1. Sean says

    How is it possible to be too gay for an ice skating show? If any sport should be leading the way for the rest, it’s this one. Having dated a skater I know how closeted gay men in this sport are encouraged to be. But with this brand of loathing how do we ever hope to support LGBT men and women in sports who are reluctant to come out? There are gay men in sports, some are in Skating. What’s the big fucking deal here? Those that encourage this closeted behavior in sports should be gone.

  2. Javier says

    Uh, he is not too gay. He is too effeminate. It’s one thing to be meekly, quietly effeminate, but he is flamboyantly effeminate. He relishes showcasing his effeminancy in people’s faces. He uses his extreme effeminancy to shock, jolt. If he chooses to be so flamboyant, he should be prepared to alienate the masses. He can’t be both flamboyantly effeminate and have mainstream success with the masses.


    “He can’t be both flamboyantly effeminate and have mainstream success with the masses”.

    No, of course he can’t.

  4. LetSodomRing says

    Canadian pair skater Jamie Salé also went on a homophobic rant against Johnny Weir on a talkshow recently, accusing him of being “floofy” and damaging the reputation of men’s skating:'s-not-so-safe-take-on-johnny-weir–/71245328001

    She even called him “anti-American”.

    Weir is being besieged on all sides by various people in skating. This goes back to last year, when an educational DVD was sent out to all the judges that used Johnny Weir as an example of bad artistry, and someone who should get low program component scores. Not surprisingly, his competitive results have suffered ever since.

  5. Rascal says

    @ Javier — as the self-appointed arbiter of mass opinion, surely you must realize that “too gay” means precisely “too effeminate.” If it does not mean that, then what exactly does it mean? Johnny likes his own kind TOO much? Please.

    Effeminacy in men is particularly threatening to latent homophobes because the feminine characteristics trigger either scary moments of attraction, turbulent moments of misogyny, or both. The “family friendly” euphemism is assumed to be related to children, but children do not associate “fabulousness” with anything other than entertainment. It’s the homophobic parents who assign social and sexual dimensions to male effeminacy.

    Stars on Ice is excusing, rationalizing, and perpetuation homophobia, pure and simple.

  6. Rascal says

    My letter to Smucker’s:

    As the named sponsor of Stars on Ice, Smuckers bears responsibility for the entertainment organization’s refusal to invite Olympian and three-time National Champion figure skater Johnny Weir to perform because he is not “family friendly” enough.

    What is not “family friendly” is excluding and marginalizing people because of perceived gender characteristics. Families are not uniform in their makeup. Families include many different kinds of people. Efforts to promote narrow conformity hurt families more than the celebration of diversity.

    Mr. Weir has a flamboyant style with a long tradition in entertainment. Only homophobes and misogynists feel confronted by what some consider to be an effeminate style — are those the groups that Smucker’s has chosen to defend? Are those the people with whom Smucker’s has chosen to be associated?

  7. LetSodomRing says

    Also, about this family values thing? Stars on Ice has no problem hiring drunk drivers (Alexei Yagudin, whom they hired after he was kicked off Champions on Ice for drinking problems), serial philanderers like Christopher Dean (he is the longtime choreographer for the show) and even people accused of sexually harassing minors (Lloyd Eisler). Of course, Stars on Ice is run by Scott Hamilton, who is on record as saying he’s homophobic and famously ditched his figure skating costume at the Olympics because he thought it looked too gay. As a commentator, he shows little respect for Weir, often making jokes and giggling at Weir as Weir is skating.

    I say to hell with them. Johnny Weir should not join Stars on Ice even if they beg. Why should he help line the pockets of Hamilton and his ilk? The really lucrative tours right now are in Asia, where Weir is very popular. He should let Stars on Ice sink on its own.

  8. Toddy says

    Let’s just slow down. We’re reading on a blog that “GLAAD has learned from a source that wishes to remain anonymous…” I’m always a little skeptical of that. I would be surprised that Stars on Ice wouldn’t want Johnny, given the scarcity of real figure skating stars right now, particularly Americans. Would Johnny even want to do this?? Seems like he’s more interested in branching out, working on a career in fashion, etc. This almost seems beneath him.

  9. says

    You’re quite right, “Rascal.” I’d add that effeminacy is threatening to ‘phobes because of the way they cling to gender role assignments.

    Of course kids love Johnny. He’s brilliant, incredibly sweet and a great skater. As always he will triumph over his enemies.

