1. Liquid says

    No no NO!
    The legislators work for the people, *not* the majority of the people. There’s a huge difference.

    Also: What’s with this ridiculous opposition to civil unions? OK, if you’re a religious nut, claiming that ‘marriage’ is about God and children and whatever, I still think it’s absurd but at least I can kind of understand the ‘reasoning’. But civil unions? Not churchy at all. Do they just not want gay folks to be able to live together and have the state recognize them as a single household? Why not? Cause we’re not real, I assume…
    What if it were a guy and girl, not in love, not wanting to marry, but living together for ten years and operating as a single ‘household unit’. Would these ‘protestors’ still be pissed off?

  2. David in Houston says

    These so-called religious people are a bunch of lying hypocrites. They constantly say that as long as gay people don’t call their relationships “marriage” then they won’t have a problem with it. Now they’re saying that civil unions are the same thing. They know damn well that civil unions aren’t anything close to being equal to traditional marriage.

  3. says

    Mormons are powerful in Hawaii. They’re the ones who financed the constitutional amendment that stopped marriage equality back in the mid-90s, when Hawaii threatened to be the first state to allow marriage.

  4. Javier says

    I hate to be a downer, but there is no way civil unions will pass in Hawaii in the next few years. The anti-gay forces are so large, organized, and fervent. They have their stuff together and are willing, able, and ready to oppose any pro-gay legislation. The pro-gay side seems very anemic and naive about the climate they are working in.

  5. John K. says

    I’d love for the Hawaii lgbt folks to get a hold of the testimony from the catholic church and the anti-gay organizations in the new jersey senate saying how civil unions are acceptable, just not marriage. I have a feeling we’ll see NOM showing up in Hawaii to work against civil unions when they always concede civil unions when a marriage bill is up. Those people talking out of both sides of their mouths needs to be exposed in the media and in the legislative committees.

  6. David says

    Hey, nobody needs to go visit and spend your hard earned dollars in Hawaii. A state where the economy is already crumbling in the wake of reduceed tourism. As a matter of fact, the gays that are in Hawaii should move. We should all be moving to states where our rights are supported and we aren’t being robbed of our tax dollars to perpetuate this type of mistreatment. Cancel your vacations and call the senators in Hawaii and tell them why.

    It is exceptionally easy now for both supporters of equality and opponents to lean on the opposition side. Some may even be siliently hopeful that once this argument arrives on the steps of the Supreme Court that our rights will be supported… but for now, they will maintain their base and say no to equality.

    Once the supreme court goes on record, we will know the type of country we live in. I for one know I will be leaving the US if my rights are not validated. How about you?

  7. CKNJ says

    Here’s a suggestion… FUCK the fundamentalist Christians… and while we are at it, FUCK ANY CHRISTIAN that does not support the anti-gay measures and does not speak out against them! If you are so weak willed that you will let stuff go, that you SHOULD by your conscience never allow, YOU are as guilty as any one of the Christian Taliban that are destroying this country! Stand up and be counted or accept the scorn heaped on you! I am over giving people a ‘pass’ just because they say they are Christian.

  8. Lamar says

    Every Christian knows that civil union is just a cover for the gay agents to destroy traditional marriage!! Give it up and find Christ to help you out of ur wicked ways.

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