News: Olympics, John Mayer, Miami Beach, Molly Shannon, Iowa

 road  Dramatic show of support seen in Congress behind Uniting American Families Act and inclusive comprehensive immigration reform bill

Pridehouse road  First look at Whistler's Olympic Pride House. For the first time, LGBT athletes and fans have their own clubhouse at the Olympic Village.

 road  Dick: John Mayer calls his penis a white supremacist, among other things.

 road  Never-before-seen photos of 9/11.

 road  ACLU to sue Miami Beach over unlawful arrest of gay men: "The issue here is not just the violation of Mr. Strickland's rights as a
gay man. All people have
a clear constitutional right and a civic duty to report police
misconduct.  When police start arresting people for reporting police
misconduct, the public's faith in law enforcement suffers."Here's the background.

 road  Miami Beach business owners meet about arrests.

 road  Kevin Federline strips for Celebrity Fit Club.

 road  Tomorrow: Oprah to feature story of high school quarterback who transitioned to female.

Rainbow  road  Texas Attorney General says city cannot withhold names of those involved in Rainbow Lounge raid.

 road  LGBT Democrats defend Obama at DNC meeting: "Veteran Democratic activist Rick Stafford of Minnesota, who chairs the LGBT Caucus, said members at the Feb. 5 meeting were impressed with DNC Chair Timothy Kaine, a former Virginia governor, and gay White House official Brian Bond. Both addressed the LGBT Caucus during the DNC’s annual winter meeting.

Stafford told DC Agenda that Kaine 'talked about the achievements, but he also talked about the frustration he knows our community has on some issues, with the lack of forward progress.'"

 road  Schoolboy to Showgirl: The Alexandra Billings Story.

 road  Molly Shannon to play recurring character on Glee.

Elephant  road  Baby elephant makes debut in Melbourne.

 road  Russian court sentences killer of gay men to 23 years behind bars: "Mikhail Kurilnik, 26, was invited to his victims' homes after making initial contact on the Internet in January 2009, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office said. He then attacked his victims using a knife and a hammer, killing two and injuring a third man, the spokesman added."

 road  A Single Man premieres in Paris.

 road  Archbishop of Canterbury to attempt to heal rift in church over gays and women. Good luck! Says church must tackle diversity.

 road  Channing Tatum demonstrates his stripper moves for Ellen.

 road  GOP lawmakers in Iowa want to exclude gay kids from anti-bullying bill: "State Reps. Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig, and Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, sponsored the legislation to remove sexual orientation and gender identity as definitions used for purposes of protecting students in public and nonpublic schools from harassment and bullying."


  1. UFLYGUY says

    “The privacy rights of a homosexual individual are not greater than those of a heterosexual individual,” Chapman wrote.

    In other words they’re EQUAL? Too bad this can’t be applied to all other rights.
    Could this be a stepping off point for other arguments regarding inequities between heterosexual and homosexual rights?

    “The marriage rights of a heterosexual individual are not greater than those of a homosexual individual..”

    “The adoption rights of a heterosexual individual are not greater than those of a homosexual individual..”


  2. says

    ” John Mayer calls his penis a white supremacist, among other things.”

    I read the excerpts at Dlisted, the only black women he listed as possibly being sexually attracted to were: Holly Robinson Peete, best known for always getting raped by white dudes on 21 Jump Street!!!! Karen Parsons (Hillary) on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, who played a STEREOTYPE of a rich vacuous WHITE girl!!! and Kerry Washington, last generation’s Zoe Saldana, who made news in black gossip rags because one time she went out with Common instead of white boy du jour!

    John Mayers taste in black women is highly suspect and insulting, because of what it says about him and his expectations of women. But then, there had always been rumors about his doucheness, I just didn’t realize it was THIS doucheness.

    And the way he talked about Jessica and Jennifer (women who he stuck around with because he liked the attention from the paparazzi), wow he’s disgusting!

    Brian, I can’t believe he felt secure enough to say all the crap he did in a taped interview with a national magazine. There has to be a new name for John Mayer because ‘douche’ doesn’t begin to describe his lowness.

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