Mark Wahlberg’s Catholic Priest Told Him No ‘Brokeback Mountain’

That Mark Wahlberg turned down a role in Brokeback Mountain has been written about. Said Wahlberg in a 2007 interview:

Wahlberg  "I met with Ang Lee on that movie, I read 15 pages of the script and got a little creeped out. It was very graphic, descriptive – the spitting on the hand, getting ready to do the thing. I told Ang Lee, 'I like you, you're a talented guy, if you want to talk about it more…' Thankfully, he didn't…I didn't rush to see Brokeback, it's just not my deal… Obviously, it was done in taste – look how it was received."

Now, the National Enquirer reports that Wahlberg turned down the role on the advice of his priest:

"The 38-year-old reformed bad boy relies on his closest confidante and longtime religious mentor, the Rev. James Flavin, to help him pick and choose his parts. 'Mark is a practicing Catholic, and he never makes a final decision on a starring role until Father Flavin gives his OK,' an insider revealed to The Enquirer. 'Mark says he owes his career to Father Flavin.' … 'Father Flavin pushes Mark to honor his religious roots,' said the source. 'Even though Mark was offered one of the leads in Brokeback Mountain, he passed because of the gay subject matter, which clashes with Catholic doctrine.'"

Of course, playing a coke and meth-addicted hustler with a 10-inch penis in Boogie Nights was fine.


  1. Marco says

    His Priest approved Shooter, in which he literally shoots a kijillion people?

    What a homophobic asshole. In addition, he’s not half the actor Heath Ledger was, assuming he was reading for that role.

    Did anyone see The Happening? Wahlberg as a science teacher? Laughter ensues.

  2. Disgusted American says

    Hey Wahlberg — SUCK IT! Now that I know this – I won’t waste a penny EVER, or even my free time viewing anything you have to do with! Stuff your Buy-Bull up your Ass…and go suck your Preist cock

  3. Gadfly says

    So Boogie Nights was fine. I guess playing a professional thief in “The Italian Job” is another Christian role. What a crock of BS. Thankfully USA Today is out with a new poll saying young people are not devout. Hope is on the way.

  4. Rob says

    Well keep going to your religious mentor for career advice then, he’s obviously making good choices for you such as The Big Hit, Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job, Shooter, The Happening, Max Payne.

    What a homophobic douche, people like that who work within the creative arts always make me laugh, (sorry to stereotype but) who do you think does all the set design, costumes, hair & make-up and so much more?

    Fucking prick

  5. David C. says

    I suppose Father Flavin approved the homoerotic pandering to the gay community, the hustling he did in Calvin Klein underwear. Mr. Whalberg cruised the crap out of me in a sneaker store in the Beverly Center back in 1994. This is more about “Marky Mark’s” discomfort with his own bisexuality. His own homophobia. Nothing more nothing less.

  6. KB says

    …For all you queens that say that Lady Gaga supports gays for our money, at least SHE contributes back….THIS closet case was MADE by his appearances at gay bars with his pants around his ankles….I’m sure that he has some resentment from those strip shows…and whatever happened AFTER those shows….Oh FATHER, for I have sinned…

  7. rich says

    Excuse me, but since when is the National Enquirer a reliable source for inside information?

    It doesn’t sound like Wahlberg makes any comment the priest part…and LOTS of actors passed on those roles…(THANK GOD). So I wonder if this isn’t all just a concoction to sell papers.

    On another note…

    I had a picture book from when he was young, hot Marky Mark, and I remember one of the pull quotes (how could yo forget it?) was:

    “Flav is the coolest muther fu*ker I know”

    …Could this the Flav he was talking about?

  8. Dennis says

    He’d be a friggib’ NOBODY if he hadn’t let the gays salivate all over his Calvin Klein brief photos back in the day…he never was the brightest bulb, typical that he is still caught up in the web of religious hypocrisy (kill people on screen, fine…play a gay, not so much)…

    Say Hello to ya mother, douchebag.

  9. pete says

    All I can say is thank you Father for having him pass on that role. Can you imagine what it be without Heath or Jake. Sometimes things just work out for the best.

