Johnny Weir to Discuss Sex Life in Forthcoming Autobiography

Cyd Zeigler of Outsports caught up with Johnny Weir, who is scheduled to appear at the GLAAD Awards in L.A. on Saturday and at a benefit for Equality California on Sunday.

Weir These events are, as far as I know, the first time Weir has made public appearances at LGBT rights events.

Said Weir to Zeigler about recent articles that paint him as "two-faced" for never having said whether he's gay:

"What year do we live in? Is it not 2010? It’s not 1910. I think the time for labeling people has come to an end. Everyone needs to move on and live in a way that everyone can live together. Whatever your own personal life is, it doesn’t matter. It has no basis on who I am as a person. My sexuality isn’t something I keep sacred but it’s not something I need to defend. I am so thrilled that GLAAD did come to my defense, but it wasn’t only gay groups that came to my defense. For someone to criticize me for not saying yes or no to a question is silly."

Of course, Weir no doubt sees some value in what his sexuality would mean to people.

Writes Zeigler: "Weir told me that he will disclose much of his sexual past in a new autobiography that he is writing, which will come out in 2011. He said he’s using the book to tell the full story of Johnny Weir because he can control the message in the book, and because 'there are people out there who want to hear that story.'"


  1. Happily Married says

    Equal rights are too important for this kind of BS. If he is gay and proud he should have no problem saying so. To dodge the question makes it look like being gay is some sort of furtive sexual perversion. FAIL.

  2. adam says

    I’m wondering how many people who make scathing comments about Johnny have come out nationally or internationally themselves, or how many have risked not being rewarded for being at the top of their sport by homophobic judges. Johnny’s lived his life in a way that would inspire most free spirited people. I can’t say the same about the current Olympic champion who’s gone out of his way to mask his sexuality. Johnny’s 25 years old, any other 25 year olds criticizing him? Are any of you here figure skaters yourselves? And if you are out did you risk international fame to do it? There’s a lot of stone-throwing-glass-house-living guys on this blog!

  3. TANK says

    Marty, I seem to remember something about you wishing death to bitter queens who disagreed with you (ehem, and this one happens to be younger, more than likely)…table for one, huh?

  4. Rin says

    I have a feeling he will come out as bisexual, as femme as he is. Just a feeling because he doesn’t strike me as someone who would deny being gay if he was. I think this kid is someone who desires anyone who understands how fabulous he is.

    I have a friend who I assumed was gay, rather than bi, because he dated men, was very femme–even did drag once or twice. Then one night he asked if I wanted to have sex. Thought he was kidding and poo-poo’d it away. Then he was like: it’s 2 am what else better do you have to do.

    The next day I straight up asked him if he was serious the night before and he said he was and that he was “bi”. Living with two gay men growing up, I think they instilled in me a bi-a-phobia and I felt really awkward about him for a long time after that; like I didn’t believe him to tell you the truth.

    I didn’t understand bisexuality because I thought it was just the last stop on the road to being gay. I’m trying hard to understand it now.

    Anyway, I think this is why Johnny is not coming “out”.

    Just a theory.

  5. James says

    This little bitch was on Chelsea Lately and basically outed Evan Lysacek, but yet he can’t even say “yes, I’m gay?”
    And I say bull crap to there being homophobic judges in the sport of FIGURE SKATING! Like, come on everyone knows the majority of male figure skaters are gay they’re not NFL athletes that have to project a masculine image. Does Johnny think that his denial really is believed by anyone to mean that he’s straight? Like, when people play coy its because whatever the issue is its usually true!

  6. Jaded says

    James ~ I can assure you that there are homophobic judges in figure skating. There are also homophobic officials in positions of power in almost all figure skating federations. You state that “everyone knows the majority of male figure skaters are gay.” Quite a few of them are gay, yes, but NONE OF THEM are out to the general public/media. Doesn’t that fact make you stop and think? If there are so many gay guys in figure skating, why don’t ANY of them come out during their competitive careers? The answer is simple: repercussions. And some skaters won’t address the issue even after they retire. Case in point – Brian Boitano. He won his Olympic gold medal 22 years ago and yet he still refuses to answer questions about his sexuality.

