1. anon says

    Okay, 1) there is no federal citizens arrest and 2) under CA law you need to be a direct witness to the crime. Making a false arrest is grounds for various charges.

  2. ggg says

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  3. Andrew K says

    I normally on first amendment grounds don’t support shouting people down. However, the evidence of war crimes is quite public and conclusive to anyone who has paid attention.

    I think you can easily make the case that we all witnessed the authorization of the commitment of war crimes – i.e. torture.

    the only thing is – it’s not clear Rove himself is officially responsible. Cheney on the other hand, has outright admitted it and been on TV to brag about it.

  4. MrRoboto says

    Yikes! I utterly despise Rove and quite enjoy seeing him taken to task, but the downside to this event is that it was put together by one of my very good friends (the redhead who puts himself between the CodePink protestor and Rove). He just started a new company to promote book events, and this was his first event. Not an auspicious start, the poor guy. And for anyone wondering, one of his most recent events before striking out on his own was with Al Gore for his last book, so at least he’s balanced.

  5. says

    America needs a little more good, old-fashioned civil disobedience. When we’re all too nicety-nice, we get stomped on. They weren’t violent (quite unlike the Bush administration, which is responsible for killing at least tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands), but they had a point and made it. Good on them.

  6. says

    I despise Karl Rove but I actually think I despise organization of Code Pink a bit more. These delusional idiots who think the Bush administration was competent enough to plan the collapse of the World Trade Center do not do a single thing to bring respect for themselves or their cause.

  7. Norm D PLume says

    These folks have more courageous than ANY Democrats will ever have. Obama is a piece of dog shit for refusing to go after Bush for his war crimes. Why does Obama refuse? Because he’s continuing those same crimes himself. Democrats/Republicans: the only difference is the shit the sell their loyal followers.

  8. shawna says

    you do realize code pink goes to dead soldiers funerals and protest against them and harass government members and the families of soldiers. these women are loons. they called for george bush and laura to be kidnapped, posted on muslim brotherhood website inviting people to “cleanse” our country.

    these women are disgusting left wing nuts. you dont do this kind of shit unless you are completely out of your mind. i dont care how you view the war but dont go fucking after soldiers and their families.

  9. Mark Burn-It says

    Can’t we make a reality TV show with Code Pink vs. the Tea Baggers? You know, who can make it through the riot police and national guard to touch the Pentagon, while wearing giant papier-mache heads of Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi? I bet I know which team would win the grammar and spelling portion of the show.

  10. Missi says

    Speaking of pigs…Code Pink is a bunch of squealing pink pigs. They are a joke and their actions make me laugh! Ha ha ha! What a bunch of losers!

  11. says

    These people want to sit here and lie and whine about how unfair the left is and yet cheer on those tea bag terrorists as they smash windows, curse out congressmen, spit in faces, and cut gas lines. The right is ridiculous.

  12. el polacko says

    shame on these nasty old hippie-leftover biddies ! i heard them tell a mother who lost her son in iraq that her son deserved to die for the shameful act of joining the military !! how is this any different from the vile westboro phelps clan ? i have no use for people who espouse such heartless, thoughtless hatred.

  13. FunMe says

    I love Code Pink. As much as some people may criticize them, they have more balls than most people. They are courageous for standing up to the CRIMINALS in the bush administration for the wars, havoc and destruction they caused the world.

    When bush was in power, it was hard for people to even wear a liberal leaning t-shirt. These WOMEN were not afraid. They stood up for the convictions and protested those who caused harm to the less-fortunate.

    I applaud them. They could care less about what others say. They stand steadfast to the FASCISTS who are still roaming our country.

  14. the padrino says

    war crimes? the bush addm did what they had to do to protect us from another 9/11 why dont those cowards from code pink tell the families of 9/11 what REAL war crimes are. those guys did the dirty work we all would be ashamed of but they did it thats what those extrememist want to devide us into factions pres Bush was is a betteer man than this coward that we have in the white house bush was never friends with a terrorist like obama was and is still friends

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