  10. Dan Cobb says

    It’s amazing that this Wahlberg creep who took a tire iron to the head of an older Chinese-American man and left him for dead, permanently blinding the man in one eye has the audacity to present himself as a paragon of morality –rejecting the creepy (read: homosexual) role in Brokeback Mountain. What a vile little man he is!
    No wonder he consorts with the human waste that is the RC church. Boogie nights is OK but a deep loving relationship between two men is too disgusting… creepy! And yet the priests are doing the dirty with other men ALL THE TIME! I know, believe me, I know! It’s a testament to how stupid many Catholics must be to stay in that loathesome church.

  11. says

    Interesting that being in a movie about two men in love that was tastefully done and acclaimed was not acceptable, but producing a series like Entourage where women are objectified and gay slurs are thrown all over the place is acceptable.

  12. Sean R says

    Why all defensive Marky Mark? Mind you, I couldn’t see Wahlberg in either leading role myself, but he did miss out on the opportunity to make an iconic film.

  13. gayalltheway says

    I wonder how he feels about his brother being in a boy band with a gay man.

    I never like him to begin with because I think he has no talent whatsoever besides looking good in a pair of briefs. His acting is really mediocre at best. Oh and don’t forget the whole rapper-wannabe phase that he went through – the horror.

  14. Wes says

    Funny when straight men can’t watch a film that involves (but doesn’t actually show) a sex scene between two men but I’m sure he’d have no problem watching Dexter or Saw or something equally gruesome.

    It says a lot about their insecurity. How many times do we see a film with heterosexual sex depicted? So often its like nothing, we don’t even think about it.

    Some straight people are just so fragile.

  15. Scott says

    The very idea of “Marky” Mark Wahlberg telling Ang Lee “You’re a talented guy…” is so laughable to be ridiculous. Mark Wahlberg is a rube. Talentless, homophobic, ignorant, and now… it would seem… Catholic. I wonder what his Priest thought about his semi-nude Calvin Klein ads, where he “grabs his junk.” Oh yeah… of course the Priest liked those. Duh.

  16. Piper says

    His character in “Boogie Nights” attempts to jerk off in a truck for a male fan?? Homosexual masturbation…two biggies on the Catholic “don’t take that script” list. Geez.

  17. TANK says

    His priest? According to his priest, he has no relationship with this douche…barely knew him, and doesn’t now. Marky mark created this priest relationship (the scandal!) to craft his image as a hypocrite. He’s a talentless thug.

  18. davii says

    Chill out. So what, the man is Catholic? He missed out. That’s how I look at it. Jake took the role, or Heath, and made it Hollywood legend. What has he made that was so culturally important as that film? I remember when they reviewed it in the Christian-Science monitor. They didn’t approve, but they didn’t shoot it down either. He probably regrets turning it down now, but in all honesty I am glad he didn’t take it. Not that I am mad he didn’t it over homophobia, but rather that I don’t think his talent is that strong. I saw him in that movie as the cop who was shot in the face, and in the Departed: he can play antagonistic very well, a hot guy, sure, but someone as flawed as Ennis del Marr? Yeah, no.

  19. tooboot says

    He’s a shitty actor with no depth at all. All he is good for is thug roles. Anytime he’s asked to be anything but angry or elated he can’t step up. Did you see The Lovely Bones? What a mistake to cast him as the long-suffering father. His insincerity was palpable and HE’S A FATHER in real life. You would think that just that alone would offer him experience enough to draw from, but nooooo, he couldn’t muster the emotional complexity of a paper bag.
    He probably is another Catholic hypocrite but that aside the worst part of it all is his inability to act.

  20. Philip Wester says

    He was creeped out because of a graphic sex-scene? Would he have been even remotely creeped out if the sex-scene had been a heterosexual one? I love it when homophobes try to sound less homophobic by making up excuses, only to sound quite homophobic in the end, anyway.

  21. Paul R says

    I’m not defending him, because if this story is true then he’s obviously an idiot. But (gay blasphemy to follow) I wasn’t crazy about Brokeback Mountain, and I could see him doing a decent job in it. So shoot me.

    Let’s also not forget that Heath Ledger apparently had panic attacks about doing the movie (before, during, and after), so it’s not like everyone involved was super gung ho or gay friendly.

