Johnny Weir Confirms ‘Stars on Ice Tour’ Snub: ‘It’s For Real’

JwJohnny Weir responded to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush about reports that the 'Stars on Ice Tour' is refusing to invite him:

“It’s for real. All because I am not family friendly enough. I understand I am a little outrageous but I wish I could perform for the fans…Maybe right now, just artistically and creatively, I’d love to have my own show, with musical acts, like maybe getting Lady Gaga! I don’t like to think there are any boundaries. Anytime you get men in glitter it’s flamboyant!”


  1. Brian says

    You know, I have never been that into figure skating until I learned about Weir – and I was half-considering actually going to one of these post-Olympic shows like Stars on Ice *but only if he was there*. Except for the awesome Korean girl, I have pretty much zero interest in seeing any of the rest of the boring performers. I’ll wait for Weir & Gaga to go on tour instead. *That* is entertainment!

  2. LetSodomRing says

    From the comments and jokes on the last thread, I think people are understandably bemused by the seeming homophobia within figure skating. But as a longtime observer of the sport, I can tell you, homophobia is pervasive in it.

    It speaks to a severe lack of self-awareness that a sport that’s all sequins and kiss and cry thinks it’s got a macho image to protect. The fact is, this is not a discipline that cultivates people who are in touch with the rest of the world. Figure skating is extremely insular, and uniformity in opinion is enforced (for instance, skating judges whose scores fall out of line with other judges will be singled out and disciplined). It’s an environment in which bigotry and other errors in thinking are left to fester and multiply.

  3. Robb says

    What a great opportunity for a competitor to make an endorsement deal with JW….all the free press! Welch’s? Paulaner? are you paying attention…?

  4. says

    @neweng sounds like Stars on Ice made a wise choice..

    BULLSHIT! If some corporate entity wanted to make a pile, I’m certain he could get several of his well-known friends and take the show on the road himself. Maybe arrange to be in the same city the week before SOI.

    Heaven forbid that a talented ice skater, performer who happens to be effeminate (i.e. gay) would be someone that young confused children might look up to.

    Frankly, he comes across as dedicated, fun and very centered. What more could parents ask for?

  5. Dawson says

    Reality Check Johnny boy. What did you win this year? You didn’t win or place at the Olympics. Let me think, oh yes you came in 6th. And you came in 3rd at the Nationals where Ryan Bradley actually out skated you.

    If you were the national champion I could see your point but these are your numbers sixth in the Olympics and third at Nationals. Jeremy Abbott is our National Champion and you might have forgotten the Evan is the Olympic CHAMP.

    Rudy Galindo has been on Stars on Ice and he is as flamboyant as Johnny. This isn’t about being gay or not being gay this is Johnny being Johnny.

    Those who follow the sport knows that Johnny has been taking shots at anyone who doesn’t think he is the greatest skater around. Those who know the sport know that Johnny boy has been saying mean spirted things about Evan for years.

    We are falling into the poor Johnny game. This is all about keeping a 6th place ice skater in the public eye. This is Evan’s time. He won the gold fair and square. Someone needs to remind Johnny of that.

    Tell me when did Stars on Ice start putting the 6th place finisher in their show? It is called Stars on Ice for a reason. Sorry Johnny next time place in the top three at the Olympics or come in as the national champion and not former champion of three years ago and then you can talk. All we hear from you over and over is sour grapes and the taste is getting foul.

  6. says


    OMG – You just gave a perfect description of a CULT. That alone is enough to piss me off. The audacity of anyone to disallow differences in opinion.

    I say fcuk Stars On Ice, Smuckers and that used-to-be-cute Scott Hamilton. And I agree, wait for a Weir/GaGa event – hopefully one that will rival the laughably ‘phobic Stars On Ice.

  7. says


    I didn’t see anyone saying Lysacek didn’t deserve the gold (except that Russian gargoyle). However, Weir was robbed at the Olympics and took to it like a man, with grace (unlike the gargoyle).

