellfish either… whatever!

  8. Dan says

    The Baldwin brothers’ dad was a teacher who was a strong believer in corporal punishment. It was delivered vigorously and without hesitation. This is true.

    Stephen’s brain is in his ass. The strong spankings did some irreparable damage.

  9. Deana says

    Good for Stephen for taking a stand. He is not spewing hatred or homophobia. He just believes what he believes and makes no apologies. It’s nice to see someone in Hollywood take a stand, knowing it’s probably gonna draw negative buzz. But, as he said, this is not necessarily his belief, it’s from the Bible, God’s word, and born-again Christians go by the Bible. God loves the sinner, just not the sin. For the person talking about tats, maybe he got those before he became a Christian. Maybe he got them after. Who cares really? That’s kinda nit picky. Thanks Stephen for the guts to take a stand.

  10. Ryan says

    @ Deana… aren’t you supposed to be at chuch – or busy updating the The Stephen Baldwin Admiration Circle?

    Go away and take you’re book of fairy tales with you.

  11. Todd in NYC says

    Deana, if you are going to go by the bible, then you have to go by the bible. the tattoo is an abomination, there’s no going around it. even if he’s “born again” he’s doomed himself to an eternity in hell.

  12. Bizzle says

    Deana, who cares? Well since the passages in the Bible referring to homosexuality being an abomination are in the same part of Leviticus as the tattoo passages, then it makes a lot of sense to care. We are being nitpicky…he is. He picks and chooses what in the Bible he wants to pretend to care about and ignores the parts that he doesn’t want to apply to him.

    The Bible also says, give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s…he should follow that part too and pay his fucking taxes.

  13. Daddy Todd says

    Stephen’s Born-Again bullshit is the best acting he’s ever done — and the most profitable gig he’s ever had. The bible-thumpers will underwrite anyone even modestly famous who publicly espouses their nonsense. Carrie Prejean, for example. And this clown.

  14. says

    I used to see him at my gym playing with his daughters when they were very young. Back then he was actually a nice person, and not some desperate man trying to raise publicity by spouting bigoted crap.

  15. says

    “..and I don’t believe that any minority has the right to create changes that impact on the majority. That’s really the only issue for me.”

    I guess I should (as a Black guy) go back to getting my meals out behind the local diner or just forget that the whole civil rights thingee ever happened? Women should run back into the kitchens and obey their hubbies as well?

    What a wondeful world it would be.

    @Deana: Hon, do you and your bible study class cruise the internets for Gay sites? You’re sorta weird for even being here.

  16. Manny says

    so, the only reason he’s even remotely relevant is cause of his last name.

    and we all know that’s a family of kookoos anyways.

    and Deana, we have every right to criticize those who use the bible to form their views against us. especially if it’s only about FOUR vague references out of the 31,102 verses in the entire book. even then, the word homosexual didn’t even show up in the vernacular until (the earliest) the 1860s
    (i can keep going…)

    that alone should discredit any “xtian” from trying to preach what they don’t know

    but hey, you can’t mix reason with religion

  17. Harry says

    Stephen who? Another brain washed, brain dead bible thumper. Alec as more talent in his baby toe than stephen has in his entire body. Also his brother Billy is much better looking.

  18. David in Houston says

    Deana said: “For the person talking about tats, maybe he got those before he became a Christian. Maybe he got them after. Who cares really? That’s kinda nit picky.”

    So… it’s being ‘nit picky’ to point out Leviticus 19:28. But it’s perfectly okay to condemn all gay people based on Leviticus 18:22. I hate to be nit picky, but you might want to stick your totally arbitrary religious beliefs up your ass, and keep them out of our legal system. Thanks, and God bless.

  19. Mary says

    I do not scrape my moral values from the bottom of a toilet, nor do I get them from people like Steve Baldwin.

  20. Fern says

    I thought Christians were supposed to follow Christ, not the old testament. And since Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality I am confused why this topic is supposedly so central to Christianity?

  21. Fern says

    Further, my reading of the Gospels shows Jesus was clearly trying to progress people beyond following the laws of Leviticus and instead follow the law of love. I wish Christians would follow Christ’s teaching instead of using his name to justify their own prejudices. Jesus was pro-marriage and taught against divorce. I see this as an act of compassion for women whose survival depended on being married. I see no evidence of Jesus being against gay marriage.

  22. says

    “I have two or three very dear friends who are homosexual and they know I’m born again and we have an understanding that we’re just not going there…”

    Ah yes, they must truly be “dear friends” to you if their loving relationships cannot be discussed with you, ever.

    Whenever a homophobe says they have “gay friends” I assume they are lying, or maybe they met a gay person once or had a gay co-worker or something. I would imagine if you walked up to those “dear gay friends” and asked them, they would be like “Stephen who?”