  22. ChadSF says

    I wonder what kind of “skeletons” he’s hiding in his “closet”. Here we have another self-proclaimed devout Catholic, just like Mel “EtOH” Gibson. And they accused the LGBT of indoctrinating the young. Mark Wahlberg was a thug and now, he’s simply a thug with money and he’s giving it away to one of the biggest scam family.. The Catholic Church.

  23. Rascal says

    Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

    First of all, you people are surprised that a priest would advise against such a role? Really? Are you surprised when summer follows spring?

    And as for Wahlberg — or any actor, for that matter — why is it somehow confrontational or unacceptable or politically questionable that he is uncomfortable with the idea of performing gay love scenes? What has that got to do with anything? Do you really expect all straight actors — or all straight people, for that matter — to be comfortable with the idea of gay sex? That, my friends, is never going to happen nor is it the point of any political or social evolution.

    Demanding that the straight majority accord gay people social dignity and equal rights under the law is the point, not that they are suddenly comfortable with physical endeavors that don’t feel natural to their own bodies.

    Broaden your own minds, people, before you demand that others broaden theirs.

  24. TANK says

    Well when they finally get around to producing “Circling the drain: the Mark Wahlberg story,” I’m sure any actor they find to portray him will have similar issues… with playing a gay man and all.

  25. SSCHIEFRSHA says

    I think people are conveniently ignoring a phrase in article here…”reformed bad boy”
    He has made no statement condemning his Calvin Klein days or his gay club performances nor did he say “I turned it down because my pastor told me to” so just chill everybody. It’s “The Enquirer” people.

  26. Gianpiero says

    If they had cast him (as Ennis, I’m guessing), they probably would have had to cast someone else as Jack, since Wahlberg is noticeably older than Ledger and Gyllenhall were.

  27. jamal49 says

    Hmmmm….one wonders about M. Wahlberg’s relationship with Father Flavin. What a load of crap. Like others here, it makes one question over and over the hypocrisy of playing a coke-head, big-dick, promiscuous, hetero porn-star while cringing at the idea of playing a conflicted, closeted but very decent gay cowboy. Ya know something, Markie? You lost me on this one. You are nothing but an asshole. And not a very classy one at that.

  28. anon says

    In his defense he claims to have rejected his past, so this is not inconsistent of him. He is also a convert (I thought he was Jewish), so probably more defensive about his choices, and he’s basically blaming the priest for making him look bad to the gay community–which ain’t too classy.

  29. Jersey says

    I suspect Annie Proulx or either of the producers said hell no to this talentless actor ruining either character. Had nothing to do with some words from a child rapist priest.

  30. Thomasina says

    I wonder if Mark Wahlberg got his priest’s okay before he beat and blinded a couple of Vietnamese men while yelling racial slurs (including “you “Vietnam fucking shit”) at them? Mind you, this was not something he did in a movie–it was an actual crime for which he was convicted and sent to prison ( As a juvenile, he also was part of a gang who throw rock and yelled slurs at a group of black children. Seriously–there is plenty of evidence already that Wahlberg is the worst kind of bigoted thug, and to hide his bigotry behind religion makes it that much more shameful.

  31. Eugene says


    “Do you really expect all straight actors — or all straight people, for that matter — to be comfortable with the idea of gay sex?”

    No, I expect them to be comfortable _enough_ not to turn down gay roles. As a gay man, I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with “straight” roles.

  32. Paul R says

    As I recall, the only same-sex encounters in the movie occurred in a tent or the kiss outdoors. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I could kiss anyone for a paycheck. If he’s scared of being perceived as gay for playing a role, that makes Gyllenhall look a whole lot ballsier.

  33. richard s says

    I have a problem with people who are normally good and kind serving and supporting the Vatican status quo. I come from this background and find that most RC families are more tolerant within their own families. This is only my observation. I love my family regardless but I’m lucky to have their support even if it is in an DADT format.

  34. B-rod says

    I hope the National Enquirer is making that up. If not, how does Marky Mark rectify the fact that he had 3 kids with his then girlfriend – yes, out of wedlock bastards – and premarital sex with this Catholic faith? Me thinks he doth protest too much.

  35. wtf says

    BEHOLD…the Prince of Douchebaggery…

    Another unsurprising revelation from an uneducated rube blessed with great management. I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.

