Towleroad TV Oscars Exclusive: A SINGLE MAN Actors Colin Firth & Julianne Moore On Gay Marriage

Not long ago Towleroad TV correspondents Josh Helmin and Josh Koll of Josh & Josh Are Rich and Famous sat down with A SINGLE MAN co-stars Colin Firth (nominated for Best Actor for his role) and four-time Academy Award-nominee Julianne Moore to talk about their critically well-received film (the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford) and their thoughts on the continuing gay marriage debate.


  1. J.Me says

    Julianne Moore has always been ace in my book. She is a class act, this interview and her return to cancelled soap, “As The World Turns” proves it.

  2. patrick nyc says

    Moore is great in every film she does, one of our finest working. She should have won an Oscar in for the Hours, was much better than Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  3. daws says

    I’m dying to see this movie! Colin is a great guy and I have to admit I had a crush on him since seeing him in Bridget Jones’ Diary lol. Julianne is brilliant and a one of my favorite actresses. I never thought about restructuring marriage/civil unions in that way but she’s absolutely right. I also loved her tribute to Colin Firth at the Oscars last night. Such sweet words.

  4. Nick says

    Julianne is indeed a class act; sorry to hear this morning that Colin didn’t win-he most certainly deserved it. I haven’t watched the OSCARS since the boat sank years ago- and made the awards even more irrelevant than ever- Colin and Meryl deserved the OSCARS-but now the Academy enjoys denying Meryl.

  5. Erick says

    Julianne Moore is a gorgeous woman. She was snubbed and should been nominated for an Oscar for her work in ” A Single Man.”