1. Paul says

    I have so much respect for Cyndi Lauper to use her celebrity status to make a difference for our community! I wish they were more people like her! Her continuos support towards equality is inspiring to me! THANK YOU CYNDI THANK YOU!!!

  2. GregV says

    I agree, Paul. I saw Cyndi’s True Colors concert (raising money for equality) two years ago. She has done so much to make a difference.

    I really like the way this ad starts: “I’m straight.” “I’m gay.” “I’m bisexual.” “And i give a damn.”
    There are so many other celebrities who have taken a stand for equality whom I’d love to see in these ads: like Brad Pitt (straight) and Angelina Jolie (bi), Ricky Martin (gay), Portia diRossi (gay), Charlize Theron, Pete Wentz.
    They could have themed ads. For example, I could envision a mixed bag of recent Real World castmates doing one and current or former professional athletes/coaches doing another.

  3. Leah C says

    This made my heart jump for joy inside my chest. I hope more of us bisexuals speak up and put ourselves in public view to help the fight of equality for all.

  4. jason says

    Oh, go away, Anna. You’re just another slimy female using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy. We in the gay community don’t want you nor need you.

    Note how Anna didn’t tell us anything about hubby Stephen. Is Stephen bisexual too, Anna? Cat got your tongue, honey?

  5. Kyle says

    What do you mean she didn’t tell us about fiancee Bill? Haha, I don’t think the PSA was about tabloid styled rumors or had the need to satisfy people’s lust for more information and juicy gossip. The girl said she’s bi, so freaking let her be bi. I love that some people can tell us we’re evil for being LGBT, and you tell her she’s sucking up attention for saying she is?

    Get a life

  6. Fern says

    I agree with Jason. I like Anna Paquin but am a little tired of women in hetero relationships proclaiming they are bi. Its insulting to bisexual woman who are the real deal and don’t want to be reduced to being perceived as straight men’s playthings. And I’d also love to see some male celebs come out as bisexual.

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