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Man United: Footballers Have Passionate Kiss on the Field


Manchester United captain Gary Neville planted a kiss on teammate Paul Scholes after Scholes scored the winning (and only) goal against Manchester City just 20 seconds before the end of the match-up.

One more shot of the smackeroo, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. I am assuming the man on the left is gay. That looks a little too passionate for a straight man, even one "caught up in the moment."

    Posted by: Anthony in Nashville | Apr 18, 2010 10:49:58 AM

  2. It would look like a freeze-framed Bugs Bunny smack on the lips, if the recipient hadn't reached up to hold on. lol

    Posted by: sparks | Apr 18, 2010 10:59:41 AM

  3. doesn't look like to me that the recipient is pushing him away. in fact, doesn't it look like he's almost 'receiving' as opposed to rejecting the kiss?

    Posted by: tinhouston | Apr 18, 2010 11:10:38 AM

  4. Gay or straight, that is sexy as Hell.

    Posted by: RONTEX | Apr 18, 2010 11:51:26 AM

  5. HOT!

    Posted by: peterparker | Apr 18, 2010 11:54:52 AM

  6. No gay but HOT! More straight guys should express their joy like this. GO MU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: jamal49 | Apr 18, 2010 12:07:02 PM

  7. Two of the bigger cunts on the planet right there. I hope they both contract diseases from that kiss.

    Posted by: Hate ManU | Apr 18, 2010 12:18:27 PM

  8. Lovely, and very sexy. We need to see more of this.

    Posted by: Ben | Apr 18, 2010 12:30:28 PM

  9. Hot and sweet at the same time.

    Posted by: B | Apr 18, 2010 12:34:09 PM

  10. While it's not really a limitation anymore I believe that both of these guys are married to women and have kids.

    Posted by: Vast Variety | Apr 18, 2010 1:04:00 PM

  11. Scholesy had just scored a goal that could mean everything for MU possibly winning the league in three games' time. I suspect John Wayne himself would have kissed the lad on the day. Although I bet Owen Hargreaves is a better kisser than Gary...

    Posted by: Pinkyy | Apr 18, 2010 1:07:42 PM

  12. I can't wait for the day when this isn't looked at as any more than two hot guys kissing - something that I hope I never take for granted.

    Posted by: Ivan | Apr 18, 2010 1:10:44 PM

  13. What is interesting is the news article mentions the kiss in the lead paragraph but is pretty non-chalant about it. The article then goes on as a regular sports feature. Could you imagine in the US? The kiss would likely be the main focus and I am sure commentators would be saying nasty things, not to mention viewers or blog readers.

    Posted by: Angela Channing | Apr 18, 2010 1:43:15 PM

  14. H-O-T!

    Posted by: Tom | Apr 18, 2010 2:10:51 PM

  15. It looks like a kiss between two people who know each other very well.

    Posted by: Paul R | Apr 18, 2010 2:25:11 PM

  16. It's an odd double standard, for sure.

    These guys are teamed up with the same types of hooligans who offer some of the worst homophobia available (including violent behavior against gays), yet this kiss is acceptable and nobody bats an eye.

    What a strange world it is out there.

    Posted by: johnny | Apr 18, 2010 2:38:27 PM

  17. "Could you imagine in the US?"

    It would be difficult to lock lips that effectively through football helmets...

    Posted by: BobN | Apr 18, 2010 3:36:14 PM

  18. An expression of innocent joy! Right there, in front of everyone.

    Even after millenia of repression the religionists haven't been able to stamp it out.

    Oh, to be in that locker room right after.

    Posted by: Joe James | Apr 18, 2010 4:25:03 PM

  19. Woof, boy. Manchester United? Maybe the team should be renamed "MEN United"!

    Posted by: John | Apr 18, 2010 4:25:37 PM

  20. A straight photographer friend once told me, "I started shooting gay guys because I knew the photos would sell. I didn't stop to think that everyone would suddenly assume I was gay. But mostly, I didn't realize how much of my life was controlled by the fear other guys would think I was queer, and how free I'd be once I got over it."

    Posted by: Bryan Harrison | Apr 18, 2010 5:09:44 PM

  21. I wish my boys in the church would be so affectionate with each other. That would keep the choirboys safe.

    Posted by: The Pope | Apr 18, 2010 10:42:51 PM

  22. Awwww...this is how all men should act :)

    Posted by: daws | Apr 19, 2010 6:34:11 AM

  23. That's really sweet and sexy at the same time.

    Posted by: Gabe R L | Apr 19, 2010 10:10:12 AM

  24. Beautiful!!!

    Posted by: SFshawn | Apr 19, 2010 11:53:29 AM

  25. Can you imagine !
    May drinks by candlelight after and possibly a hot tub.
    Those boys deserve it . . . . after a long and hard game !

    Just keep playing on !

    Posted by: EJ | Apr 19, 2010 2:21:33 PM

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