  36. SARAH says

    He has said countless times that he was never offered the part in BROKEBACK. And if you read what he said, he would have considered doing it! He may be a devout catholic, but it doesn’t mean he can’t make his own decisions. This so-called “insider” clearly is not.

  37. JT says

    True. I sort of take this story with a grain of salt too. But if it’s true, too bad Marky’s favorite gay teamster uncle isn’t around anymore to go slap that priest.

  38. Toni says

    I always gave it the benefit of the doubt with him … but FUCK HIM.

    Gay people made him a star.

    Fuck you Marky Mark.
    Done over…. with Entourage too.

  39. Bill Perdue says

    Thank God he passed on this. This is the guy who played a major part in the ruinous remake of Planet of the Apes. BTW, he kisses and shows some attraction to a female ape in that movie, but I guess that is OK with the Catholic priest who advises him.

  40. Andy says

    You might want to give him a bit of a break, considering this is from the National Enquirer. Regardless of Stephen’s comment, I don’t think they’re exactly infallible. I think demonizing him should be withheld until he confirms this in his own words. Personally, I’m just glad Heath Ledger got to play the role, as I think he was ten times the actor Mark Wahlberg is.

  41. DireFates says

    I have trouble believing this story is true. As people have been saying, how could his priest advise him to turn down Brokeback (and I can’t quite envision Marky Mark in either lead, trying to effect a southern accent) but give his ok for other violent, sexually R-rated films. I do believe Wahlberg was/is homophobic, racist and very sensitive about his career. Fear of professional suicide alone would have panicked him to turn down any role in Brokeback, even the part played by Randy Quaid.

  42. Tyler says

    I remember this story and interview from a few years ago. Mark does attend church services in L.A. when he’s in town and he attends religiously.

    Although it is the pot calling the kettle black, I’d hardly call Mark Wahlberg a saint and I did find it eerie when this story did come to light cause Wahlberg has praised homosexuals here and there as well.

    He’s also not an actor that has much of a range, he would’ve damaged “Brokeback Mountain”. Mark is eye candy, that’s all.

  43. says

    first of all, thankfully (IF the story is true) he turned down the role. Both primary roles in Brokeback required ACTORS. I would say Ang Lee REJECTED him is more likely,

    That being said, this is just another example of some talentless freak biting the cock that fed him.

  44. says

    @Richard S: I HOPE with all sincerity you find REAL support someday in whatever family you create or find yourself in. Support in a DADT format is NOT support in any real way. I feel really sorry for you not realizing that, and putting up with the feeble support based on a lie you have now. REAL support is UNCONDITIONAL regardless of one’s personal belief system.

  45. walter says

    you kidding the priest was turned on by those underwear ads probably went and jo to the pictures. so now the catholic church is casting directors. they like the idea of the casting couch. gets them out of the confessional

  46. Chad says

    He comes from a trashy family and it seems like all the trashy minorites and whites tend to do everything wrong but they only find religon when it comes to homophobia. It makes me think he’s a scumbag ,he would be nothing without Calvin Klein. The episcopl church ,the luthern church and most of the Jewish faith supports gays and gay marriage but they tend to cater to smarter more upscale people.

  47. says

    wtf, i like mark but this is utter bs. as a practicing catholic he ought not to be screwing without the benefit of marriage and i think he has three or four kids with his girl friend. i personally don’t care who he is f*****g or how many kids he has but what the f**k is this story saying. queer is bad but illegitimate kids are ok. give me a break.

  48. TANK says

    There’s a big schism in the first two faiths dividing the churches on the issue of gay bishops and same sex marriage, chad. So it’s not accurate to say that the episcopal and lutheran churches support gays and gay marriage. There are many jews who are antigay, too (orthodox and reform, alike).

  49. Spongey says

    This is old news. I believe EW mentioned this tidbit about Mark Wahlberg turning down the role in their original BBM cover story. I think Joaquin Phoneix was the other lead they were considering. I don’t get the violence is good, sex is bad rationale.

  50. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    He is one of the worse actors in Hollywood.Catholic what.His life before Hollywood send him to Hell without redemtion.In Matthews when Jesus is asked “how many times to forgive” He makes it clear 70X7=490.The 491st sin and all after that are unforgivables.Nothing but God is infinte not even forgiveness.All these catholics break the Commandments of food and work and dress in Leviticus and Deutoronimus and think that they are going to go to Heavern.BS.That what all is .Pure BS.

