Gay Marriage and Adoption To Be Legal in Mexico City Tomorrow

Mexico This is going to be a significant week in marriage equality. Earlier today we saw the first gay and lesbian couples in Washington, DC receive their marriage licenses. Tomorrow comes an arguably bigger milestone when both marriage and adoption by same-sex couples become legal in Mexico City, the capital of a very religious and very conservative country. But gays are already worried that their rights might be taken away from them by the hands of the country's politicians. The Washington Post reports:

Gay rights activist Mariana Pérez Ocaña said she fears conservative provincial leaders will chip away at same-sex marriage.

abortion was legalized, she noted, states altered their constitutions
to say life begins at conception. Governors affiliated with PAN have
promised to challenge same-sex marriage.

"Many activists in gay groups fear there will be a backlash," Pérez said.

Undoubtedly. Especially in a country whose president has gone on record to say that "the constitution of the republic speaks explicitly of marriage between a man and a woman" and the city's Cardinal has declared same-sex marriage as a "'perverse' (that) measure would inflict psychological
damage on 'innocent children.'"


  1. nic says

    when will middle-america catch up to mexico, central america and south america? the world is passing us by.

  2. says

    A catholic priest of any rank has absolutely no business weighing in on what does or does not cause psychological harm to children. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

  3. Norm D Plume says

    Nic, you’re wrong to blame the middle class. The majority support legal recognition of same-sex relationships. It’s the second most homophobic/gay bashing party in the US, the Democrats, who are to blame. Stop blaming your neighbors and blame the rich millionaires who are the only ones who have the power to change the law, but refuse to, but still insist on your money and your votes.

    May the Democratic Party die once and for all and free us from the illusion that they give a shit about any of us.

  4. andres says

    I don’t get how the church dares to comment on this. This very day the illegal and hidden sons of Father Maciel (a pedophile priest and founder of a huge catholic group called Leginoarios) declared on radio that they where abused sexually by their own father, the priest.

  5. ignacio says

    I would like to learn more about gay adoptions as I am thinking that I would love to adopt a child to raise as my own in family love and acceptance.

    Who can I contact?

    Thank you.