  10. Markus says

    Finally, FINALLY, people are talking about the severity of homophobia in figure skating. It has been getting nasty for some time now. By the way, Elizabeth Hasslebeck & Kurt Browning are hosting the ABC show “Thin Ice” this month – talk about a homophobic duo. Scott Hamilton, the owner of Stars on Ice, speaks on Pat Robertsons 700 Club and the “Figure Skating Hall of Fame” is located in Colorado Springs – home of the Evil James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family. Yeah…. its far worse than you thought – GO JOHNNY!!!

  11. E. Malcolm says

    Toddy has a point. Perez Hilton picked this up and wrote the story with the only source being the petition. The petition conjectures that this MIGHT be the reason why he was not invited. It’s very “could it be . . .?” They use “family friendly” in their conjecture. This language is getting picked up by blogs and others and its just not clear that it came from Smuckers or someone else. GLAAD, Perez H., and Towleroad are all now saying “family friendly” — where did that language come from?

    Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe this is possible, but the phrasing trail makes me skeptical.

    Yeah, I read a Perez Hilton story.

  12. LetSodomRing says

    While GLAAD is the first to get a source within the tour saying homophobia is the reason, it’s been speculated for years why Weir was denied a spot on the tour. Weir’s own agent, Tara Modlin, asked fans to sign a petition to get Stars on Ice to hire him recently. Tour founder Scott Hamilton’s homophobia and disdain of Johnny Weir is well documented and quite public. The GLAAD item qualifies more as “duh!” than gossip.

  13. Dan says

    Stars on Ice is owned by Scott Hamilton. All you have to do is listen to his commentary of skating events to hear his bias. Skaters who he signs to SOI contracts get the total ooooh ahhhh treatment. He uses his position as commentator to be a star-maker – gushing, and raving, telling back stories and whipping up excitement. If a skater is not part of SOI he is virtually silent. He rarely speaks of Johnny Weir. And when Johnny brings it to the big program, you can sense Hamilton’s begrudging praise once the routine is finished. It is a bare-faced bias that NBC should be accountable for.

    If Scott is commentator for Worlds later this month listen for it. It is unreal.

  14. crispy says

    Too gay for figure skating? That’s like saying “too tall for basketball.” Or “too redneck for NASCAR.”

  15. Z says

    I don’t know if there’s an anti-discrimination law wherever Stars on Ice is located, but this seems like a clear case of discrimination based on sexual orientation. Notice they did not say he wasn’t invited because he isn’t qualified or isn’t a big enough star, but because he is not “family friendly” (read: too gay). A pretty open and shut case of discrimination.

  16. Z says

    Javier, it’s also illegal to discriminate based on sex stereotyping — i.e., saying someone is “too feminine” or “too masculine.” If that’s what Stars on Ice is doing, they are violating federal law as well as possibly state law.

  17. Javier says

    Z, it depends on the federal court jurisdiction. While in Price-Waterhouse, the Supreme Court made it clear that sex stereotypes about women, would not be illegal under Title VII, it has never ruled just how far this would apply to men. Some appellate courts have embraced the notion that effeminate men are protected under Title VII, but other federal courts have been reluctant to protect them. In fact, the EEOC has very little guidance on protections for effeminate men under Title VII. At any rate, sex discriminators often assert the “bona fide occupational qualification” defense which allows employers to take sex or sex roles into account without legal sanction. In this case, Stars could assert that there is a legitimate business reason not to hire a very ostentiously effeminate skater.

  18. says

    My thoughts exactly, Crispy. Or too botoxed for the Real Housewives or too dumb to be Carrie Prejean or too homophobic to work for NOM, the list goes on . . .

  19. gerry says

    The bravest thing you can do is be yourself and Johnny has proved he has more bravery than 10 Scott Hamiltons.

  20. Joey says

    This pisses me off to no end! I am so tired of gays being treated like shit and getting
    little or no respect by those afraid that exhibiting some common decency towards us
    is going to emasculate them in any way.

  21. PhilWest says

    “Of course, Stars on Ice is run by Scott Hamilton, who is on record as saying he’s homophobic and famously ditched his figure skating costume at the Olympics because he thought it looked too gay.”