    @Deana: Go fuck yourself you self-deluded bigot. I’m not a Christian, but even so, there are millions of Christians who disagree with you. Keep your stupid beliefs to yourself, and shove your Bible right up your stupid ass.

    P.S. I love you, I just hate your Christianity. 😛

  23. Zach says

    Gee.. before Steven talks too much about how gays are destroying the family and marriage, he should look at his own.
    We’ve got his brother Alec who divorced his wife and called his daughter a pig, and his brother daniel, who’s had four kids by four different women.
    And Deanna, sorry, when someone keeps picking and choosing what they want to follow to justify their bigotry, I have a right to tell them to go screw themselves.

  24. TANK says

    When I was a child I had an imaginary friend. I won’t go into boring details, but I used to blame my imaginary friend for things I’d done. Accidentally pushing someone off of a slide…it wasn’t my fault…no, it was imaginary friend’s fault. When children physically mature, it seems that their imaginary friends become supernatural agents. It’s not stephen’s fault he’s a bigoted POS…nope, it’s his imaginary friend’s. And the adult becomes the child once again. If only the stakes reverted back to “childhood,” too.

  25. TANK says

    The real question with regard to human rights, or rights in general is why people don’t choose nicer imaginary friends. That’d be an interesting thing to pursue.

  26. says

    It’s too bad he shares the good name along with Liberal Giant Alec Baldwin. These two couldn’t be MORE DIFFERENT! I hate Stephen with a firey passion.

  27. patrick nyc says

    Well this just proves which Baldwin Brother was dropped on his head the most. Which explains why he can’t get any work besides reality shows.

    His best work being on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, where he became friends with those two other douche bags, Spencer and Heidi Pratt.

  28. Nick says

    Trading one addiction for another-
    and then becoming sanctimonious about it-

    you are irrelevant as is your fairy tale belief system. Do you believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny (no disrespect meant to them)-they all make equal amount of sense.

    Keep using that crutch called Xtianity –

  29. MikeNYC says

    Is Baldwin a “graduate” of the ex-gay snake oil? LOL No wonder he praises it. He needs figure out that the Bible says nothing against same sex marriage before he looks even more foolish.

  30. Fort Wayne says

    The Baldwin family seems consistently unhealthy. Alec is a gifted comic actor, and I appreciate his political stances, but I’ll probably never get over (nor should) that tape of him talking to his daughter – wow.

    I must wonder how God allowed his spokesperson (Stephen) to get $2 million in debt. Dear Lord: May his debts and personal troubles merely increase, or else give him a clue (like, a little intellectual curiosity). Amen.

  31. Thomas More says

    What also should be noted about “Threesome” is that at the end, Baldwin’s character, a meathead jock, agrees to a threesome with his two college roommates, a woman and a gay man.

  32. Ian says

    Stephen’s come a long way since he did the film ‘Threesome’ I was so excited to see it as it was the first gay film I ever saw in an actual theater. Unfortunately the direction he’s decided to go in has been straight down…

  33. julzz says

    You know what fuck!!! men? it means you have to fuck your self.Your belief is yours,”its all yours!!! O.K
    Don’t forget men that you are not the judge to say any words against others,,,and you know what?we don’t need your idiotic weird words.

  34. julzz says

    I know that your belief is real,but you have nothing to do with it,that’s what they choose for their lives,maybe that’s the only way to make them happy.

  35. Bart says

    Who cares? Why should this blog even print anything this person has to say? He’s literally of no relevance. My neighbor has an opinion on gay marriage, should that get pronted here? The lady that checks me out at the grocery store too? Why aren’t they asking her? This guy is an idiot. And if he wants to debate the Bible, I’d love to sit down with him. Let’s see if he actually knows why each book was written, to whom it was intended, and why it is even in the Bible. And more to the point, let’s see if he adheres to it all or just the passages that fit his life — like most born agains.

    Every intelligent person knows that these ex-gay ministries are ridiculous. I wonder if there were ex-heterosexual ministries, if through enough coersion and pressure if you could make a straight person have sex with someone of the same sex? Hmmm, let’s ask the guys in state prison? Gay is not about sex, it’s about who you are as a person. Evolution doesn’t just pertain to species of animals, it pertains to thought and action. It’s why people GROW UP. Maybe some of these people should try it.

    And anyone who says 9/11 was a message from God…well, my disgust for that person only grows deeper and I find them completely thoughtless and frankly, ignorant.

  36. noone important says

    Technically I’m a ‘born again’ Christian. I say technically…I was baptized as an adult when I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, so I fit the definition of ‘born again’ Christian. And yet, I’m bisexual, and I’m an active member of two LGBTQ rights organizations, and believe strongly that God does not intend for ANY group to be treated unfairly. And I’m not the only ‘born again’ Christian who feels this way. Sadly, however, most ‘born again’ Christians are brainwashed by the ultra-conservative right and spout nonsense such as this.
    Side note: If Jesus were to return today, those who claim to be ‘his people’ would be the first to deny him. Modern day pharisees.