  51. James Lavoy says

    Let’s not rag too hard on religion; let’s not forget that some of the greatest social movements of all time were started in the church. It’s the religion that promotes classist, status-quo ends that is misguided and wrong.

  52. AM says

    I was wondering when people like Rascal would come out of the woodwork to defend their straight crushes. Typical. Wahlberg is an asshole who BEAT A MAN WITH A TIRE and left him half blind and still all these pathetic gays were defending him in another thread, and still willing to bury their faces in his buffalo ass. Only now that he’s revealed what a homophobe he is, you’re all finally willing to criticize him.

    Rascal’s straight-worship is disgusting but at least he’s consistent about it. He forgave Marky Mark for being a violent criminal and he’ll forgive him just as easily for being a homophobe.

  53. Rascal says


    Your effort to assign me some inane motive for my viewpoint other than that it might actually make intellectual sense is proof of how obtuse you are. If you knew anything at all about what I find appealing you’d know how laughable it is to suggest that I find anything about Wahlberg attractive at all. I agree with every douchebaggish characterization of him posted here, but that is quite beside the point about his freedom to reject participation in that which makes him uncomfortable.

  54. PFSK2 says

    FYI Wahlberg wasn’t practicing his faith or consulting his priest at the time in his life when he was doing Boogie Nights. He has had a renewal of his faith in recent years. Maybe you should do some research before you make sweeping generalizations and conclusions that are false.

  55. John D.B. says

    This article post seems to reveal between the lines the work of a publicist, keeping warm something really cold. MW has achieved pretty decent acting credits. Posing as a younger intolerant Mel Gibson isn’t going to boost his career. Heath Ledger proved totally that good acting is about strong choices and working hard. Publicity directions like this no matter the forum just make a guy look desperate to keep his face noticed. MW will be perfectly type casted as a dim bulb hunk. Unfortunately, he will continue to be rich and famous for it. Better keep the abs and the ass, though, sagging will definitely not be the way to go.

  56. romeo says

    Presumably Wahlberg was up for Ledger’s role. We owe a debt of thanks to Wahlberg’s dipshit priest. Ledger pulled off one of the most incredible on-screen transformations ever, and helped create a moving, iconic film. Wahlberg doesn’t deserve to stand in Ledger’s shit. Seriously.

  57. Lisa says

    Good for Wahlberg! It’s nice to see someone in Hollywood applying his faith now and again. Wonder how long the lefty-cooks will tolerate his faith before they black list him.

  58. Lisa says

    Wow! It’s interesting to see all the Catholic bashers out in full force this year! BTW, I’ve never met a pedophile priest…in my whole life…since this is the slur du jour. You guys really need to get a tighter hold on your hatred…it’ll eat you alive. I thought this was a conservative blog…not sure I’m interested in this anymore.

  59. sal(yeah yeah) says

    1. ang lee offered HIM this role???!!!!
    2.mark YOU CANT ACT!!!
    3.dont burn the mother f#$%^ bridges that got ya ungrateful ass to where it is
    4.national enquirer…..

  60. Jacknasty says

    All I can say is thank god, because he couldn’t act his way out of a wet Kleenex and would have ruined the film. Whereas Heath Ledger delivered the performance of the decade.

    And to Lisa, who couldn’t think her way out of a wet Kleenex, how do you know you haven’t met a pedophile priest? I mean, it’s not like the Church bothers to tell anybody which of their priests are raping kiddies. They just move them from town to town as they get found out.

    If Al Qaeda had raped as many American children as the Catholic Church has, we’d have bombed the entire Middle East flat by now. We blew up the Branch Davidians for doing far less, over a much shorter period of time. The Catholic Church is a tax-exempt version of NAMBLA.

  61. Paul says

    Just stick with your Priest sooner or later some minister is going to be outed.
    Another thing he would not be a good actor playing a top or bottom LOL

  62. Andrew says

    Nobody here thinks an actor deserves a moral choice in what roles he takes or does not take?

    Would anyone here want to be in a movie that made gay jokes?

    And if he goes to his priest for moral guidance, is that so incomprehensible?

    I never thought I’d see such a tidal wave of hatred on a website dedicated to acceptance and tolerance.

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