  8. mike says

    DAWSON You sure are putting a lot of weight into the 6th place ranking when even Elvis Stojko has criticized those results:

    “He later commented that to reward Evan Lysacek with the gold medal during the 2010 Olympics meant that Johnny Weir was underscored and should have been awarded a bronze medal rather than placing 6th in that competition.”
    – Elvis Stojko’s Wikipedia Entry

  9. LetSodomRing says

    To counter DAWSON’s misinformation:

    Rudy Galindo was never on Stars on Ice, he was on the Champions on Ice tour, which Johnny Weir was also on. Champions on Ice, however, went bankrupt and no longer exists.

    As for Weir’s credentials, he is the 3 time US champion, and one of the most popular skaters in the world right now. Stars on Ice currently has Michael Weiss and Todd Eldredge on tour, and neither have won medals or skated competitively in years. And Stars on Ice just hired Belbin/Agosto, the US ice dancing team who just retired after a disappointing season in which they failed to win any major competition. The assertion that somehow Weir isn’t good enough for Stars on Ice is ridiculous.

  10. says

    He only has himself to blame for being so “flamboyant”! Most male figure skaters are gay, but Johnny is just too out there in your face queer. While we all try to get our equal rights and be accepted into society, the Johnnys of the world just provide the haters with more ammunition.

  11. Strepsi says

    @WISLAKEMAN: Wow, with friends like you, who needs enemas? You’d probably be telling Rosa Parks to sit down at the back of the bus because she was annoying the haters. STFU you gay Uncle Tom.

  12. TANK says

    This is the worst to happen since the holocaust!

    Seriously? Figure skating is the gayest “sport” in the history of sports! It’s gayer than gay porn. And yet there are homophobic skaters…that’s worse than a homophobic drag queen. Surreal.

  13. westward ho says

    ” While we all try to get our equal rights and be accepted into society, the Johnnys of the world just provide the haters with more ammunition.”

    but, see, this is hating. quiet, low-key hating that says people shouldn’t be who they are if who they are is outside the accepted norm. johnny weir is flamboyant and sparkly and stands out in a crowd; i don’t hear him asking anyone who feels more comfortable in harris tweed and a good book to dress like him or behave like him, or practice and work and skate like him. why should he have to conform to someone else’s idea of who he should be?

  14. Homophobe1 says

    All you morons just can’t admit that he is simply not good enough to be invited to the Stars on Ice Cast. They are all “respected” champions unlike him. Johnny has made unsportsmanlike comments about his competitors for years. Don’t act like you don’t know that. No class, no champion, no Stars on Ice. No one is a bigger “cad” in figure skating and he has ostracized himself from the mainstream. He only has himself to blame.

  15. Animal lover with a conscious says

    He should start his own skating show at the local drag club. Those are the only “fans” he has. He is an ignorant fur-wearing self-defeating person.

  16. TuMadre says

    “animal lover with a CONSCIOUS”???

    LMFAO. Don’t you mean “conscience,” sweetie? How about “Animal Lover Without an Education”?


  17. Z says

    DAWSON & others missing the point:

    Stars on Ice did not reject him for a lack of talent, they rejected him for not being “family friendly,” whatever that means. Probably it means gay. Does Stars have any out skaters?

  18. LetSodomRing says

    No, Z, and it never did. It did feature two skaters who later came out.

    And I reiterate what I said in the other post: Stars on Ice has hired drunk drivers, serial philanderers and even a guy accused of sexually harassing a 15 year old student. That’s all fine and good for their family values, but Johnny Weir is not. What the fuck? Or as we say in figure skating, quad the flutz?

  19. Dawson says

    Your right letsodomring I did get the two mixed up. Rudy did not skate for ‘Stars on Ice’ but the fact still remains he came in 6th!!! Underscored or not he came in 6th!