    As far as Johnny is concerned, he lives his life more transparently than other competitive skaters. Just because he refuses to label himself does not mean that he is in “denial.” He’s never denied being gay, and if you actually watched that Chelsea Lately interview that you mentioned, you know that he had plenty of opportunities to deny it since she totally harped on it like some tittering sixth grader.

  7. Ashley says

    He has never actually said he’s gay? And seeing him, you really need conformation? I could have sworn he’s mentioned being gay on his show. Just because he hasn’t held a press conference or goes around with a t-shirt that says ‘I’M GAY’ people are bashing him? Get over it.

    If by some chance he wasn’t gay, oh well everyone already thinks he is. I think you’d have a harder time trying to convince someone he wasn’t gay. Score 1 for Team Gay.

  8. TANK says

    Okay, I understand people making predictions based on mannerisms because usually, they’re accurate in the short term…you have a relationship with someone, and stereotypes are absurd. But who cares if he’s bisexual or a power top or any of those things? You’re not gonna find out. And even if you do…bfd.

  9. Rikard says

    I continue to be suprised at how much people make of this and how confused the subject gets. Yes it is OBVIOUS. No he shouldn’t be forced “out”, or financialy pressured to stay “in”. He is a cute, talented boy. we want to know if he is dating anyone. The yenta in us thinks he should be dating someone. Dolly Levi, help a brother out here.

  10. kw says

    I’m sorry but I’m 100% sure he’s bi not gay and that is one reason he’s not agreeing to be what people want him to be and say that he is just gay. It’s not like he’s pretending to be straight, he’s visibly queer. People can’t accuse him of being closeted given how flaming he is but he’s not going to say he is gay because IMO he probably isn’t.
    All the comments he makes about don’t judge a book by the cover and not liking labels is the way bi people talk. The “no labels” thing is our mandatory cliche. It’s what gym memberships are for gay men and cats are for lesbians. Finally, as a bi woman who has dated a lot of bi men frankly I can smell it on him.

  11. Known says

    Rikard, calm down :) He’s 1000% gay, believe me I know. But it doesn’t matter. He’s right when he tells about labeling. It’s his strategy, Johnny is not coy about his sexuality, but he won’t declares it through the main press. And btw, is everybody blind and deaf? How you can suppose he’s even bi? Johnny the gayest person ever and I wonder how you can’t see it.

  12. Mercy says

    Ricky Martin took over 20 years to come out as did many, many others. It takes a certain personality to come out at the beginning of their career (Rufus Wainwright, Adam Lambert, etc.) and even they say it has made an impact on their career in terms of money, deals and sales. Leave Johnny to be Johnny and come out when and IF he’s ready.

  13. Teryn says

    It’s up to each individual how and WHEN they choose to come out…if ever. How ridiculous for everyone to keep pounding that same nail “when’s he going to openly admit he’s gay?” Leave it alone.

  14. Dru says

    All the comments he makes about don’t judge a book by the cover and not liking labels is the way bi people talk. The “no labels” thing is our mandatory cliche.
    – This. I am not going to claim to “know” his sexual orientation, because I do not. But I will agree with this comment, a lot of the comments Weir makes are the way bi people tend to talk. How bi people talk to the point of it being a bit of a cliche.
    It all reminds me of Mika a few years back, who posed for the cover of Out magazine and said he did not do labels. And now has said that if you want to label him, the label would be bisexual.

    Anyway, he is about as closeted as Mika or Adam Lambert were before they officially came out–which is to say barely closeted at all.

    And anyone who think femme and/or camp guys must be gay as opposed to bi, see: Mika, Patrick Wolf, Alan Cumming, and Brian Molko. (And yes, femme guys can be straight and can be asexual and can be whatever else.)

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