  37. Dusty says

    My friend, who is a guy, blew Mr. Baldwin in his car in a nightclub parking lot while they were doing blow. This was in the 90’s.

  38. Thom says

    ..and Deanna,while we are at it, let’s name another few
    Leviticus “admonishments”…wearing fabrics of mixed cloths..even touching the skin of swine guarantees a one-way trip to hell…and oh yes, working on the Sabbath gets you the same penalty…pick, choose, pick, choose…and so on. What fits you better?..and always remember the bible does state clearly that women are to be silent in church.SILENT. Do you talk in church?
    Look out,dear.

  39. Milan says

    Can’t find that passage in the bible, condemning gay marriage. Did find the one where one can pay someone to rape and impregnate one’s daughter, if one is incapable of getting his wife pregnant.

  40. ChrisM says

    he’s basically famous for having brother’s with talent – something, along with intelligence, he is totally lacking. when what little bit of career you have is in the crapper I guess you’ll do (or say) just about anything to get some press attention. he certainly belongs on celebrity big brother along with the other wannabe’s, has beens and never were … and $2,000,000 worth of debt to the IRS – wow, what an honorable chap he must be to cheat on his taxes (see what your bible says about that) …

  41. Hank says

    “I don’t believe any minority has the right to make changes that impact on the majority”
    Wow…um… so much for the civil rights movement of the 1960s, I guess.

  42. JIM says

    At this point in my life, I don’t really give a damn about how people feel about my beliefs. But I believe The Bible was written by people that want to control the masses. I’m a scientist, and I don’t believe it. As far as Mr Baldwin’s idea of a minority affecting the marriage sanctimony of the majority, that is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Daniel is the only Baldwin brother that is not a total dingbat!!

  43. Jon says

    Ok, this Baldwin kid is obviously so proud that he’s stifled his own bisexuality that he spouts stupid ignorant shit. Of course, he never considered that most gay men aren’t bisexual – and that any real self-respecting bisexual who is ready to choose a gender still respects other bisexuals as people. Asshole. He’s so on my boycott list.

    In my opinion, this anti-gay stunt is an invitation for us out his bisexual past in every fuckin negative way possible. Do it, boys :–). He deserves it. Actually, though, if it’s good, he doesn’t deserve it, ha. He’s kinda gross, to be honest. (I mean, don’t be lying that you slept with this grody dude, really, folks.)

    Also, Deana, you bitch. You know who you are and how fucked up and hateful you are. Still, Derek Washington’s comment to you is funniest. More to the point, you are not a Real Christian, lady…but then neither are 99% of the people who throw that monicker around. Be good to your gay sons and daughters – for real.

  44. says

    Yet another cafeteria “Christian” regales us with their hateful garbage by choosing those parts of the scripture they like, while rejecting those parts they don’t like. Is their no end to these douche bags? And why is the urge to share their ignorance with the rest of us so strong? Do they really not get it, or is their need for attention (any kind of attention) so strong they don’t give a damn what they say or how their words might affect others. Jesus, save us from those among your flock who profess to be among your most ardent followers, yet by their words and deeds, suggest their alligience is more suited to that of satan.

  45. Ryan says

    What a loser, hey jackass, the bible says not too tattoo yourself. Also, didn’t he play bisexual in a movie back in the 90’s. I bet Alec is ashamed to have him as a brother.

  46. Trixie Firecracker says

    Deana has obviously come from the very nasty vile anti gay page on Facebook that this link was posted on earlier.

  47. peter says

    Well done Stephen! keep up the good work. We need more actors with the guts to stand up for what they believe despite all the name calling and abusive language that comes against a person who states what he believes.

  48. KenP says

    Well good for Stephen!….It shows that he has good morals where most of Hollywood does not have any.

    1st Corinthians 6:9

    read it

  49. Joseph Benning says

    And you people talk about “tolerance”. Oh, wait, that YOUR kind of tolerance (a one way street). What a bunch of jerks you are.

  50. Michael says

    Well done Stephen,
    It is easy to go along with the crowd but it takes courage to speak your convictions in the midst of an angry crowd (gay society)that preaches tolerance but gives none.

  51. Lookinthemirror says

    Look at all of these comments and all of the love and tolerance… Oh wait nope just a bunch of hate spewing hypocrites. I will be buying enough tickets to have one for every comment here against him just in spite of all of the hate. Have a wonderful day hypocrites!

  52. Rob West says

    “9/11, which he says was a sign from the Lord” so it wasn’t the terrorists after all.