    Our Ladies were underscored too but they had the class and dignity to be happy with it. This is the problem that will happen in any subjective sport but you can not change the placement. It will always read 6 place.

    And doing a fact check you may have forgotten Johnny hasn’t been the National champion since 2006. Evan was the world champion in 2009 and the National Champion in 2007 and 2008. It’s his time. To him the glory.

  20. Rinnie says

    I don’t think its homophobia. Most of the stars on ice are very effeminate. I think its his over the top personality and in your face snark that I personally love but isn’t entirely great for family fun times. I love Johnny. I stalk Johnny, but he is bitchy.

  21. Paul says

    wow…there really are real “BITCHES” here.
    what is your problem, this is clearly a example of homophobia nothing more…nothing less. Johnny Weir is an amazing skater and has a huge fan base…all of whom will very disappointed that he will not be included. Lyseck or whatever his name is GAYER than pink ice too!! dating one of the female skaters…his beard!!

  22. Malcolm says

    He can be as flamboyantly effeminate as he wants, but he should not feel entitled to be employed and associated with Stars on Ice, who have every right to discriminate against skaters who exhibit offputting effeminate behavior. There is no right to be obnoxiously effeminate on someone else’s sponsorship.

  23. Marcus says

    Of course this is driven by homophobia. Very obviously so. Weir was 3 time US Champion and World Bronze, same as heterosexual skater Michael Weiss, currently with Stars on Ice, except Weirs medal are years newer than Weiss. Double Standard – Absolutely…………… Also, The owner of Stars on Ice is Scott Hamilton, who speaks on Pat Robertsons 700 Club on Christian TV. The Figure Skating Hall of Fame is in Colorado Springs, home of Focus on the Family. Smuckers, the shows sponsors, call themselves a “family friendly” company – code for… now what. There are more smoking guns here than in the Wild West!

  24. Pi says

    Weir and Lysacek actually tied in the 2008 US Nationals—up to the two decimal point of their scores. USFSA decided to award the first place to Evan because his score was higher than Johnny’s in the free skate, which personally I found unfair because the points from the two programmes were already weighted in the score itself.

    What I’d like to point out is that Johnny isn’t passe as Dawson has suggested—and his inclusion in no way will take away Evan’s spotlight; Evan’s skating is brilliant and I have no doubt he can hold his own—to think Johnny can take the focus away from him is a slight to Evan as well. US should be proud that we have two of the world’s top male figure skaters and they are so different from one another. If this were any other sport, if JW is anyone but JW, Stars on Ice would have likely embraced them both, and their contrast in style would have drawn in crowds from different backgrounds. Commercially, it doesn’t make sense to leave JW out…. which makes people wonder why this is so.

  25. Peter X says

    I admire Johnny Weir for being honest (unlike most gay athletes) and EVERY Gay person should celebrate that!

    I, like others in this thread would have actually gone to see Weir in Stars On Ice (but not without him). I imagine there IS a thoughtful producer who understands that there is a paying audience that wants to see Weir’s talent and style.It could be quite a show – with built in press – It seems like the lineup for Stars on Ice is quite weak . . .

  26. Tim R says

    so tragic that some gay men commenting here think that being effeminate in any way seems to mean that you are trying to undermine gay activism, that johnny weir being himself is, according to them, wrong. that is nothing but deeply rooted homophobia. sad.

  27. mark says

    When the world grows up and the Olympics has ice dancing competitions that include lesbian and gay male couples then all the drama about Weir will be a thing of the past.

    That’s probably going to take a few hundred years….so don’t hold your breath or anything.

    In the meantime Johnny does a better triple lutz than I, so I’ll respect him!