    That’s funny. When I hit puberty and started to realize that I was gay (sometime around the early-mid 80’s), I was really traumatized by the idea that I would turn out like Scott Hamilton. Literally, I didn’t want to be like Scott Hamilton. I was afraid that I’d be condemned to a lifetime of floofiness in gold lamé spandex and that I’d talk like I was wearing underwear five sizes too tight. Thank god that didn’t happen.

  22. nikko says

    Indeed, this makes me sick. I had no idea Scott Hamilton was homophobic. Uh dude, figure skating is a gay sport. Get over it!!!

  23. RJ (the other) says

    Markus, why do you think Elizabeth Hasselbeck or Kurt Browning are homophobic? Not a fan of Hasselbeck in general but I don’t believe she is homophobic.

  24. walter says

    there are two ways to deal with this .one is not attend performances of this traveling circus and two there are many other brands of jams and jellies .let the sponsors and the managers know why your not attending or buying their product. and i for always thought scott was gay. if they want to make figure skating more macho let them carry hockey sticks

  25. Robb says

    Sadly, the consequence of being provocative is that it provokes this kind of response. Is anyone actually surprised? Kudos to JW for putting it out there and having the courage to be himself, no matter the consequences; but there are consequences. It’s really sad, but this is the society we live in. It’s easy to forget from our urban centers of gay life, but most of the country hates us. Yes, HATES us. That is why every time a gay issue goes to a public referendum, we lose. Stars on Ice is a business, not a social movement – now we know what side of the fence Smuckers (ha! your name is Smuckers) and any other sponsors come down on- that’s fine. Thanks for the heads up about where not to spend our cash!

  26. Homophobe1 says

    The bottom line is he is a horrible skater, offends the general public (at least those who have brain cells and compassion) by wearing that horrible fur and he has said many “inappropriate” unsportsmanlike and unclassy comments against his fellow skaters over the years. Karma is a bitch, Johnny. Look to make a living elsewhere ’cause you just weren’t good enough to make the Stars on Ice cut. Their skaters are champions in all respects, and you never were one, nor ever will be one.

  27. Marcus says

    RJ (the Other) you can’t be seriously asking why I think Elizabeth Hasslebeck is anti-gay…. She is one of the GOP stars, she speaks out on her show, the View, against full Equal rights for gays. She even had the ex-gay (promotes a cure for homosexuality) group, Exodus International on the View a couple of years ago. Kurt Browning has always hated Johnny Weir. Watch Johnny’s TV show, Be Good, Johnny, I think 3 episode for Kurts anti-Johnny rant. Elizabeth & Kurt are like 2 peas in a pod. Also Kurt Browning is a big defender of Skate Canadas, Debbie Wilkes, the woman who started this whole mess last year, with her “Tough” Campaign to butch up the image of male figure skaters.

  28. Mikey says

    1st time commenter here..linked from d-listed which I oddley enough only know about because of cuteoverload. Anyway, I have to agree that you can’t be “too gay” for figure skating. I am straight and don’t really know much about the gay community but I always just figured that 90% of male figure skaters were gay. I don’t see how it matters as long as they ( the skaters) are entertaining and don’t skate to a song like “too drunk to fuck”. People who go to these shows must be OK with gays anyway. Not asking him is just stupid.

  29. hinbww says

    Joey I agree with you 100% as a retired PA and a retired Ordained Pastor and a gay man I am tired the way we all are not respected for who we are and what we do for others. Johnny help support his brother and his parents people need some common decency for Johnny.

  30. says

    don’t get it..he’s a figure skater..they are gay ok not all but really – and family friendly my butt – none of those holy rollers are family friendly and have no idea what unconditional love (which their god preaches) is. haters

  31. Anne says

    Unless Johnny(or anyone) is going to have sex on the ice I don’t see how he is not family friendly. This is a bunch of B. S.!!!

  32. Eileen says

    There are so many different kinds of family in this world. How is he not family friendly? His costumes are fun, not in bad taste! He is an amazing skater. It’s there loss.

  33. Raz230 says

    @LETSODOMRING: great job! You’re right- why should Johnny line their pockets (at the possible expense of his own self worth). I think Johnny Weir is a very strong person and the fact that he can stand up to all of this for so long is truly inspiring.

    ps: i’m not trying to pick a fight but your nic had me wonder- Sodom (and what they say happened there) wasn’t really about gay people… even though the churchies say it does.

  34. ElijahC says

    @Z Isn’t it true that people love to stereotype though. Wouldn’t that be the reason why, although illegal; it goes on as thought it weren’t?