  28. nic says

    i find the fags on this thread who are denigrating johnny weir beneath contempt.

    from wiki: John G. “Johnny” Weir (born July 2, 1984) is an American figure skater. He is a three-time U.S. National Champion (2004–2006), the 2008 Worlds bronze medalist, a two-time Grand Prix Final medalist, and the 2001 World Junior Champion. As of February 2010 he is ranked fourth in the world.

    there was a time when i would disdain my gay brothers for being less masculine than i thought they should be. that thinking for me is long in the past. johnny weir is among the strongest of us all.

    he is great at what he does. frankly, he would be the only real, ballsy man on “stars on ice” if they had the cojones to get him. alas, they worship mediocrity.

  29. says

    Gay men’s discomfort with the slightest bit of flamboyance or femininity (“str8 acting”?!!!) is sad. I think Weir is confident, bright, and talented. I’m proud to include him in our expansive LGBT community, even though he may not yet be “officially” one of us. Cut the kid some slack and remember what many of YOU went through on your journey toward being more comfortable with your sexual identity.

  30. Randy says

    I’d certainly go see a Weir event (provided he leaves the furs at home).

    I will NOT be seeing Stars on Ice. Neither will the more enthusiastic skating fans in my family, who are disgusted by their decision to lock him out.

  31. Bayley says

    The gay community is the BIGGEST homophobes on the planet…not hetros, but old, bitter gays who desperately want to fit in with hetros. Just read these comments…everytime there’s blatant homophobia reported on here, you have self loathing gays siding with the hetros UNTIL their ass gets bashed in and then they call the ACLU and get sue happy. I certianly PRAY all those who play devils advocate on here just to support hater hetros get some discriminating in the near future.

    P.S- Johny Weird is the Tiger Woods of figure skating. NO ONE gives a flying blank about this dead as disco sport until he came along and generated more press for it than Tanya Harding’s white trash @$$…and you can take that to the bank.

  32. Kyle says

    Skrew Stars On Ice…I’m making a facebook update to have everyone boycott the show and pass it along their face book. I have 4,000 friends and it will spread quickly. Hows that for being “Family Friendly?” ….flamboyence is a part of life and Thank GOD people are different than the next person.

  33. Michael Dragoni says

    I agree with several points here.

    #1 – When did figure skating delude itself into thinking it’s butch? Yes, it’s extremely athletic, and we all appreciate the conditioning required for competition, but come on. Any time you dye your shoes to match your outfit AND use a Bedazzler, you pretty much have to give up on butchness.

    #2 – STARS ON ICE absolutely missed the best publicity they would ever have gotten. Johnny Weir, whom I adore, is an attention and media magnet. Ticket sales would have been through the roof with people panting in anticipation of Johnny’s performances. Companies spend bazillions to get that kind of press, and these morons turned it away when it was all but free. STOOPID.

    #3 – I don’t exactly understand WHAT is so outrageous about Weir. He’s fun, and he’s exciting to watch. If he did a Lady GaGa routine during STARS ON ICE, people would love it. She’s a hugely popular artist, and lots of young people, who are in families, love her. If anything, that kind of performance would make figure skating cool to a whole new demographic. Teenagers will actually WANT to go do something with their parents.

    I’m so tired of the phrase “family friendly.” It assumes that all families are mindless clones who want sanitized entertainment that is free of any diversity or engaging commentary. STARS ON ICE is insulting and underestimating its audience.

  34. Continuum says

    @WISLAKEMAN — WOW!!!!!!! Blame the victim much?????? Saying that a figure skater is “too flamboyant” is an oxymoron, which I guess goes along with your moronic remark.

    Get over your “straight acting” personna that you use to hide your real self during the daytime, and celebrate guys like Weir who have enough courage to act and speak the way they feel.

    Guys like Weir have had to put up with more homophobic shit than you have ever pooped out of your own self hating asshole. These kind of guys, drag queens, trannies, and fems were unafraid to stand up for our rights while you were cowardly trying to fake out your parents by dating girls.

    What the fuck is so warped in your pea brain, that you feel you have to blame Weir rather than the folks who are afraid of his being “too gay”.

    WISLAKEMAN you need to STFU and change your name to WISLAKEQuisling.

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